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Worry is a wasted energy... and do it too much and switch to the wrong operating system and no longer seek joy but you expect fear. I was talking about anxiety to a friend yesterday and how important it is we learn to allow what will be whilst still doing the work to stay in alignment with our why. It’s not easy but learning how to interrupt anxiety with gratitude is key but what is vital is a belief system that serves us well and a ‘why’ that is bigger than us...it sounds simple but when you have both not only do you give yourself ‘time’ to breathe but you also learn to dig deep and keep trusting in each baby step you take you are going towards your own goal not your fears. Life will throw us curve balls, we cannot stop that or often predict them but we can learn how we are going to ride the waves and weather the storms. It requires us to trust more than we fear but it also requires us to allow not resist... the secret is within us not outside of us. Happiness is not a destination or found in any ‘stuff’ we desire..it is however found in our freedom to live our lives well and that requires us to live the life we love and love the life we live ...to get here we must do the work and that requires us to know in our heart and soul that in every moment we are enough and when we know better we can choose to do better and the only real ‘judge’ that matters is our own mind and body and what they are telling us. Listen well. Align with you and allow the mind to be your servant not the master, make the right gut, brain connection and allow your heart to give your brain the direction towards the life you never need to escape from again because when you do the right people and help will be right by your side. #selfalignment #beliefs #mindset #functionalmedicine #nervoussystem #centralnervousystem #youareenough #grateful #resilience #anxiety #edutherapy #epigenetics #liveyourlifewell #gutbrain #gutbrainconnection www.loveursoulagency.com
Couldn’t have said it better myself!✨ • You can plan and plan and plan ‘til the cows come home, and until that happens, nothings happens — OR you can take ACTION and create ACTIVITY for your plan, so it can reveal OPPORTUNITIES you never knew, had you not done the activity. • What I love about my business is the self-growth that comes with going through the journey. And at any time, you have the power to change the numbers and the course, whatever you don’t like. Not to mention, the leaders who pour into you and breathe belief...now that’s winning!💕 @mrstrojo #believeinYou #youareenough #breathebelief #moreactivity #moreopportunity #mentorship #coaching #mymklife #joyzone #lifeisbeautiful #winning
You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think, and LIVED more than you’ll ever know. ~ A.A. Milne ♥️ #youareenough #beautiful #shinebright #strong
TRUTH: U ARE INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL TRUTH ALSO: U WILL NOT BE ATTRACTIVE TO EVERYONE YOU MEET AND THAT'S OK, BECAUSE WE LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS. But sometimes, our ego gets the better of us and we think our unattractiveness to them is a form of rejection or defect in us STOP IT Remember U are someone's PERFECT IDEA of Beauty and in due time it will HAPPEN #goodmorning #bukkyschronicles #bukkywonda
"Discomfort is not caused by the circumstances that happen, but the inability to trust it’s supposed to be happening. No matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable any moment seems to be, it could only be a catalyst to inspire the blossoming of your highest potential. Knowing why or how cannot assist you in any way. Instead, it is your willingness to survive the inevitability of every breath, whether transforming you into greater aspects or moving you along into higher dimensional fields that propels your adventure from one miracle to the next. Perhaps these words are a reminder to slow the breath, soften the body and open your heart to the most incredible possibilities that are always available to you. In doing so, a greater cosmic perspective reminds you of your place in the Universe to celebrate in form that all is well." - Matt Kahn♥️ #selflove #selfmastery #selfloveheals #mattkahn • • #presence #beherenow #wordsofwisdom #quote #mindfulness #spiritualgrowth #nakedheart #love #mindful #soulwork #raiseyourvibration #spiritjunkie #spiritualjourney #selflove #searchinsideyourself #compassion heals #gratitude #love #youareenough #youarelove #youarewhole #soulfood #riseinlove #growinlove #soulsisters #feminineshift #risesisterrise #sisterhood
