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It’s 3.5 Yorkshire Puds out of 5 for @newgate_coffee_bar 👻☕️🍰! ☠️☠️☠️ This coffee bar oozes charm and character... you wouldn’t expect anything else from an independent York based business 💞! #Leeds #Yorkshire #YorkCityCentre #Blog #CityGuide #YorkCityGuide #Independent #IndieShopping #IndieFoodAndDrink #Indie #ShopLocal #ShopIndie #ShopLeeds #York #Coffee #CoffeeBar #Ghosts #Haunted #foodporn #foodphotography #YorkBloggers
We promised you three great reviews this week... First up is @newgate_coffee_bar ☕️👻 ☠️☠️☠️ Sitting beside a skeleton and watching a photo change from a victorian man to a victorian corpse... you know you are truly sitting in a York coffee house! 👻👻👻 With quirky little additions such as the stone gargoyles hidden throughout the room, this independent cafe oozes York charm and character. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 For all you coffee enthusiasts, this place is great if you’re keen on a variety of flavoured coffees. A final note... although it’s a little pricey, the food is tasty and the zany vibes make it well worth the visit! ☕️☕️☕️ #Leeds #Yorkshire #YorkCityCentre #Blog #CityGuide #YorkCityGuide #Independent #IndieShopping #IndieFoodAndDrink #Indie #ShopLocal #ShopIndie #ShopLeeds #York #Coffee #CoffeeBar #Ghosts #Haunted #foodporn #foodphotography #YorkBloggers
These joggers are super comfortable from @prettylittlething ! Take a look at my new blog post on louiseroserailton.com for activewear wardrobe inspiration 🤸‍♀️
We made eco friendly Reindeer Food - swipe right to see how busy they were! If you’re looking for an activity that keeps them busy and quiet for AGES then check out my link in my bio to see how we did ours and how long we managed to keep them sat in one place instead of tormenting each other 😂 #freerangelittles #pinterestmom #reindeerfood #christmascraftsforkids
I was a little bit naughty and opened my advent calendars before I left for Prague so I could keep up with my posting schedule. Hopefully Santa won’t be mad! . The @balancemebeauty Wonder Eye Cream was in day 17 of the @marksandspencer advent calendar. Like an idiot I forgot to bring this away with me so I am currently using my sister-in-law’s as we both have this calendar. . I believe there is no such thing as too much lip balm so this @nivea_uk Pearly Shine lip balm, from the @amazon advent calendar, will fit right in to my collection. . I must admit I am a little underwhelmed by the brush in the @thebodyshop advent calendar. I have a couple of these kicking around and never use them, as I prefer the silicon spoolies from Primark for neatening my brows or lashes. . Day 18 of the M&S calendar contained the Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream and I am up for trying anything that works while I sleep! . I am intrigued by this @rimmellondonuk Ink Me heart stamp. I have no idea when I’ll use it but it seems fun. . Finally, it seems that hand cream stocks are now brimming over thanks to another hand cream, this time a Shea butter one from The Body Shop calendar. . There will be another Prague post tomorrow, I’m having such a lovely time but I am knackered from exploring so it’s a face mask and early bed for me!
EL CHAPO // @satchmedia
Мама не смогла не выложить эту милоту🤩😍🐕 Пересматривала это видео много раз и не могу прекратить 😊🙄 Всем позитива и хорошего настроения от Роксюши! #zooblogger #рокси #милаярокси #милыййорк #собаки #dogs #dogsofinstagram #йоркилюбовьмоя #йорк #йоркблогер #йоркомания 💞 #йоркширскийтерьер #yorkie #yorkshireterrier #york #yorkbloggers #animals #домашниепитомцы #cooldog #insta #instadog #instagood #всекнам #всемпозитива #лучшаядевочка #красивыесобачки #милыесобаки
I loveeeee this gym bag! Check out my new post in collaboration with @prettylittlething over on my blog ☺️ 🧘🏻‍♀️ link in bio! #prettylittlething #pltstyle #hbloggersuk #yorkbloggers #yorkshirebloggers #activewearfashion #activewear #hbloggersyorkshire
It’s my first evening in Prague and I’ve already got into the festive spirit with a mulled cider in the lovely @labastille_praha restaurant that we stumbled across whilst having a wander. . This is probably the nicest mulled cider I’ve ever had, and we had a lovely dinner, so I would say it’s definitely worth a visit. . We’ve got lots of fun things booked in for the next couple of days, so stay tuned. . I also took a sneaky OOTD as my hotel room at @hotelkinskygarden has good mirrors! (Not the best lighting but you can rarely have everything!) . A lot of these items have appeared in OOTDs before, especially from Edinburgh at the beginning of the year, but I always think layers are the best way to handle cold places! I’m pretty pleased that my @whitestuffuk top goes well with my super warm @benchoriginal coat! . Also, what you can’t see here is the Heatgen leggings and vest from @marksandspencer I am wearing underneath my outfit to ensure I stay toastie! . Do you have any recommendations of things to see in Prague?
