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When shit gets real and things get tough, ask yourself “Who do I want to be when I look back on this?” Do you want to be the person who sat back and complained why me? Or do you want to be the one who decided to rise above and march through the storm? I choose to honour these hard times and keep moving forward, because that’s the person I am. I am strong. I am stubborn as fuck. I give myself grace. I allow myself to feel. And then I rise above and share light. The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind of emotions and it’s far from over. But I know that I will be able to look back at this moment and be proud of the person that I am and always will be. Thank you for all your kind words, love and support 🙏🏻 It’s been truly heart warming and has given me so much strength ♥️ xo
ive heard a lot of sayings like "self-love is the definition of selfishness". ugh, this makes me sick to my stomach for 2 subtle reasons; 1. self love is about self acceptance and the ability to value your worth which is priceless. 2. you are not real to yourself or any other human being walking on earth if you lack self love in any form. personally, ive gone through a lot of phases where i lacked major part of love to myself and didnt put myself a priority. it was the worst phase of my life as i was following these dark accounts that implant gloomy thoughts into my head and i definitely had the wrong choice of friends whose mentalities were completely unstable. however, i found my soul through pages of books that i spent my entire time reading. i started following people i look up to rather than relate to because i was one heck of a downer back then. if you do not properly love yourself, its okay and its normal and very exclusively human. you are not alone and this is never the end of your life but a lesson that'll teach you so much (this sounds very cliche and you may not believe it but its honestly eye opener). you will never love yourself if you hadnt loathed yourself at some point or another. #loveyourself #knowyourworth #youarebeautiful #youareenough #youareloved
Love this one from @morganharpernichols - “you will shine on anyway.” ✨
We all shine in different ways. We have specific gifts to share. Our work is to own our gifts. To acknowledge them. Feel good about them. Share them. The more you acknowledge and share your gifts, the brighter you shine. And the more you allow yourself to shine, the more you draw people to you who are attracted to your light. Own your damn gifts. Let yourself shine. It’s why you’re here.
To each their own but I encourage you to be skeptical of all teas, supplements, foods, plans, and more that promise to make your body smaller in some way. 👉🏻 These substances are often dangerous for your health and even if they “worked” in the short term, if they truly “worked” then we wouldn’t have a billion dollar weight loss industry out there 🤷🏼‍♀️ Please don’t feel like you have to manipulate your body in any way to fit a certain mold. Please don’t let the January weight loss adds 👎🏻 influence how you enjoy the holiday season ✨ You be you. And if you have any questions, seek out a nutrition professional, like a registered dietitian, who has been trained to dissect scientific research 📚💛 #beyondyourplate #dietitian #nondietapproach #nondietdietitian #allfoodsfit #noskinnytea #youareenough #selfcare #intuitiveeating #nodiets #nodietshere #happyholidays
gentle reminder that having a soft body does not negate having a strong body. the two are not mutually exclusive. . it’s important to remember to keep active in ways that you enjoy and which make you and your body feel loved and supported. i don’t have the time nor the patience for fitness classes nor hours-long gym sessions multiple times a week. i absolutely despise running in all its forms. yoga is a big part of my life, but some days it’s hard to get on the mat. but i don’t use this as an excuse — i find other ways to stay active, and i appreciate all my body allows me to do with the time i don’t spend punishing it. . the thing is that as much as my subconscious would still like for me to look like society’s ideal, it’s just not something i’m investing in. i feel stronger than ever, but to some my body probably doesn’t look strong at all. strength is not simply determined by the quantity of gravity your muscles can push away from you. . one last thing. remember the “fitness” lifestyle and physique are hardly achievable and almost never sustainable for most individuals. retrain your attention on what makes you feel happy and supported instead of focusing on the perceived happiness of others. taking these curated squares with a grain of salt is a good first step. . i wish there were better representation. i wish i didn’t look in the mirror and automatically pick to bits my soft stomach and hips and the cellulite on my thighs. i wish the beauty standards of the society in which i grew up and still reside placed more emphasis on the beauty of the mind, the spirit, the heart, than the exterior. i wish there weren’t young girls and boys and those without gender already squeezing abdomens and frowning at what they find. perceptions of body weight and size in this country are transforming at a snail’s pace, but this is exactly why we must have and continue these conversations — the discussion is ever-evolving. we are, we must be the catalyst for change.