How I feel about the rain planned on the weekend of my big charity events ..🙄😄 . Smile through, stay positive, and have FUN no matter what! . ...... I may have felt a little self conscious as I raised my hands overhead tonight and felt my front tie shirt lift up😒🤦🏻‍♀️ . It’s my monthly friend, and I’m eating my emotions with any sugggaaa + carbs in sight 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ . I’m wanting to get back into routine of my healthy eating and working out, and finally start taking more time for myself and my healthy lifestyle. . If you feel like you’re in the same boat, hands up sister, let’s do this together🤚🏼🙋🏻‍♀️ . I’m going to be running TWO 5 Day Bring Back the ABS Challenge. I’ll go live inside of my Facebook group with a short follow along Core Focused workout! . The first round will be Monday October 1st - Friday October 5th! . The second round will be on Monday October 8th to Friday October 12th! . Hop inside my ladies only Facebook group (link in bio), invite a girlfriend or two to join the challenge and let’s do this — bring back our abs!🙈🔥 . I’ll be sharing some of my best detox and de-bloat tips, as well as giving you those short daily workouts to fire up your core and bring back the ABS!🙌🏼🙌🏼 . You with me?! Pop an emoji in the comments and I’ll send you my Facebook group details!✨💗
💖💖💖💖 #Repost @lewishowes (@get_repost ) ・・・ We are wired to like and attract what is familiar. This has been one of the most transforming interviews I’ve done in a while and the reactions I keep hearing inspire me! Comment below if you listened already and how it impacted you and if not yet click link in bio to listen now! #YouAreEnough thanks @marisapeertherapy 🙌❤️
Don't pretend to be anyone else for the sake of being accepted. Trust me ,you can't find peace while trying to fit in. Be your true self..the people who are meant to be in your life will come along. #vibratehigher #goodvibes #youareenough #beyourself #yourvibeattractsyourtribe #beyou #sandrafazio
For anyone who's having a crappy Friday.. #youareenough
Never be with someone who makes you feel like you are hard to love. • • • • #hardtolove #quotes #love #sunset #clouds #sky #sunshine #raysoflight #youareenough
The picture you have in your head of who you are determines how things play out. Be who you want to be and believe in that. Be confident in what you stand for, what you are capable of and be courageous with every thing you do. #believeinyourself #beyou #positivemind #havefaithinyourself #youareenough #bethebestversionofyou #personaldevelopment #personalgoals #personalgrowth #believeinsomething #mindset #lifebalance
E m o t i o n a l Support Part 1 // If you’ve experienced something traumatic in your life then you likely know, you can physically change due to the trauma - even if it wasn’t a physical trauma. Your body is affected overall- on a cellular level - physically from those things. I diffuse this blue guy overnight due to this. I actually can’t diffuse it during the day - it WRECKS me (it’s good but painful- it helps but MY WORD) so I diffuse it overnight. I’m almost through it in just a few months. I hope to use oils to help me in the future with things I feel God has put on my heart for years regarding people who’ve suffered horrific trauma. Counseling (processing) and Jesus and PLANTS guy! I get literal chills thinking about the effects of these things colliding. I know the effects personally and it brings me to tears. Go gift your mind/emotions this oil! // lt’s been a little silent here. I kind of needed a little space from screens which always feels so good and in this season of my life feels necessary. Anyone else ever feel like that? However there is a beauty to “screens” too and that is community and an opportunity to learn and to share as well, so I won’t totally nix it. 🤗 #emotionalsupport
I’m pretty excited. I’m excited to GIVE something AWAY. AND.....I’m excited to help people every....single....day...... Because without that zest, this business would truly not be the same & I would have stayed in banking. But I didn’t....cause it’s so different when our first goal is to help someone achieve health. It’s different. And l love that. . . That’s why I believe we all can benefit from essential oils, & essential oil infused products all. All in the same way?? No. All the same products?? No. But we all do want health. Physical health and emotional/mental health. . . This week and for the next week I am sharing the uses of essential oils in the one preliminary kit we offer. One by one from that collection. But the uses I’m sharing are for mental health support. I’m also teaching what Ive learned with respect to power of emotions & how it impacts our physical body. . . When we don’t choose positive or stuff emotions to the depths of our being,....hoping they don’t surface, we then see the challenge presented to our physical being. It’s usually compounded by a self-worth valuations that isn’t serving us, or we are living in a state of less gratitude then we should have.....we’ve all been there. . . Love to have you join me. And I’d love to GIVE AWAY some gifts! This handy little pocket reference is great for anyone using oils but also the right size of read if you are interested in starting with essential oils. Check out this FB LIVE, https://www.facebook.com/healthandabundanceyl/videos/312273976215582/ . . To get a free quick reference guide, all you need to do is....... . . ✨Like this post ✨Go listen to the FB LIVE via the link above 👆 ✨ Then follow the ask in the LIVE! No purchase necessary. Just a little self worthy assessment. ☺️ . . . #emotional #powerofpositivity #essentialoils #feelingsburiedaliveneverdie #selfworth #youareenough #gratitude #starterkit #investinyourself #giveaway #facebooklive