There is only so much tea or coffee we can drink when it’s cold. I love mulled wine this time of year but I know not everyone is as keen. So, mull up some apple juice! It’s already sweet so no need to add sugar and you can spice it in some wonderful ways. My recipe is on the blog for you to enjoy right now. Perfect for festive gatherings. Click the link in my profile to get the recipe. #foodblogger #yorkfood #instafood #festivetipple #mulledapplejuice #spicedapplejuice #cranberry #winterwarmer #feedfeed #feedfeedathome #foodiesofinstagram #foodiechats #feedingtherest #yorkbloggers
Thinking about joining a Pilates class during or after your pregnancy? I've been chatting to @wander_and_luxe about the many benefits and considerations. Head over to wanderandluxe.com.au to read 😊🤰
It's your last chance to shop and receive your order before Christmas! 🎄 Our garments are perfect stocking fillers and make perfect gifts for everyone.
A little #tb to last year’s festive antics visiting @yorkmuseumgardens Christmas lights. I’ve a new blog post up on my favourite fragrances, from high-end to drug store faves, be sure to check it out through the link in my bio ⬆️
The weekend has been very generous in terms of the advent calendars. . Day 15 of the @marksandspencer calendar contained a @studio10makeup lipgloss. I have several in a similar shade so this is a good one for my collection. . I love @ritualscosmetics so I was super pleased to see this foaming shower gel in the @amazon calendar. . I’ve not tried any of @thebodyshop lip products before so I’m interested to try this Born Lippy lip balm. . I am definitely now stocked up on eye pencils as day 16 of the M&S calendar contained this @diegodellapalmaofficial eye pencil. . I am very intrigued by, and love the scent of this citrus and herbal musk deodorant by @baxterofca from the Amazon calendar. . And everyone loves a Body Shop body butter so I’m always pleased to see one of these. . I am jetting off to Prague for a few days tomorrow but will be keeping up my posting schedule, hopefully with some snaps of my trip!
As fast-fashion speeds up and the price for natural fibres rise, we need to take action! 💪 We are proud to offer beautiful garments that make a positive difference to our planet. 🌳 That is why we’re freezing the price of our socks despite rising costs.
