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Such itchy feet to go exploring again. My hearts telling me go, my bank account is screaming no. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #tunnelview #tunnelviewyosemite #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #yosemiteNP #nationalpark #california #cali #ca #usa #america #seeamerica #igdaily #landscape #travel #roamtheplanet #exploretheglobe #travelcalifornia #gad #gadventures #hello_worldpics #sunset #starttheadventure #visualsofearth #instatravel #passionpassport #passportready
The earth breathes and we feel the wind in our hair. The earth smiles and we feel sunshine on our skin. The earth cries and we are washed clean in the rain. Very much alive, just as everything else. We are one.
Using my short hiatus between jobs to look back through and edit some old photos I had forgotten about. Unfortunately, the Valley doesn't quite look this picturesque right now since the majority of the snow has melted. There's another winter storm in the forecast, so let's hope she brings us more snow ❄️♥️
El Capitan. The beauty is unreal out here. #elcapitan #yosemitenp #yosemitevalley #getoutdoors #explore
Camping below Cathedral Peak, John Muir Trail, June 2014
Snowshoe amongst giants at the Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias, find a winter hiking trail at Hetch Hetchy, or just take in the sight of snow-covered iconic granite formations from a plane high above. There’s SNOW place like Yosemite National Park in the winter. #VisitTuolumneCounty 📷: @brianfulda
Spanish for "The Captain” or “The Chief”, El Capitan rock formation was made even more popular by Alex Honnold’s historic climb, documented recently in the biographical documentary Free Solo. We are memorized by this man’s talent and seeing the enormity of his accomplishment in person was one appeal of this trip. Approximately 3,000 feet (900m) from base to summit along the tallest face, this is a popular destination for rock climbers. Since 1905, over thirty fatalities have been recorded. The most popular route is “The Nose”. Take in the view from the El Capitan Meadow and try to spot a tiny bit of color the vast rock face. If you visit in winter, there will be snow in this shaded meadow. We passed many families makes snowmen and memories with their children. #elcapitan #yosemitenationalpark #yosemitenp #yosemitenationalpark #yosemite_national_park #california #california #yosemitevalley
I don't know how to speak without sadness in my voice I don't know if it has always been there or if I found it like a treasure hidden under a rose bush I try and hide it and speak with confidence and lightning but I can hear it tremble and shake as though each word is an earthquake my life isn't sad but my heart always is to tell you the truth I think I was born with it and that maybe this sadness is my gift - Gemma Troy • • • •• • • • • #rei1440project #vanlife #yosemitenps #stayandwander #yosemitenp #ourcamplife #neverstopexploring #getoutthere #livebravely #lifeofadventure #yosemitenationalpark #stayinspired #letsgosomewhere #optoutside #yosemitelandscape #theadventureproject #yosemitevalley #exploreeverything #roamtheplanet #freedomthinkers #wonderful_places #adventuremobile #campvibes #wearestillwild #travelblogger #goatworthy #sheexplores #nationalparkgeek #findyourpark #nationalparkelopementphotographer
The view that was my wallpaper for a long time. The view which led me to discover Ansel Adams. The view which has inspired me. The Tunnel View of Yosemite. .
First snow at Yosemite ❄️
〰️ Yosemite National Park - Tioga Pass 🇺🇸 . Photo Credits: @danilo_moroni 📸 .
When I first saw macOS wallpapers from Yosemite, I started dreaming about visiting this park :D On my last trip to California, the park has been closed due to wildfire, so my dream postponed. On arrival a few weeks ago, I've started monitoring the weather in the park, on the previous weekend there was a snowstorm, so my dream again postponed. And finally, at this weekend weather forecast showed as sunny with a temperature around 10C. We jumped into the car and drove to Yosemite and my dream come true. I was so impressed by visiting Yosemite, but it's a completely different story for the next time. So this is a preview of our Yosemite story. . . . . . . #ynp #sierra #yosemite #yosemitenp #earthfocus #rawshotz #stars #ig_bliss #yosemite #igpodium #ynp #planetearth #explore #hike #roadtrip #follow #nationalpark #nature_perfection #beautifuldestination #california_igers #elcapitan #earthofficial #earthpix #earthfocus #allbeauty_addiction #igworldclub #special_shots #hubs_united #earthofficial #sunset #valleyview #yosemitevalley #jaw_dropping_shots
#BridalveilFall is one of the most prominent waterfalls in the Yosemite Valley in California. The waterfall is 188 metres in height and flows year round #yosemitenationalpark
Happy National Mountain Day! Here’s another shot of Half Dome, one of the many hurdles I’ve conquered this year.