It’s horrible I wouldn’t wish it on anyone it’s not worth it and it’s not a diet and it’s not another word for skinny but #recoveryisworthit #truth #eatingdisorderrecovery #youareenough #positivevibes #anorexiarecovery #selflovequotes #iamenough #recoveryisworthit #youareabadass #anorexia #recovery #edwarrior #staystrong #yougotthis #alexaBliss #blissfit #awareness 🖤
Have you ever felt like a circle forcing yourself to fit inside of a square? • 🌻 • Whether that square is a literal cubicle, a metaphorical corner, or maybe just the general shape of your life right now, if you feel this way, you’re likely bored at best. Because something is missing for you. • 🌻 • Fortunately, the first step you need to get rollin’ is simple: find out your personality type to discover the basics of what makes you tick. I recommend the Myers-Briggs Type indicator. There are both free & paid versions, take your pick. • 🌻 • While no one likes to think they’re a textbook version of something (or an algorithm), I say there’s nothing quite like having your own set of blueprints mapping out the foundation of what matters to you. • 🌻 • I’m an INFP, known as a mediator or healer type. I could spend this whole post diving deeper into what that means, but I’m writing about this because I want YOU to see what it can do for your life. I am simply serving as a tangible example. • 🌻 • As an INFP, I’m introverted, and my sense of introverted feeling explains the reliance I put on my intuition when making decisions, and why my heart & emotions enrich my life so much that I prefer to live from that place. I can lead when living in my purpose, doing things like giving a #tedx talk, when it also serves others (like giving high school & college kids important tips for boundary-setting after losing the structure of school). This performance aspect of myself can make others think I’m extroverted. And that’s the thing, others don’t know what’s behind what you’re doing like you do.💕 • 🌻 • In a more tangible sense, the test helped me figure out WHY #entrepreneurship is the best path for me. An article from introverteddear.com sums up what motivates INFPs best: •.[Will] allow them to express their individuality. • Takes advantage of their ability to see unique solutions. • Gives them independence in how they do their job — including how and when they complete projects. • 🌻 • This #tbt is from my recent giveaway, and my level of happiness while working as a #solopreneur makes even more sense. • 🌻 • Let me know what your results are below, I’d love to hear them!💕
😚😙I'm not the most Beautiful woman in the world, but I am me. I eat junk food. Sometimes more than I should. Some people love me, some don't like me. I have done good. I have done bad. I go without make up and sometimes don't always get my hair done. I'm random and silly. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, you can love me or not. I won't change!! And if I love you, I do it with all my heart!! I make no apologies for the way I am. ♡ #beyou #youareenough #beproud #loveyourself #behappy #noappologies #bereal #everyonehasbeauty #besilly #lovehard #noregrets
Tonight was a win 🙌🏼 Success isn’t just about reaching the end goal. Success is being proud of every small win along the way. You all rocked it tonight! Keep up the hard work ladies. 💖👍🏻#grind2fitwithamanda #grind2thebeat #success #smallwins #celebrate #youarebeautiful #youareenough #bethebestyou #selflove #selfcare #mindset #happy #positivity #followyourdreams #dancefit #fitness #cincinnati #fueledbyadvocare
Old paradigm: 99.74884% of people try to sell you the dream. [ outward focus - still keeping you distracted from the sustainable solution - the foundation ] I’m in the business of selling you on yourself. The dream is already done!! It’s already yours!! It’s your responsibility to come back home to your heart + show up to cultivate the ultimate healthy relationship with yourself so you can align with what’s already been done energetically. You just have to give yourself permission to allow yourself to have it all. You have the answers. I guide you back to yourself to access them.