True story: whenever I see this reindeer, my brain automatically goes ‘OH! RUDOLF!’ in Nessa mode. I definitely watch too much Gavin and Stacey and I regret nothing. Another thing I learned in the process of taking this picture is that attempting posey seasonal photos just for the Instagram ‘content’ just isn’t me. So there’s that. Anyway, I probably ask this same question around this time every year, but I still haven’t found the perfect journal/year planner for 2019 (first world problems), any recommendations? Looking for something nice and spacey but with a grid-like calendar planner for each month, if you get what I mean? I’ll try and put a pic on my Stories later to give you an idea, but you lot are so good at recommending things like this that any suggestions would be hugely appreciated! 🎅🏻❤️
The third review you can expect from us next week is @the_yakand_yeti_restaurant in York! 🥟🥟🥟 We’re excited to share this one with you... it really is an unusual gem among the cobbles of York! 🍜🍜🍜 #Leeds #Yorkshire #YorkCityCentre #Blog #CityGuide #YorkCityGuide #Independent #IndieShopping #IndieFoodAndDrink #Indie #ShopLocal #ShopIndie #ShopLeeds #York #foodporn #foodphotography #YorkBloggers #gurkha #gurkhafood #gurkharestaurant
We’ve got three great reviews coming up for you next week... the first one will be a look at @newgate_coffee_bar in York! 👻👻👻 This coffee bar is 100% what you’d expect from one the UK’s most haunted cities and embodies the quirkinesses that we strive for at every place we review! ☕️☕️☕️ #Leeds #Yorkshire #YorkCityCentre #Blog #CityGuide #YorkCityGuide #Independent #IndieShopping #IndieFoodAndDrink #Indie #ShopLocal #ShopIndie #ShopLeeds #York #Coffee #CoffeeBar #Ghosts #Haunted #foodporn #foodphotography #YorkBloggers
Yesterday’s DLKids Christmas Bash🎄. . . . You still have chance to meet Santa Saturday the 22nd 3-5pm for afternoon tea! Book at Reception🎅🏽. . . #santa #davidlloydyork #sleigh #merrychristmas #dlkids #party #davidlloyd #festive #presents #elf #merrychristmas #meetsanta #loveyourclub #kidsparty #events #comemeetsanta #yorkbloggers
🌟BRAND ANNOUNCEMENT 🌟. Our next HBCxYorkshire event will be here before you know it so we thought we better share with you another brand that will be there on the day 💚. . @flourish_clean_beauty stock healthy beauty for the ingredient conscious; a luxury natural beauty destination 💄. . If you’re a blogger or influencer looking to connect with new brands and meet new people or even if you don’t have a blog but are interested in starting one the this event is for you. Come and join us for what is sure to be a great afternoon! 🤩. Ticket link in bio 💚 #hbcxyorkshire #leedsbloggers #yorkshirebloggers #hbloggers #yorkbloggers #harrogate #networkingevent #yorkshire #wellness #fitness #health
Today I want to post about someone very dear to me, my lovely sister Rosie. . I may be biased but I think she is incredibly talented and she painted this beautiful Blue Tit for me to remind me of my grandparents as they all loved their gardens and the birds that visited them. . She also does amazingly cute illustration for children and uses her passion for nature, and for sustainability, throughout the work she’s currently doing for her dissertation. . If you want to check out more of Rosie’s work give her a follow on @rea_designs , she does commissions so if you’re in the market for a pet portrait of a painting of your favourite animal, she’s your gal! . Love you millions Odie!
Literally live in this jumper 🕺🕺 #yorkbloggers #fbloggersukstyle #zara #fbloggers #fbloggersuk #ootd
Real beard! He's got a real beard! The most realistic Father Christmas came round to Askar's and Alma's nursery Christmas party. I've got no idea where they dug him out but hats off to nursery staff. ° ° ° ° ° ° #photooftheday #fatherchristmas #santaclaus #mrsclaus #santacametoseeus #nurseryparty #christmasparty #kidslovedit ❤️ #christmasisroundthecorner #christmas 🎄 #december15 #12daysofchristmas #30daysofchristmas2018 #christmasmagic #mumswithcameras #mumslife #preschooleractivities #preschoolerlife #toddlerlife #welovechristmas #magicmoments #magicofchildhood #makingmemories #yorkbloggers #ukmum #ukparentblogger
After the party there’s the after party 🎈
I wish we were heading back to the York Christmas markets again today. Nothing makes me feel as festive! I will be spending a lot of today wrapping presents and finally putting my decorations up though... I feel like I’m a bit late this year! Are you prepared for the big day yet, or are you late to the party like me?!
Selina, Queen of Cashmere, has hand-picked our scarves for their sumptuous texture and class. 🐆 With so much leopard print on the high-street, make sure you pick the very best!
Happy Friyay! I hope you all have lovely weekends planned. . Day 13 of the @marksandspencer advent calendar contained @theheroprojectuk Hayworth Instant Moisture Boost. This is a brand I haven’t heard of before so am interested to see what it’s like. . The @percyandreed Dry Instant Volumising Spray came from the @amazon advent calendar. . And although it doesn’t pick up great on camera, this lip pencil from @thebodyshop calendar is a lovely colour. . The @leightondennynails glass nail file features in the M&S calendar every year, but they are fab so I don’t mind! . I am intrigued by this marine blend @crabtreeandevelyn hand cream. I seem to be getting quite the hoard of handcreams so should maybe invest a bit more time looking after my hands! . And finally this British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub from The Body Shop looks quite exciting. . Yet another couple of great days in all 3 advent calendars!