First post: Haven’t been on adventures lately. This one is just a throwback to when I was still on prednisone and completing a trial of Humira. Of course I felt good and didn’t realize Humira wasn’t working for me. Flash forward ,tapering off prednisone, my symptoms get so bad I end up in the hospital for a week. Never want that to happen again. It was a dark place I don’t want to be in again. After incidents like that, you start looking for some support and motivation to get better. Who’s out there dealing with the same disease? What is working for them? Being an athlete my whole life made me search for those who are in remission and succeeding in fitness. I lost about every bit of strength I have built up after that. I couldn’t even walk for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I needed to sit down. Anyway, this page are for those looking for some motivation and not let this disease define themselves. It’s a hard fight and I know I was looking on forums and social media for anyone out there to help me understand that this pain was only temporary. After almost 2 years of dealing with pain, I am still in search of a medicine, diet, and lifestyle that works and puts me in remission. Join me in my journey!
Little things mean a lot.
Valley View
De vez en cuando hay que volver nuestra mirada para observar lo hermosa que es la vida. 🏔 #memories . . . #yosemite #yosemitenationalpark #yosemitenp #yosemitevalley
Autumn Morning, El Capitan, Valley View, Yosemite || Valley View (sometimes called Gates of the Valley) is one of Yosemite’s “big three” photo spots. Along with Tunnel View and Glacier Point (some would add Sentinel Bridge to that list), it’s a don’t-miss view for any photographer wanting add another Yosemite classic to their portfolio. Leading workshops, I make it a point to my groups to the less known spots, but I’d probably be sued for malpractice if I didn’t bring them to these iconic views too. At heavily photographed locations like this, my goal is to find a foreground that sets the composition apart (even just a little) from the millions that precede it. At Valley View that’s a little less difficult because the view here changes so much with the river level, seasonal foliage, and flow in Bridalveil Fall. During this year’s fall color workshop I moved just downstream from the parking area to put these colorful mounds of grass, that are completely submerged in spring, in my foreground. In recent years, from this vantage point Bridalveil Fall was mostly obscured by trees, but many of those trees succumbed to drought and beetle infestation and have been cleared. #garyhartworkshops #yosemitevalley
misty mornings in the valley • • #yosemite #yosemitenp #nps #findyourpark #yosemitefalls
autumn in Yosemite
Finding _______ _______ peace. I went with a spontaneous walk with a friend yesterday. Sometimes those are the best. Completely unplanned. Just pure happenstance that turns into exactly what a heart needs. Yesterday was beautiful. ♥️ Feeling grateful for the people and community here, as always.
“Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise, a glitter of green and golden wonder in a vast edifice of stone and space.” Ansel Adams . Oh beautiful Yosemite, every time we meet, it feels like the first time. Every corner I turn, I am awed and can’t believe that everything I see is real. My brain can’t seem to comprehend how so much beauty can exist. . This is Taft Point, a scenic viewpoint I like to go back to. The view explains it all. . Do you have a spot you return to in Yosemite or any other Park? Tell me. . #anseladamsquotes #anseladamsquote #womenwhorunwiththewolves #womenwhowin #anseladams #taftpoint #yosemite #yosemitenp #yosemitenationalpark #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #sheexplores #iloveactivetravel #adventure #adventurenthusiasts #yosemitevalley #wanderer #wanderlust #explorer #westcoast #california #visitcalifornia #chase #dreamchaser #blogger #sierranevada #nationalparkservice #nationalparksgeek
Today took us on a journey from the Valley floor to the rim. 11.2 miles, 3,876' of elevation gain to #glacierpoint at 7,215'. We saw the red glow of sunset on Half Dome to the east, and watched as the sun disappeared behind Sentinel to the west. El Cap was glorious throughout, a silent presence,, overlooking all of creation. . . I remember hearing about this place and seeing picture after picture of Half Dome. I thought it was over-hyped and I refused to be enthralled by something that everyone else thought was sooooo cooooool. Well, I was wrong. I get it now. It is most definitely that cool. . . #wildyosemite #halfdome #switchbacksfordays #wintertrails #snowypeaks #california #nationalparkservice #yosemitenp #socool #iwaswrong #enthralled #elevation #views #yourshotphotographer #doyoubelieveinmagic #ibelieveinmagic #imstarving #snackholes #geology #sierranevada #devilsinthedetails #domesweetdome
Yosemite on my mind.