You are strong. You are beautiful. You are fierce. You are worthy. 🐺 . Chin Up or the Crown Slips Scalloped Sleeve plus size top $42. . Join the pack and become a Lady Wolf retailer! 🐺💪 Tag a shop you’d like to see carry Lady Wolf. 5% dontated to nonprofit. . https://www.facebook.com/shopladywolf/
Bedtime thoughts 🤔 #100secretsofhappypeople #youareenough
This is too important for a story. #youareenough #rememberthis #defineyourself
Can we be real for a sec?.... Where does the time go?! Like seriously, I can’t figure out where 24 hrs go, because: I didn’t get enough sleep I didn’t do my daily read I didn’t talk to Drew long enough The dishes are still in the sink I didn’t sweep the dog hairs today I didn’t take the dogs out today I spent way too much time in traffic I didn’t put in enough time on my hair today (hello Ms. Frizzle! 👋🏼) I didn’t tackle that to-do list for work... or my personal list! (🤦🏻‍♀️) But for real, what did I do all day? Oh Lord... I’m just grateful I have a partner in life who understands and doesn’t expect anymore of me- than he can do himself. I’m grateful that I am okay with not doing enough (& you should too!) life is too much fun to stress on those little things. We are enough. We have done enough. We are a success. As long as we laughed and smiled throughout the day, right?..... RIGHT! #youareenough #love #partner #dontbestressed #toxinfree #smile #notenoughtimeintheday #life
'Stand Tall, Laugh Loudly, And Be Who You Truly Are' #standtall #laughloudly #beyou #youareenough #youareperfect
Fall is my favorite season I’m so excited and this is something I can be happy and positive about which is good because then I feel good. Even if it’s something small if you like something embrace it and be happy #fall #autumn #truth #eatingdisorderrecovery #youareenough #positivevibes #anorexiarecovery #selflovequotes #iamenough #recoveryisworthit #youareabadass #anorexia #recovery #edwarrior #staystrong #yougotthis #alexaBliss #blissfit 💜
You truth...not what some else thinks your truth is, or should be.
This has been my motto this week. I’ve been taking one step at a time and listening to my body each day. I have worked out when I have felt strong enough, and other times I have just climbed into bed for some extra rest allowing my body time to heal. Instead of focusing on the end goals, I’ve been focusing on here and now and how I feel in each moment. After months of trying to push myself through all the pain and exhaustion and ending up even more broken, I’m realising that it is going to take time for me to get back to where I used to be and that those things I used to be able to do so easily and freely are now more challenging and at times will consume more of my energy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that mental health is just as important as physical health. Listen to what your body is asking for. #weightloss #running #fitness #gym #train #transformation #goals #strongnotskinny #positivebodyimage #nevergiveup #dreambig #workhard #activeliving #journeytohappiness #proud #progress #mentalhealth #anxiety #dreambelieveachieve #chasingdreams #sweat #youareenough #halfmarathontraining
When I look at this picture, my heart aches a little. I know that exhausted mama adjusting to life with a toddler and an infant. I see her fatigue turned to sadness. She snuggles with a heavy blanket of guilt daily. Guilt that she can’t make them happy all the time. Guilt that she doesn’t enjoy every moment like the cards say. Guilt that it feels hard. So hard. And guilt that these little people seem to demand more than she believes she can give.✨ . . I also know the unconditional love that lives inside this mama for those little humans she’s created. I know the gratitude and awe she feels for the blessings in her world. She tells herself, “you’re doing the best you can.” It becomes her mantra that gets repeated in the moments when two children need so much and all she wants to do is pee alone. ✨ . . She learns it’s okay if they’re not happy all the time. She learns (very slowly) she is enough. She takes one day at a time. She tries to be kinder and softer to herself. She tries to get outside in the fresh air. She reaches out to family and friends... the kind that “get” her exactly how she is. ✨ . . Slowly the nights get longer. Color returns to her face. She begins to feel some life coming back to her. She learns how to eat to nourish her body. And those two little humans (who eventually welcome number three) grow and change. They still need her but now she understands she will always have enough to give them. The guilt... carefully folded up and packed away. It’s not needed anymore. There are no mistakes to be made. No right or wrong decisions. She will always be doing the best she can, and she will never stop loving. ✨ . . Mamas out there who feel overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Don’t be fooled by the pretty photos with the smiles and color coordinated outfits. Motherhood is a messy, chaotic, beautiful, wondrous and crazy kind of ride. But you are wired for it. You just have to believe that. Then go and make it look how YOU want and not how everyone says it should look. The best mom in the world to your kids is YOU. And no matter how hard the days feel, you CAN do this and you ARE enough. ✨