Motherhood is mainly a combo of catching up on laundry (if there is such a thing 😂) & using the “no” word more times than we can keep track. 💯💯🙌#teampassionwithpurpose #mommyhood
You are enough. There is no one else like you and THAT is a good thing! Embrace it. Love it. #loveyourself #beyourself #airbrushmakeup #luminessairbrush #luminess #momlife #girlmom #lifehappens #youareenough #embracelife #selflove
Every booty tells a different story! The cardio tells the story about discipline dedication and hard work. The couch tells story about comfort maybe self love and unbothered about society high expectations about women’s body. The squats shows strength discipline countless hours of dedication. And then there’s the silicone booty meets every expectation of how women should look tells the story in my case of an unsecured, full of regret woman that fights her fears in daily bases because I’m scare to live but scare to die. Remember we are all beautiful in different ways and shapes. 💕 #notosilicones #notosiliconeinjectionyestolife #youareworthy #life #youareworthy #youareenough #awareness 💕🦋💕 #onemoreistoomany #womenempowerment
Just got a new book that is absolutely amazing. . . . . #inspiration #youareenough #selfcare #read #bookstagram #nevergiveup #youareloved
Here’s my 10 Year Challenge for you... - - - I don’t think I’d any certainty over what I wanted to do as an 18 year old. I wanted to be an architect at one stage, a professional footballer (I still had those dreams even at 18) and maybe a teacher... - - - 2019. Hello Life & Business Coach 👋🏻. When you know you’re on the right path, you more than know it - you feel it. You know you’re not going to let anything stop you as you work towards where you want to be - and if you’re lucky, you’ll also learn to be content with the now. - - - #lifecoach #becomeyourbest #youareenough #personaldevelopment #10yearchallenge
"Remember what you must do when they undervalue you, When they think your softness is weakness is, When they take your kindness to their advantage. You awaken every dragon, every wolf, every monster that sleeps inside you, And you remind them what hell looks like when it wears the skin of a gentle human." #nikitagill 🌑 You are so much more than pretty, than feminine, than gentle, than graceful. You are a wild force of nature. Beloved, Don’t forget. 🌑 #darkmoon #eveningdress #redcarpetdress #formalgowns #luxe #instastyle #beauty #wildwoman #beautyandboudoir #fashioneditorial #femaleempowerment #equality #boss #leadership #strongwomenlifteachotherup #strongwomenempowerwomen #strongwomenarebeautiful #strongwomenempowerotherwomen #glamour #glamorous #coutureportrait #discoverportrait #youareenough #leadershipskills #contemporaryportaits #glamourportraits
🗽NYC does not disappoint. Fist time in the big apple! 🍎
I have been researching a lot on the rebranding of countries and companies. For example, I researched how Iceland used tourism to transform their economic development and rebrand the country as a key destination in Europe. I’m sure you’ve all looked enviably at the picture of the blue lagoons and natural hot springs in Iceland. Did anyone else see that Kardashian vacation episode set in Iceland…. Not only a country but how many times have you seen companies undergoing rebranding. Burberry is one of my personal favourite examples of transformative storytelling. Years ago, Burberry was known for their tartan print and youth subcultures. After they underwent a rebranding process, the company developed into an image of modern style trends like their monogrammed poncho worn by Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Olivia Palermo or their iconic trench coats, often a wardrobe stable of many TV female leads. When it comes to life, you too can undergo a rebranding or simply develop a new story about yourself.  Your actions are always congruent with the story you have or yourself. So why not treat your life like a project and do some rebranding. Create a new story with the new year. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ⠀⠀ #goals #mindfulness #happiness #progress #goalsetting #selfdevelopment #progress #selfhelp #thoughtsbecomethings #blogger #inspiration #quotes #quotestoliveby #positivity #positivethoughts #greatness #nothingisimpossible #selfbelief #selfimage  #lawofattraction #youareenough #confidence #dreams #dreamlife #motivation #iamenough #uncertainty #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #blackprivelege
• Waiting is hard. It's not fun to wait for our vision to come to life or for our hard work or yearning to bear fruit. We grow weary and discouraged in the waiting, sometimes we grow impatient and start to push and force things. But not everything can be rushed. We are asked to trust. We plant a seed of kindness and may never see the result. We pour love and speak life over our children and still they must forge their own path. We build and create and put our work into the world and still it feels like our dream remains light years away. Maybe it will never be received in quite the way we envisioned. But maybe it will still bear fruit in unexpected and delightful ways. Every small step and offering, each daily habit with consistency, every single time we choose to speak life or hope or encouragement, we're watering. We're watering and helping tiny seeds put out shoots and tendrils and begin to snake their way up toward the light. To bear fruit we must water patiently. And to water we first must plant. First, we plant one small seed.