— a perfect morning cabin by @jacobwitzling --- -•-• - --- --• --- -•
3 years ago I did hike called Sentenial Dome in Yosemtie National Park in California. On the top of the mountain there is a famous tree called Jeffrey Pine, which was the most photographed tree in the entire park. The pine was photographed as early as 1867 by Carleton Watkins, and was the subject of a well-known photograph by Ansel Adams. The tree died during the drought of 1976, 0but remained standing until August 2003. The photo I posted was taken in the late 90'S and decided to create this landscaspe in my own artistic way by using geometric shapes. By creating multiple layers it gives the piece more life. The wood used in this piece consist of mix reclaimed wood I have gathered over the years from old barns, houses and fences taken down in my area. All the patina on the wood used for this piece is do to the aging and weathering process over the years. It is difficult for me to explain to people that there is no stain or paint used on this piece only what mother nature created this is what makes the piece extras special. @yosemitenps @anseladamsgallery #yosemite #landscape #tree #art #artwork #reclaimedwood #essexontario #reclaimedwoodartist #woodwallart #home #homedecor #homeliving #interiordesign #artconsultant #comercialspaces #commercialart #handmade #yosemite_national_park #yosemitenps #yosemitenp
To all of our single friends out there... we realize we post A LOT about marriage. If you’re like we used to be, you probably have a love/ hate relationship with seeing these kind of posts. Anyway, this one is for you. 👇🏻You’re more than enough on your own. Being single doesn’t make you less than. Your dream guy or girl will come if you’re desiring a relationship. (I realize I used to have such a lack mentality when it came to this, but have faith and never, ever settle.) Just because you haven’t met them doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t fall head over heels over YOU! The perfect time to find & grow in your giftings and to grow as a person is when you’re single. Seek out what you’re called to do, and dive head first without looking back. By the time you meet that special someone you will be totally confident in who you are. You will have found contentment in your life. But you will be so amazed with who you get to be with. (At least that’s my story, but I believe it’s true for you too😉). -k // Picture taken by @jeremiahfideler and edited by us.
Thought it was good a idea to jump high until I almost biffed it over the mini cliff on landing.
As far as I know, I'm invincible. 📸 @franklinsteinnn
Waterfalls at a distance
🇺🇸 MAP OF Yosemite National Park GIVEAWAY 💯💯 USA ONLY RESIDENTS ONLY We’re teaming up with @wannamaker.design and they’re giving away TWO beautiful Yosemite Map Prints! They measure 18 x 24 and they come unframed. They also have other National Parks so check them out! Perfect for yourself or for a holiday gift 🎁 To enter for a chance to win: 1. Like this post and comment YNP 2. Must Follow @wannamaker.design 3. Optional—tag as many friends as you want for extra chances to win! Giveaway closes Sunday 16, 2018 at midnight EST. Winners will be announced here in the post comments. The winner will be randomly selected. Good luck everyone! 😎
Making shapes is more fun with a friend.
I really thought this was some notable tree-turned-sculpture along Mirror Falls trail but nah, just a huge fallen tree root. Take me back, please.
Ahwahnee Winter Sunset. 36x48 oil on linen on board. This was painted from a plein air piece produced in January 2017 at tunnelview following several days of heavy snowfall on the floor of Yosemite Valley. The snow fell so quickly that the park closed Hwy 41 for a couple days but opened up to Tunnelview once the plows caught up with the snow and crews removed all the toppled trees across 41. Clouds blanketed the sky in the afternoon until the setting sun shone beneath the clouds and lit up the walls of Yosemite Valley for a spectacular sunset. With hand warmers in my gloves, I painted a 12x16 study en plein air and used it in conjunction with my photography, vivid memory recalling the emotions I felt on location in completing this large studio piece. It will be part of my solo show at the Ansel Adams Gallery, with a reception on Oct 24 from 3-5 pm. The title “Ahwahnee”refers to the Native Ahwahneechee name of Yosemite Valley. www.jamesmcgrewfineart.com #yosemitenps #yosemitenp #yosemitenationalpark #ahwahnee #oilpainting #jamesmcgrew #elcapitan #naturelover #americanimpressionism #contemporaryrealism #artcollector #landscapepainting #romanticism #artistsoninstagram #instaartist #landscape #m .grahamco #rosemarybrushes #newtraditionsartpanels #pleinairpainting #enpleinair #pleinair anseladamsgallery m.grahamco
The sky was so clear last night that I was able to take this photo with my Galaxy S9+ and a shoe. Phone cameras are getting real, guys. Swipe ➡️ for the original, unedited photo! Which one do you guys like better?
Acroyoga is reigniting my ♥️ for yoga/flexibility/working out. Thanks @danmaniel for being an amazing base!
Last time I was in Yosemite I picked up my camera for the first time in months. It’s the place I feel most inspired 🌬
“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity” - John Muir . After months distractions by other projects and travel, I finally made some prints of my Half Dome illustration #california #illustration #Yosemite
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