Let your light shine in the world today. Be you, as only you can be! www.unifiedcaring.org #beyou #dailyinspiration #inspirationdaily #authenticity #youmatter #youarespecial #youareenough #youareimportant #inspiration #ShineOn
Tomorrow is day 21 of #selfcare ❤️4u and we’re going to shift back into breathing for the next 7 days. Not just any breathing though, 6 Healing sounds - specific breathing for healing from within. @santulanlife is just going to play along with all of you today. TODAYS CHALLENGE Tune into you breathing by placing one hand on your chest and one on your belly. Breathe into your belly, pushing into your hand. Then breathe into your chest, using that hand to create resistance. Exhale from chest and then belly. The objective is to create a wave of breath. This can take several try’s to master, so don’t get discouraged. 🌀🌀🌀🌀 6 Healing Sounds is an ancient Taoist Qi-Gong. I’ve practiced this particular Qi-Gong for over 12 years & was even fortunate enough to study with Master Mantak Chia in Thailand 2 times. I’ll give you 1 sound / movement a day over the next 6 days so it’s not so overwhelming! 🌀🌀🌀🌀 In traditional Chinese Medicine the 6 healing sounds practice coordinates physical movements with healing sounds to enable the natural freedom of breathing. This releases excessive heat, which cools the organs & the vibration of the sound stimulates their function. Benefits include: ☯️Healing of organs ☯️Elimination of toxins ☯️Gain emotional balance ☯️Rejuvenation ☯️Improved mental & physical health To participate: ✅Follow & tag hosts & sponsors: @uyounger2day & @santulanlife   @happiesthippiecreations & @faithfoxdesign ✅Complete the daily challenge ✅Include our hashtag: #selfcare ❤️4u ✅Take care of yourself! Share only as much as is comfortable.
Ich habe mit den Jahren gelernt innerlich manchmal ein Arschloch zu sein! Nicht das ich jemals andere Verletzten würde damit, sondern als Selbstschutz!!! Schutz davor nicht selbst kaputt zu gehen! Oft ist eine gesunde SCHEIß EGAL HALTUNG das Beste! Leben und leben lassen! Schütze dich selbst, bevor die Menschheit dich zerstört 🖤. ➖➖➖➖➖ #menschen #freunde #freundschaft #liebe #worte #words #feelings #judaspriest #gryffindor #vertrauen #leben #inkedboy #alternativeboy #boyswithtattoos #ftm #genderqueer #instafeel #germany #piercings #instanerd #metalguy #lgbt #lgbtq #peace #youareenough #beyourself
"There can never be enough Kindness and Compassion in the World. (Double tap if you agree) Just saying. ❤😚 I'm constantly working on opening my heart chakra (and spreading it around)." With ❤ & Gratitude, Marissa T (A very Cute Tank I took a picture of way back, in Ballard - Washington @spiritualgangster ) *marissatdesigns #beautifulsouls #spreadhappiness #heartchakra #BeWildandFree #BeWildandWander . . . . . . . . Hashtag love 👉 #thingsilove #youareenough #yogajunkie #yogaeverydamnday #fashioninspo #yogamakesmehappy #pnwgirls #pnwbloggers #awakethesoul #creativelifehappylife #motivationquote #liveintentionally #girlboss #embraceyourself #designer #freespirit #keepingitreal #darlingdaily #personalizedjewelry #exploretogether  #alifeofintention #motivationdaily #adventuregirl #lifestylebloggers #wildchild
Lights are on but nobody’s home.... In this episode we talk about how to attain real and true freedom simply by loving yourself. Listen to the full episode 🔝 featuring @mrsheatheration
Many things about being self employed are hard; working a zillion unpaid hours, figuring out health care and other benefits, not knowing if you will make enough to pay all the bills and don’t get me started on taxes. So many things about being an independent contract are nerve racking but today wasn’t one of those days. • Started my day teaching a class @joyofyogastl , took a marketing for entrepreneurs class with @debby_yogogirls , had tea with Katie from @shantiyogastl to plan future workshops and ended with teaching two more energy filled classes. Being in your twenties it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and lost sometimes. Having one day that makes you feel strong, adult, inspired can be enough to let you know that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. • I say it in my classes all the time but today I’m reminded myself and all of you guys “where you are today is exactly where you should be.” • Started this fulfilling day with #foodasfuel 💥 • • • • • • • • • • #breakfast #independantcontractor #adult #adulting #vegan #oatmeal #eattherainbow #eattherainbow 🌈 #pomegranates #coconut #organicpeanutbutter #chiaseeds #youareenough #stovetopyoga #stlvegan #yogastl #yogainstructor #yogateacher #explorestlouis #healthyvegan #eatplants #eatwelllivewell