put yesterday down outside the front door, and leave tomorrow by the window. the light will shine on it soon enough. . hush now. this is today’s song. . a simple refrain. speak to yourself with . love, and rub kindness into your skin. . see, the wild flowers are waiting to bloom from all your broken places. . —forgive yourself. . © Liezel Graham 2019. . . . . #rawwords #honesty #poetry #womenpoets #herheartpoetrycommunity #womenpoets #amwritingpoetry #spilledink #spilledthoughts #iweepinink #liezelgraham #forgiveyourself #youarebeautiful #youareenough #words #wordsmith #indiepoetry #poetrycommunity #potd #poetryporn #selfcare
Do it! You have to be able to internally affirm yourself. You cannot expect others to correct our wrong thinking about ourselves 💕
The value and potential that I possess, is IMPORTANT enough to me that I’m going to GIVE it the ENERGY, SPACE and TIME to grow and CREATE RESULTS!👏🏻 - Where are you investing your energy, time and space this year? 🤷🏼‍♀️ #FirstStepsToSuccess #DaniJohnson #InvestInYourself #YouAreWorthIt #YouAreEnough
Snow doesn’t stop the long run. Today was hard. I’ve been sick all week and hard trouble breathing and climbing hills. I feel back in the group quite a bit. Luckily Phil ran with me and we even got some extra mileage in (because that’s what you do when you run with Phil). This trail is plain hard. But the views made it worth it. Yes , Jax and Ella and I are cuddled up resting now! Week 3 is behind me. #edrecovery #youareenough #selfloveisthebestlove #iamenough #marathontraining #trailrunning #runhappy #brooks #dogsthatrun #grouprunsarethebestruns #groupruns #snowytrailrun #wedontpacewepush #strongertogether #mytribeisthebesttribe
The way I see it, healing ourselves is the most important job we have because the healing we do on ourselves ripples out to everyone around us. The way in which we work on our healing can be anything that feels right for you! It could be therapy, medication, plant medicine, self-help books, any range of things. But you can’t give up when it gets hard. Take a break, give yourself compassion and don’t push too hard, but come back when you’re rested and ready and pick back up where you left off. Just like with anything else we want to accomplish, small steps over time add up to big changes. If you’re not sure where to start, just give yourself 10 minutes alone to be conscious of how you’re feeling in the moment. Close your eyes, feel your breath. Is it short and shallow? Deep and full? Ask yourself how you’re feeling and listen for an answer without judgement. This simple action of tuning into yourself begins the process of trusting and loving yourself. Just be there - listening, available, compassionate. Obviously if you have more serious mental health issues, working with a professional is the way to go but I know not everyone has access to that. I just want to encourage you to take time for yourself, away from your phone, to feel into who you are. It’s easy to forget with all the comparisons and judgements we inundate ourselves with through all the media we consume. Look inward and get to know who you are. ❤️ • • • #progressnotperfection #selfhealing #healingjourney #traumahealing #emotionalstability #selflove #selfcare #selfcompassion #takecareofyourself #nojudgment #selfacceptance #meditation #gowithin #innerknowledge #innerguidance #intuition #therapy #mentalhealth #socialmediaaddict #unplugged #turnoffyourphone #lookinside #portrait #lowlightportrait #iamenough #iamworthy #youareworthy #youareenough
Sometimes you just have to love your damn self, and let that be enough. Friendly reminder that you’re worth it. ❤️ #youareenough
Proverbs 31:25‭-‬26 TPT Bold power and glorious majesty are wrapped around her as she laughs with joy over the latter days. Her teachings are filled with wisdom and kindness as loving instruction pours from her lips. #ShineBrighter #LoveYourself #BeYou #YouMatter #YouAreEnough