Just a random question, but something that’s made you smile this week? Tucked up in bed after quite a demanding day/week but it’d make me so happy to hear your stories, even if I can’t reply straight away. I have three happy things to share: the first being selling all of our Christmas @spooniesurvivalkits in time for the festive season, the second being getting back in front with what’s been the busiest freelance/bloggy month since I first started, and the third being having some lil Christmas cards to stand up on my windowsill 😌🎅🏻
Shooting with the incredible Natasha in Leeds the other week📸
We didn’t quite think through the fact it’s pitch black at 4, or that it was Manchester on a Friday... But @satchmedia came tf through with these shots🙌🏽🙌🏽
I can’t begin to explain what this city means to me 🗽 Forever waiting for the day that I can call it home ❤️
Still feeling pretty crappy so these pictures are of my first test of this product, though I had another go last night. . This Dead Sea Minerals anti-stress facemask sounded like exactly what I needed, because everyone needs less stress in their lives! . Because the mask is clay you don’t get a lot of opportunity to rub it around your face whilst applying, because it starts to dry pretty fast, hence the patchiness. Last night I tried to make sure I got it on a bit thicker, but because I was in the bath I think it was refusing to dry because of the moisture in the air (I was nearly boiling myself like a lobster...) . Anyway, I didn’t really like how this made my skin feel once it was washed off. Even though I had removed my make up and then applied the mask, my skin still felt a bit ‘grubby’. It may just be because my skin is quite oily so therefore it doesn’t have the same affect on me as it would have on someone with less oily skin. I definitely don’t agree that it deep cleaned my pores as the packet suggests it should. . I think there is at least another use in this pack, as mentioned I’ve already had 2, so I will give it a 3rd go, I want to be sure I’ve given it a fair shot, but as things stand I wouldn’t say I hated it, but I wouldn’t seek it out again.
"We will NOT be governed by pesky allergens. They will have NO bearing on our seasonal Winter bulking.” The 5 stages of having a food allergy at Christmas Time is now up on the blog: if you can relate, I would LOVE to hear from you! It’s obviously quite a lighthearted piece but I have to say, I’ve really struggled with my allergies this year. Finding safe foods seems to be getting more and more difficult, particularly this festive season. It gets me down seeing foods marketed as ‘allergen-free’ that are full of nuts, or celebrities declaring intolerances but magically still being able to eat those same foods whenever they like, and most of all, seeing devastating fatalities in the news that were entirely preventable. It really does get me mad. It’s a tough topic and I don’t often enjoy sharing things like this where there isn’t a resolution or something you can actively do to change things, but the one positive side is that there’s important campaigning and insightful conversation around these issues taking place in the UK at the moment, and about time too. So I really hope my blog post is taken in jest, and that 2019 is the year we stamp these issues out for good. And if not, I’ll set this Satanic-looking, EpiPen-wielding Elf loose to take care of things. Not gonna lie, the bloke’s giving me nightmares already 👀🎅🏻
This silky shirt is going to be so handy over the Christmas season 💃🏼 my outfit is all @topshop and the cute hair clip was only £1 from @primark 🕺 #yorkbloggers #fbloggersukstyle #fbloggersuk #fbloggers #ootd #topshop #topshopstyle #christmas
HBCxYorkshire Networking & Brands 🌟. Did you know we have a new event happening in January?! We are so pleased to start announcing some of the brands who will be there on the day! 🙌🏼. . Kicking it off with the guys at @luxesupplements 💚. Come and meet them on the day! They will also be joining in with our Q&A session 🎤 . Have you got your ticket yet? If not then what are you waiting for?! We currently have our tickets on a Special Early Bird offer. Be quick though- the prices go up THIS SATURDAY at 6pm!! Ticket link is in our bio 👆🏼. . We promise it’s going to be an awesome afternoon 🤩. . #leedsbloggers #yorkshirebloggers #hbloggers #yorkbloggers #harrogate #onewellness #networking #brands #wellness #fitness #hbcxyorkshire
I am really not feeling well today so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. . Day 11 of the @marksandspencer calendar contained the @nuxe_uk Luxurious Body Cream Global Anti-Ageing. . The @amazon calendar contained the cutest @realtechniques brush I ever did see! . And the body pouffe in @thebodyshop calendar feels super soft. Day 11 is my favourite animal box by the way, how cute is the wild pig!? . Day 12 of the M&S calendar contained the @pixibeauty Rose Tonic. . These @bioreuk nose pore strips were in the Amazon calendar. . And finally this liquid eyeliner was in The Body Shop calendar. . I didn’t want to miss posting this but now I’m going to bed!