It’s been over an hour since I got home from working out... and my legs are still shaking... tonight was something else so here’s a #sweatyselfie . Talk about PROGRESS 🙌🏼 Every day I thank GOD that I made this decision. I decided to choose myself. To put my health first. I still enjoy all of the food, drinks, and fun— but I know that I don’t want to be a burden on those who care about me as I get older. I’ve got to try to love myself the way that God loves me— and though that’s impossible, because well, He’s God, every day I feel stronger and more in tune with that love. And it’s WONDERFUL💕
Never forget that what we see in social media is only a small part, chosen carefully, from everyday life. Everyone suffers, everyone has problems. There is no perfect family, perfect marriage, children always behaved and polite. Don't let the illusion of the perfect life of others take away the magic of your simple, ordinary days. There is beauty and purpose even in our problems because just passing through them is that we will turn into better people. ❤️
Stop worrying about people understanding you. Get in touch with yourself instead. Focus on what makes you happy, what makes your soul feel at peace. You are your biggest commitment, so start loving your flaws, your awkwardness, your weirdness, your intensity, your vulnerability, your everything. Life becomes so much more fulfilling when you are just simply yourself. The world keeps spinning whether people understand you or not, so why not make this next trip around the sun about you?•|🌙🖤🌎➰🌞|• #love #peace #happiness #selflove #loveyourself #youareenough #iamenough #happy #healthy #life #lifeisgood #lifeisbeautiful #fulfillment #happylife #beyourself #befree #bewild #soul #healthylife #healthymind #healthybody #healthysoul #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #fitspo #fitsporation #positivevibes #positivity 📸: @lolowillard (you da best🤓💕)
🎼🎵 It's funny, when you see a company that's a major success it's hard to imagine the challenges that were overcome in the process! @Spotify was launched in a time where the music industry was heavily pirated. 🏴 Daniel's job... to convince artists to give him their music for FREE on the faith that this app would grant them the fair pay they earned. This was before there were subscription packages (so there was no revenue coming in). Fun facts, he started a "sweat shop" of 11 year old programmers when he was a Freshman in High School.😅 At 14, local companies paid him $5,000 each to code entire websites💰. Just goes to show what consistency and direction will do for ya! You can learn all of this on his interview with @ReidHoffman on the podcast @mastersofscale. Make today amazing!🧠💪
Why bother cultivating our own self respect when we can feed the starving egos of the new IG idol/model of the week... Based on what they look like alone. Ride or die one week and then onto the next hottest thing. You say inspired? Mmmmhhm 🤔 Come on now... True inspiration is about feeling moved into CREATIVE action from the inside. From the spirit. IN SPIRIT! Not from the carnal body at all, especially wanting someone else's body. It's one thing to admire beauty, but let's call a spade a spade and get down to the truth... most of IG #fitspiration also brings out our sense of not feeling worthy because it puts us face to face with our disembodied, disempowered and disowned shadow selves that we can't stand to look at! So let's just distract ourselves with things of beauty that just fuel our sense of insecurity because #goals 🙄Scrolling is now an addiction that will define this era. What happened to being moved by someones charisma? Impressed by the things we don't see? I'm more impressed with how you've changed the consciousness in which you view the world, yourself and the possibilities available to you, because that shit takes crazy ass amounts of courage and is much harder to do. I'm impressed with someones kindness, humbless, vulnerability, character and integrity... with their ability to form healthy personal boundaries, love and respect themselves and have meaningful relationships. I'm impressed with those who never stop trying and have gone through hell and back because they were relentless to pursue their purpose and build an authentic life. I want to know how you did that. But I will never idolize anyone. Admire beauty but stop glorifying false idols. Lift your own self up instead of blowing more 💩 smoke up strangers butts on IG 😉 Stop running away from your own shadow. Even if you do become your idol, you'll probably realize that they have been running from their shadow too. #thingaboutit #youareenough #youareworthy #falseidols #Shadowself #lightdarkmatters