Shed the weight of the past and step into future possibilities with me at my upcoming retreat, April 28- May 4, 2019. __ I’ve chosen the charming, historic city of Antigua Guatemala because it’s super affordable and because it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. 6 days/5 nights with (almost) all meals covered, in a posh little boutique hotel in the heart of the city. We will do most of our work from the rooftop yoga platform with volcanoes in the background, unless we decide to set up shop poolside near the garden!!!! Truly the setting and amenities will be spectacular. Early bird price is $1199. __ I’ve gone on and on about the accommodations, now some about what we will be doing together. __ We will use breathwork, dance and exercises to expand our awareness to connect deeply with ourselves and others as we broaden our ability to let go the old and call in the new. __ I believe you will leave refreshed in spirit, feeling more alive and connected with yourself, rejuvenated in the quest to unravel the mystery of who you are, what your purpose is and how to love better. __ There is much more information on my website. Follow the link on my profile page to get it. #personalgrowthjourney . . . . . . . . . . #grief #compassion #healing #consciousness #knowledge #therapy #knowthyself #yogainspiration #yogajourney #possibility #believing #mindbodyconnection #masteryourmind #peacefulwarrior #fillyourcup #emotionalhealth #selfdoubt #mindmatters #youareenough #doitforyourself #overcomeobstacles #youcanandyouwill #anxietyproblems #depressionhelp #breathwork #healthymindbodysoul #trustyourintuition #divinetiming #soulwork
Day 16 has been so hard...I'm really struggling today with my body image, and I've had the strongest ED urges. I didn't act on any of them which I'm proud of, but it still didn't make anything easier. Hoping for a better day tomorrow ❤️ I hope you all had a great Saturday! #eatingdisorders #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #ED #edwarrior #recoverywarrior #recovery #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #warrior #yummy #youareenough #prorecovery #proud #anorexiarecovery #strongnotskinny #snacks #foodisfuel #food #journeytorecovery #beatanorexia #nourishtoflourish #meals #edfighter #eatittobeatit
Feeling blue today. Not necessarily for any apparent reason but I’m feeling it. I have these days or even weeks from time to time. Doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with me. I feel A LOT. I feel my own stuff, the emotions of those around me, the weight of the world and some days I just need to shut it all out, sit in meditation and say “ok, universe, please show me what’s mine and what is everyone else’s.” I used to get stuck in the why. Why do I feel like this, what is wrong with me, how I can I make it stop? Now I allow it. I recognize it when it comes in, I feel it, journal, dance, walk, scream and then it passes. Sometimes the why isn’t important. Sometimes it just is. I write this in hopes that if someone else has these days, weeks, months, years, they know they aren’t alone. I feel you, I hold space for you and I see you. #feelingblue #bodyblisslife #feelyourfeelings
Sometimes you just have to remember... you are enough, you’ve accomplished so much. You are so much more than what you think of yourself! Keep on pushing, never give up. Keep going!!! #inspiration #selfworth #selfmotivation #youareenough #loveyourself #selflove #bodylove #selfcare #ketolife
Today I was the Key Note at the LUV LIFE Workshop and it was a blast! Your dreams and your giftings are linked.. Dream on Purpose!! #ShineBrighter #Dreambig #LoveYourself #identity #youmatter #youareenough #BeYou
Am I right or am I right?!!! 😂🐿 Y’all, I have some EXCITING news!!! I created a FREE group on Facebook open to the DHI Life By Design community! I’ll be posting inspiration, freebies, and sharing secrets to design a life you love!! JOIN NOW!! Search Radiant Mind Designs on Facebook! #behindthedesigner #youareenough #life #happy #tistheseason #graphicdesign #allthefeels #introduceyourself #sayhello #creativelive #blessingsonblessings #graphicdesigner #graphic_designer #youarebeautiful #successmindset #successfulwomen #dontquityourdaydream #designboom #momof3kids #creativityforthesoul #creativityforlife #dreamsetup #youarecreators #lifeonpurpose #hotmessmama #allthethings #lifeissweet #womenempowered #forevermore #successdiaries
Remember we are all co-creators with the Universe. Every single outcome or action in this world first begins as thought. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are the reasons for both our successes and failures. . When things seem to be getting out of your personal control, take a quick moment to re-evaluate your situation. We are more powerful than we usually give ourselves credit for. Every solution to every problem you could experience is already within you. You just have to slow yourself down and go within. . The 3 most helpful tips for me are 3, 7, and 13.