[AD] It’s no secret that I was once somewhat reluctant to become a powerchair user. There’s still such a stigma around using mobility aids when you have an invisible illness that I’m sure there will have been many other young people who felt anxious about the concept beforehand too. However, it didn’t take me long to realise that the best way to deal with that kind of apprehension is to simply face it head on and own it. Easier said than done I know, but after I reached that point myself, I never looked back. Becoming a powerchair user is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health and independence, and there’s no doubt that facing my insecurities in this instance was 100000% worth it. It still blows my mind that I can pop to the shops on my own (most likely on an emergency biscuit run) now! That’s why I’m thrilled to represent @KasperskyLab and @themixuk , and their campaign to turn insecurity into strength. Their tees aim to empower and uplift, as well as encourage a robust social conversation about how insecurity affects young people today- something I’m very much in favour of supporting. If you’re comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear about your own insecurities and how you deal with them. Do you feel disability has or once had an impact on your self-confidence too? Let me know, and if you fancy joining the gang and grabbing one of these tees for yourself, the link’s in my bio!#AndOwningIt #TurningInsecurityIntoSecurity #KasperskyLab #ad
Today is the launch party of @hbloggerscom founder @fabgiovanetti ‘s debut book, Make an Impact. If you’re a content creator, business owner, or someone wanting to grow their voice in the wellness sphere, we highly recommend Fab’s book. Keep an eye on our stories later to see all the excitement of the party (we’ve heard a rumour that there’s a glitter station... 👀). #MakeAnImpact #HBCxYorkshire 📸: @enliveningelle
It’s the most wonderful time of the year in the most wonderful city in the world. 🎄⁣ ⁣ Not going to lie, it’s been a little rough this past week. But I’m thankful for friends, Christmas trees, and hot chocolate for helping me through it.
I love gin, and I also love gin bottles! . I think that the designs on gin bottles are some of the prettiest of the spirit bottles it it feels a waste to just throw them in the recycling. . I tried putting standard battery powered fairy lights in bottles, but having the battery packs trailing out of the bottles looked pretty clunky, so then I thought, I wonder if there is such a thing as the battery pack being in a cork shaped case... . Well it turns out there is! I don’t know why I didn’t do it before but a quick search for ‘cork lights’ on Amazon came up with these beauties! . You get a pack of 6 for £7.59 (tiny screwdriver for changing batteries included), and these ones have copper wire and a warm glow which I appreciate. There are a number of other brands on @amazon , these were just the ones I thought looked best. . It’s a little bit of a shame that each set comes in a plastic pack, I think it would be better for them to come in boxes, but that’s just me. . Anyway, I love the overall look and plan to keep these on my mantle piece as a permanent fixture, and hopefully I can add to the collection of empties soon! . (I should add the @silentpoolgin empty was donated to me and I nabbed the @warneredwards empty from my parents’ pub 😂)
It's time to make a difference. 🌍 Join our worldwide ethical revolution in 2019! More news coming soon…
Back in October, Adam and myself visited #Blackpool for 5 days. Of course on one of the days we had to make a visit to @madametussauds , and what a wonderful day it was. I’ve been fortunate enough to go on so many holidays, day trips and staycations this year, I just hope #2019 brings even more adventure . . I also have a blog post about all the things you can get up to in Blackpool, there is so many fun things to do!