I am right where I need to be here in this moment. ✨ . This is where I once dreamed to be and worked damn hard towards getting too. . ..... with a twist of lemon 🍋 and sugar, of course 😉 cause. LiFe. . I couldn’t be more grateful. 🙏 . My heart is over flowing with pure happiness and love for being. . All whilst emoting elements of sadness and confusion. . A beautiful, deep emotion | experience | memory creation that is. 💕✨ . Be where you are. . Take a deep breath. . Remember. . Acknowledge. . Appreciate. . Be. 💫 . YOU aRe EnOuGh JuSt aS YOU aRe🤗
Sexy is not a size,every calorie is not a war, your body is not a battleground, your value is not measured with pounds, you are just as fucking beautiful as every other woman xx #besexyanytimeallthetime #bestofyou #youareenough
Why is it so hard to sell the idea that you’re enough just as you are, yet so easy to sell the idea that you would be “better” if you were “smaller” or “leaner” or ate less? It’s because we all want a goal; we all want to work towards something & feel the rush of accomplishment when we get there. But why can’t our goals be “to get strong AF” or “to help someone move in a way that is no longer painful”? Why is it always “let me help you lose weight”? “Contact me for diet plans” “Lose weight in 30 days” F***. THAT. Look at your goals and ask yourself the following: 🔹is this goal healthy? 🔹will this goal be sustainable in the long run? 🔹do I need to give up tacos to reach my goal? NO!!!! Fitness should be about falling in love with science and movement and your body AS. IT. WAS. GIVEN. TO. YOU. You don’t need to eat 800 calories a day to get “shreddy freddy” You need to eat to fuel your body and your mind and live a life that you are PROUD & excited to experience. So, thank you for tuning in for Jamie’s Thursday night rant; I hope you enjoy my all lulu outfit, and my itty bitty baby bis & delts. Also I don’t work with him but if you want to be b****slapped in the face with SCIENCE and REAL TALK go follow @rippedtoshredz just for his story posts alone k thanks. . #youareenough #lovetolift #trusttheprocess #iam1stphorm #neversettle #fitfam #babymuscles #recoveryispossible #priorities #learnyourbody #edrecovery #tbt #loveyourbody #instahealth #lafitness #coffeeovercardio #thinblueline #facts #armday
🔟 Things I learned this year listed below (has nothing to do w/ this pic) . With my birthday being Saturday I started to reflect on this past year of being 23 years young. So here is what I learned and put into practice this year: . 1) Being a “perfectionist” is simply an excuse I would tell myself for nothing ever getting done. . 2) Messy action is better than no action. TAKE MESSY ACTION . 3) When someone says “no” that often has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Strive for “no”, and when “yes” happens that makes it that much sweeter. . 4) Take the road less traveled. It might be the unpopular choice, but it reaps the greatest reward. . Let that sink in and think of where you can apply it to your own life before reading the rest. . 5) Find your zone of genius, and when you do grind hard in it. Don’t waste your time and energy on anything outside your ZOG. . 6) Starting a business is scary, but what was even more terrifying was letting another day go by of not pursing my passion. . 7) Listen to what others have to say, but listen to your gut feeling and God over anything. He will never sway you off the course He has planned. . 8) Stop listening to the lies you create. I am creative and use daily Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro and am even finishing building my own website, but the story I told myself for years was that “I’m not good with technology” and that stopped me from leveling up. Not anymore🙅🏻‍♀️ . 9) It’s okay to be unapologetically yourself. I never discussed “taboo” topics as I was always afraid of being judged. But now I am proud to share about things of my past like my eating disorder, breast aug surgery or losing my menstrual cycle because it makes me.. well me. . 10) My primary love language is quality time. I learned that this weekend at a marriage retreat I went to where the speaker was the author of the book The 5 Love Languages. I crave time well spent in conversation that goes way past the weather.
💚💕💚💕💚💕💚💕 Divine goddess, Today 💕c h o o s e 💕 to love yourself from the very place that you are at right now. Hold and embrace yourself with gentleness, compassion, forgiveness, patience and much self care, and allow the divine goddess to meet you inside the sacred temple of your heart. You are more than enough!!! ... heart blessings...💕 #sacredfeminine #goddessrising #sacredheart #hearttemple #goddessheartliving #vulnerability #selflove #selfforgiveness #selfcare #youareenough
Friendly reminder for me + for you ✨ ~ Friday mornings mantra ~
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