I am constantly amazed by the inner workings of our bodies, especially when I get to witness significant changes to any signs or symptoms someone may experience OR witness the non-existence of any symptoms one would “expect” to see - because the body loooooves to keep balance within itself 👌🏻 It will work so stinkin’ hard to maintain that balance... as a protective mechanism so that you can simply survive and do whatever your heart desires in your day to day routine✨ Dr. G goes on to say .... “Viewing the body in this appreciative way, rather than as some enemy to be vanquished or disappointment to be fixed, is much more productive ... and scientifically sound” - page 31 in her book Sick Enough: A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders 👉🏻👉🏻 Can you point out a time where you appreciated the inner workings of your body? 🤔✨🧘‍♀️✨ #bodyappreciation #bodiesarecool #allbodiesarebeautiful #bodiesareamazing #nondietapproach #nodietshere #youareenough #dietitian #nondietdietitian #beyondyourplate #allfoodsfit #sickenough #nodietshere #HAES #intuitiveeating
You know who the real MVPs are? People who stop you to tell you that you have something in your teeth so you don’t continue walking around oblivious to it. #ThanksRandomGuyAtTheAutoShowToday 💕 . Sometimes we feel awkward or embarrassed to stop people to tell them something about their appearance - lipstick on their teeth, shirts tucked in to underwear by accident, something stuck to their shoe...and it is a little embarrassing even when someone stops us to tell us, but ultimately we’re grateful because it prevents us from further embarrassment until we notice ourselves. Life happens, mistakes happen, have a moment of compassion and help someone. ✨ . The same goes for compliments! Sometimes we see strangers and really like something about them but we hardly ever have the courage to go up and tell them. No matter how random or awkward or spoken quickly in passing, they usually don’t fail in improving both parties’ moods, and making both people feel good. Don’t be afraid to stop someone and tell them what you like about them. Spread kindness and share compliments!🌈
#purelove - I attended the first day of a two day Reiki 1 course and these are the words that have stayed with me. I look forward to further wisdom and personal breakthrough and healing tomorrow. Until then, dear ones, know #youareenough #allyouneedislove #alternativehealing #whateverittakes
“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” 💧🌊 — Rumi #bakasana #youareenough
...Incase you need a reminder-You are the “I” in these 5... #youareenough #youareabadass #happynow #truthquotes #truth #creamofthecrop . . 45 of 💯 to close and begin a solar cycle! Cheers and thankfulness for #cycles . . #recognize your present experience & with loving #acceptance #beherenow #100days #gratitude #abundance #love #breath #rise
I chose to share the picture above because exercise has been a source of healing for me during challenging times. Healing is a process and a journey. Wether it’s healing your body from illness or healing from a trauma or even going through the grieving process. It takes time and work. It takes becoming self aware and being willing to dig into the scary or hurtful stuff you just want to bury and never think about again. You will have bad days when you can’t even get out of bed. But then there are days when you will feel like your self again. It takes being purposeful with what and who you surround yourself. It takes finding ways to fuel your soul and find joy again. It means being creative, (and you can be creative in all sorts of ways) in giving your pain an outlet to flourish instead of being trapped. It means focusing on just today instead of what can happen tomorrow. The popular thought that we all love ourselves too much is just another lie we are told. There is a difference between loving yourself and being selfish. We need more of loving ourselves. We need to treat ourselves with patience, compassion, and understanding. Just like you would treat a beloved friend. Simply because you are beloved my friend! Love Evey #youareenough #fitnessmotivation #exercise #healing #growth #youarebeautiful #beloved #mindsetreset #mindsetiseverything #mindset #nevergiveup #quittingisnotanoption #lovethyself #lovewarriors #coaches #motivation