Portraits with @__natrasha 📸
Мам, кинь игрушечку🙏 Всмысле не кинешь? Ахахах🐶😅 Играли мы вечером с нашей Роксюшей🙂 Ее любимая детская игрушка😍 А какие игрушки любят ваши любимцы?? 🤔🤗 #рокси #роксюша #йоркилюбовьмоя #йорк #игрушкидлясобак #игры #вечерпонедельника #любимаясобака #yorkshireterrier #yorkie #yorkbloggers #york #animals #собаки #dogs #yorkie #loveyork #yorkiegram #инстамама #йоркширскийтерьер #терьеры #минийорк #лучшаядевочка #милыесобаки 🐶 #instayorkie #insta #blogger #йоркблогер
And it’s time for days 9 and 10! . Day 9 of the @marksandspencer advent calendar contained the @renskincare revitalising night cream. I’ve got a new hoard of of skincare building up! . The @sallyhansenuk gel rehab was in the @amazon calendar. I really don’t paint my nails that much but I want to make time for it, so maybe this will come in handy. . I get eczema on my hands so I’m quite interested in this almond milk and honey calming and protecting hand cream from @thebodyshop calendar. . From day 10 of the M&S calendar came the @percyandreed overnight recovery treatment. I’m all for a good hair treatment and am testing a few so will see how this stacks up. . The Amazon calendar contained a super stay liner from @wunder2cosmetics and I’m all for a good eye liner. . And I love the smell of pink grapefruit so this gel lotion from The Body Shop is pretty exciting! . Do you have an advent calendar? What’s in it?
When Monday starts with lots of fresh air, hot chocolate and marshmallows you have high hopes for the week! Florence and I loved her first forest school morning today and even better that the parents all got hot chocolate as well. I hope Monday has been kind for you? #freerangelittles
I haven’t used this instagram to promote my blog in SO long and started to just use my personal one instead. BUT I want to start really getting into blogging again in 2019, as it is something my life I’m feeling more and more passionate about, and I love having a space to document my life and adventures. Bring on another fantastic year 🖤 ............................. Also is anyone else loving all the different Christmas drinks out this season? ☕️
Biscuits are a great little gift for Christmas. They take just as long as going out and looking for something you’re not sure they’d like and they have the added bonus of being really personal. I plenty of biscuit recipes to choose from on the blog (link in profile) so have a gander and see what takes your fancy this Christmas. #bloggerlife #travelwithgusto #yorkbloggers #foodblogger #christmascookies #snowflakebiscuits #shortbread #nutbrittle #almond #rose #feedfeed #feedingtherest #christmasgifts #foodiesofinstagram #foodiechats #instafood #yorkfood #yorkeats #virtualcookieparty2018
About a month ago my lovely friend @jessicamaydawn and I attended @stylistlive at London Olympia. . We decided to get VIP tickets and we’re not disappointed! Those tickets entitled you to a free treatment, that you got to book in before you got there. We both decided on a @shiseido facial which was heavenly. It also got us a couple of free drinks, free food, a ridiculously good goodie bag, and a go on a vending machine with insane prizes, unfortunately we didn’t win anything. . The only slight let down was the fact that to get into certain talks, you had to pay another £15. I would have through with a VIP ticket that would have been all access. So having already spent £90 each on tickets, we declined to pay extra. . There was a catwalk show that showed some of the key seasonal trends. I tried to get pictures but, as we were sat behind people, they didn’t come out great. The show was 15 mins, and was worth a watch. . I treated myself to a lot of things, so have made collages of what I bought. I will reviewing some bits and pieces separately but just look at the goodie bag and the Stylist box you were able to purchase on the day! I think the goodie bag made the VIP ticket well worth the money, and the Stylist box was a one off and I couldn’t resist, especially those earrings by @astridandmiyu ! . As I can’t really review them I want to mention @meanmail , who made my amazing new plant pot, and @susanohanlonofficial who I bought the mug from, I feel it couldn’t be more perfect for me! . I also quickly met @maryportasofficial which was pretty awesome! I couldn’t get a copy of her book because they’d sold out so she signed my show guide. . It was a long day, I think we were walking around for about 6 hours, but it was definitely worth a visit and I hope to go again. . Did anyone else go? What did you think?
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