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But are you really?
Some of us come to earth seeing. Some of us come to earth seeing Color ❤️🌏👣🇮🇸
when i fall i'll still be looking up
Calm , even through the storm ..
menyatu dengan alam , nikmati ketulusan alam dlm membagi keindahan dan kesejukan di setiap paginya🥀
It’s only a matter of time
Senin malas? ingatlah ada orang-orang yang harus kamu bahagiakan , semangat !🖤
It's a helluva lot easier to accept who you are, in all your damaged glory, than to try to be someone you're not.
Live for the thrill 🎢
ciptaan Allah emang selalu indah🖤
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All die Dinge, die wir kaufen, weil sie billig sind... Obwohl die Dinge, die wir brauchen, nicht mal Dinge sind 👣
Tour life 🤟🏽😪 ...
Do you see what I see? 👣🇮🇸 Elveswhere
Crystal clear 🇮🇸👣 Photo edit: @detelinb 🙏🏻🙃
Honestly just posting this picture to tease @o_eddy on the 🔥 pics and video we got of this Beautiful Mustang #classiccars !!!
hello, back from my extended absence from photography and editing. combining sailing, piano, debating, hockey and school makes it really hard to update this page at a consistent rate. from now on my goal is to try and post at least once a day here. enjoy:)
They only know what I want them to 🍃🍂🍁 shot by @jubeleen_
Und was du träumst, das musst du machen All die besten, super Sachen Alle machen, alle machen Was du träumst das musst du machen All die besten, super Sachen Einfach machen, einfach machen Und alles ist jetzt Es ist alles, alles jetzt Das Leben ist kurz Zu kurz für ein langes Gesicht Und Stück für Stück kommt das Lachen zurück Und die Freude, und der Hüftschwung und das Glück 🤸🏻‍♂️ 👣 https://youtu.be/RWOE7_bRXSs
Best water source —-> Icelandic Waterfalls 🤸🏻‍♂️🇮🇸
🏰 Disney
If you ever get lost and forget who you are, or how important this moment is, just be still. Silence is full of answers... 👣🇮🇸
Honestly these videos are all about having fun with them 🤷🏻‍♂️ | @chargedupentertainment @kennybagnis @supmelo @thatboiipapii @afritopcg @fatboy_sse
Humpty Dumpty.
The world looks different when your toes are in the sand 👣
Die Welt geliebt und dich noch mehr... 👣
The hustle doesn’t stop 💰
Most people don’t see you, they only see their image of you.
make it simple, but significant🥀
Diamond beach 👣
don’t slip🤧
asleep in colorado
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