Thank you to EVERYONE that came out today! What an AMAZING event. Shout out to ALL the vendors, attendees and volunteers. Wow, the energy in the room was something you had to witness for self and the networking opportunities, ENDLESS!! Check out my STORY and LIVE for event pics and videos☺️💕Shop our website at www.projectplanselfcare.com •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #projecplanselfcare #craftychiccheri #selfcare #selfcareforwomen #selfcareeveryday #DIVAretreat #takecareofyourself #NewYearNewYou #NewYear #selfcareforwomen #recharge #relax #takecareofself #selfcareisforeveryone #selfcaresunday #selfcareforwomen #selfcareforblackwomen #selfcareforbrowngirls #Iamenough #youareenough #selfcareeveryday #selfcarefirst #selfcarematters #selfcaresaturday
TENACITY. . . Tenacity is my word for 2019. "Tenacity: (noun) the quality or fact of being very determined; the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence." . . To me Tenacity is getting up when you're knocked down. Continuing your fight, when it feels like you have no fight left in you. Someone who won't quit until they have reached their goals! . . When my coach shared the link for these bracelets she had the intent of us just choosing a word. A word that represents ourselves in the upcoming year. I took it a step further. Reminding myself everyday that I am strong. I have goals. I won't quit until those goals are met! . . YOU ARE ENOUGH! . . This is a phrase that has gotten my brother (@seanpatryan ) and I through a lot. We use it to remind each other of how strong we are and that we are enough, and no one can ever or will ever make us feel any other way. And we will always have each other. . . This year these bracelets will help me reach my goals. My fitness goals, my coaching goals (both online and with my Track kids), my nutrition goals and most importantly my self love and self care goals. 2019 is MY YEAR! Make it yours too! . . What's your word of 2019?
Stop now and actually look at something right in front of you. See it as if you are seeing it for the first time. ⁣ ⁣ Let time stop still for a whole minute or two. Lean in a little closer. ⁣ ⁣ Imagine you’ve never SEEN it before and get REALLY curious, really WONDER about it. How many colors can you see? What words would you use to describe it to an alien? ⁣ ⁣ Ask questions - where does it come from? How is it made? How long did it take? Where was it before it was here? ⁣ ⁣ What does it FEEL like? touch the textures, explore how it feels. Does it feel like you thought it would? ⁣ ⁣ How many different textures does it have? What temperature is it? What thoughts and feelings are you feeling because of that? ⁣ ⁣ What does it SMELL like? Pleasant? Harsh? Relaxing? Does it bring a memory for you? Really inhale deeply. . . get a little closer. ⁣ ⁣ Do you taste something? Even just from the smell? ⁣ ⁣ What are you hearing? Silence? What kind of noises? Harsh? Lovely? Repetitive? Smooth? Does it bring a memory? Is it soothing? Irritating? Exciting? ⁣ ⁣ You can become fully present anytime you want. ⁣ ⁣ The more you do it, the more pure joy and peace you can feel. ⁣ You will also gain the ability to feel your feelings and not resist the life you have. ⁣ It can also pull you out of anxiety or other strong emotions or twisted thinking. ⁣ ⁣ Swipe to see a few things I’ve stopped to be present with (I usually end up taking a picture too)⁣ ⁣@jillfreestonecoaching ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #feelingfeelings #feelyourfeels #mindfulness #thelifecoachschool #lifecoach #positivepsychology #emotionregulation #stressmanagement #mentalhealth #anxiety #confidence #mindset #empowerment #encouragement #emotionalhealth #lds #ldslifecoach #ldsparentcoach #youareenough #happinessisachoice #chooseyourthoughts #mom #ldsmom #familylife #joyofmotherhood #mormonmom #happymoms #consciousparenting #emotioncoaching #angermanagement
Who else here enjoys eating breakfast for dinner? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m realizing that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. 🍳And it really brings me back to my childhood because it felt SO exciting (for some reason) to switch things up a bit and make breakfast foods dinner foods 🤷🏼‍♀️ It felt rebellious to go against the grain and not eat “typical” dinner foods in the evening. Now I think it’s somewhat of a convenience thing because (I find) breakfast foods to be quicker to whip up on a weeknight, but I can’t take all the credit because Jerem cooked it for me 😋 Anybody else feel similarly as a child?? #beyondyourplate #breakfastfordinner #nodietshere #allfoodsfit #nondietapproach #youareenough #intuitiveeating #haes #dietitian #nondietdietitian #bodiesareamazing #easydinner #myhusbandcooks
Feeling ALL the feels today. ✨ The highs. ✨ The lows. ✨ Energy in motion. ✨ Shifting my BEing. ✨ Moving through me like rapid fire. ✨ Wanting to be expressed.✨ Stuck!✨ Feeling in EXCESS!✨ So I MOVE. Get up and jump, run, dance, sing, ground in nature. ✨ RELEASE the toxicity. ✨ Moving to a higher frequency. Vibing high. Refusing to repress with food or alcohol. Finding new, healthy ways to BE with my emotions. ✨ For as much work as we do on ourselves, at the end of the day we are all still human.✨ AND when we choose to feel it all we receive the most amazing gift of being fully present for whatever life throws our way.✨ Knowing there is SO much more.!✨ Anxiety, depression, fear and sadness no longer get to hang out with me. 😉 And I’ve never felt better. 🥰 I invite you to move your emotions and notice the shifts in your life. GET UP AND MOVE. ❤️❤️❤️ Love, light and blessings. ❤️💫🙏🏼
Yay we did it Happy one year anniversary upliftingheartsandsouls820 we did it thank you to my supporters and followers you guys are amazing this has been a beautiful journey it been one heck of a ride stay tune for how 2018 went for me while I was putting out all these audio out for you guys you won’t want to miss it Yesss so excited stay tuned Follow what makes your soul happy my beautiful souls Check out YouTube page click my bio beautiful souls ❤️#upliftingheartsandsouls820 #upliftingquotes #positivevibes #upliftingheartsandsouls820 #faith #selfcare #beautfulsoul #loveyourself #mindful #mindset #yourlife #believeinyourself #youcan #thisisyourtime #shine #youmatter #youhavewhatittakes#life #dream #youarebeautiful #youareamazing #blessing #takecareofyou #itsyouttimetoshine #youareenough #youmatter #live #love #you #beyourself
To most, this may seem like any other picture, but to me it's so much more. This is the first time I have wanted to take a picture that shows more than my face and actually not been too ashamed to post it. Body image issues are such a huge thing for me and I've been working hard to a) make better choices and take better care of myself and b) learn to love myself as I am throughout the process. Yes, I have lost a bit of weight, and yes I still have more to go, but every day I'm making progress. I'm getting my health back, but more than that I'm starting to enjoy life and not be so hard on myself ♡ #nsv #loveyourself #youareenough #bodypositivity #effyourbeautystandards #motherdaughter #selflove #family #ilovemylife #iliveforthis #unapologeticallyme
Let’s go LIVE tonight! 😍 Which do y’all wanna see? 🌺 You Are Enough 💡 This Little Light of Mine 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family Rules Vote for your fave & join me Live » ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ https://www.facebook.com/ChalkNBloom/ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #ChalkNBloomDesigns #FBLive #ChalkCouture #CraftTime #ChalkologyPaste
I may not have worn anything other than my pajamas and workout clothes today (anyone else?? 🙋🏼‍♀️), but I'm ok with it. . I'm over here dreaming big dreams and figuring out how to make them happen 👊🏻 . No one will EVER care as much about your dreams as you will. How important are they to you?
You are enough just the way you are. I am enough just the way I am! How often do you tell yourself that? It’s hard to fully live life before you realized that. Just be you.
Day 19, Today, give them a day off ;) #LipseyLoveLanguage #30daymarriagechallenge
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