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Happy Chinese New Year! The latest on the blog {link in profile} an easy Chinese Oyster Omelette that Brenda ate growing up in the Philippines. Plus, our romantic Parisian travel story! . 🛫 🍽 . . . . . #dishourtown #foodandwine #foodvsco #recipe #omelette #foodlover #lpfood #foodography #foodiechats #gloobyfood #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeast #heresmyfood #lovefood #foodpornshare #forkfeed #huffposttaste #feedfeed #yahoofood #foodgawker #foodbassador #LoveFood #foodstoriesusa #tastingtable #foodoftheday #foodsplore #yourstomake #foodiesofinstagram #oysteomelette #ChineseNewYear
Shameless repost from my personal insta, but a day of having a liquid diet is already making me miss crunchy food 😩
At the farmers market! Come see us from 9-11 AM. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
A new way to eat Turkish Delight...kinda 😛Stir some cacao into your porridge & scatter with dried rose petals for the most beautifully fragrant bowl of the day...
Tomorrow we’re serving the cake y’all have come to love. Our ‘Cure Everything’ Cake has been around town, making its first appearance at @springhousews last year when our business had barely hatched. It’s also been on the menu at @graze_ws and has shown up at weddings and birthdays and other special events. It’s a classic, and one of our favorites - a decadent chocolate cake we usually serve with caramel buttercream, but for tomorrow we added some extra love from @magicbeansnc and frosted it with Coffee Caramel Buttercream. See you @cobblestonefarmersmarket ! • 305 W. Fourth St., Winston-Salem, NC. 9-11 AM.
Pair these tasty Onion Rolls with dinner tonight! Recipe Link in Bio #BreadmanBaker #TGIF
Jacket potato & beans got an upgrade 😍 Boston beans with tomatoes, molasses, mustard powder & Worcester sauce on baked sweet potato with fat-free Greek yogurt, zaatar & lime zest...#comfortfoodinitsfancypants
NEW BLOG: pork celery avgolemono 😋 This is a chunky stew that consists of tender pork and celery, plus leaks and seasonings, and finished with a bright lemon sauce. Give it a try, recipe link is up in my bio! Happy Friday ✌🏼 . . . #foodgraphy #greekfood #healthblog #heresmyfood #foodblogfeed #foodphotography #greekcooking #foodstyling #ontheblog #cookit #buzzfeast #tastingtable #eater #yourstomake #eeeeeats #forkyeah #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogeats #fbcigers #dametravelerfoodie #tastingtable #thekitchn #f52grams #feedfeed #eattheworld #foodism #huffposttaste #wegotFC #foodie_ #cookandtell
Cobblestone Market Menu: •Artisanal Bagels •Southern Pecan Pie by the slice •Amish Cinnamon Rolls •Olive Oil, Grapefruit & Chocolate Mini Loaf Cakes •’Cure Everything’ Chocolate Cake •Bee Pollen Protein Balls •Maca Ginger Medicine Balls •Dark Chocolate and Olive Oil Cookies 🌸 Saturday, 9-11 AM @aperturecinema 305 W. Fourth St., Winston-Salem, NC.
#subway is a great meal to have, but I'm told to avoid the bread post afternoon. I'm trying best to control my #diet and follow the #regime #instructions from my #fitnessexpert . #FATtofit #healthyeating #healthydiet #health #instahealth #lovethispic #instafit @subwayarabia @subway #yourstomake
Did you see my disaster in making these today? I didn’t give up because the ingredients combination was so delicious so I changed them into VEGAN MUESLI PIKELETES . Hubby came home and demolished them in like 3 minutes and then asked for more 😂 Recipe below! Ingredients: 1 ½ cups @orgran_healthandnutrition Cranberry Crunch Brekki Muesli 1 ½ cups coconut yogurt 3 tbs agave syrup 1 tsp @orgran_healthandnutrition egg replacer + 2tbs water 1 banana, ripe and mashed ½ cup Gf plain flour 2 tbs LSA vegan butter for frying maple syrup for serving 1. Combine the muesli, yogurt and agave syrup in a bowl and place in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight. 2. Add to the muesli mixture the egg replacer, banana, plain flour and LSA. Combine well. 3. Melt some butter in a frying pan and over medium heat add a dinner spoon size amount to the pan and cook for about 2 minutes, then flip over and cook a further 2 minutes or until golden brown. 4. Serve warm with a drizzling of maple syrup and optional ground cinnamon or fresh berries. * #feelgoodfoodie #sponspored #ipreview @preview.app #glutenfree #vegan
Ok. I’m challenging myself with a new project and it’s possible I’m biting off more than I can chew. I tend to have ideas that grow all out of proportion until they become overwhelming monsters that scare the crap out of me. And then I just give up and don’t follow through with them. Lame. So I’m gonna take this one slowly. It may take me 2 whole years to finish it but I’m committing, here and now, to follow it through to the bitter end! . So here it is: 50 States of Cupcakes. That’s right, a cupcake recipe for every state in the U.S. of A. 50 cupcake recipes. Five-Zero. Why this project? I’m not completely sure. I think I’m hoping to discover—or rediscover—something in the process of making this most American of desserts over and over and over again. Can I just say it? 2017 was a weird year for us. Uncomfortable. Absurd. Painful. Frightening. Enraging. Confusing. Encouraging. Hopeful. All the things. As 2018 progresses, I feel compelled to get to know my country better—how we really started, what we’ve done well and what we’ve messed up, who we’ve wanted to be and who we actually are, and where, oh where are we going? Bigger questions than mere cupcake recipes can answer. 😉 And heaven knows I’m no historian/sociologist/economist/journalist or otherwise qualified to offer nuanced opinions on the state of the nation. I guess my hope is that, in researching each state, I can offer a few factoids and honest stories that inspire us to embrace, warts and all, the lovable mess that is the United States of America. And that, in embracing her, we would begin to make her better—for ALL people. (And, hey, if that doesn’t work out, at least we can all walk away with some kick-ass cupcake recipes! 😁) . So, without further ado, here’s a preview for the first entry: California Triple Citrus Chiffon! Here we’ve got a Blood Orange Chiffon Cake filled with Pink Grapefruit Curd and topped with Meyer Lemon Whipped Cream. Since it’s high citrus season and California is our leading producer of fresh fruit citrus, I thought this would be a good place to start! Recipe soon to drop on my new blog! 😊🍋🍊
Wishing everyone a blessed Lunar New Year!
The life of a freelancer: scheduling a mid-week brunch for a bunch of freelance friends, and then getting booked for a shoot right in the middle of it. At least I had 37 minutes before leaving to eat three rounds.
SPICY+SWEET+SOUR=🙌 Lovely easy Thursday night supper of Thai turkey mince, fragrant with citrus, sweet chilli & fish sauce from @taste_team
SKORDALIA (garlic dip). Nothing will keep your friends, family, and even strangers at an arms length away (or further) from you than taking just one bite of skordalia. Any bites after that and you can guarantee to be quarantined. No wonder it’s my favorite dip. 😋 Skordalia is a dip defined by the skorda (garlic). And we’re talking lots of garlic. Traditionally, skordalia is puréed with potatoes as the base, but it can also be made with bread, nuts, or both to add a little more texture. The potato version has a smooth consistency and is basically like super garlicky mashed potatoes. My version of skordalia foregoes the potatoes and uses bread and walnuts as the base. Give it a try! Direct link is in my bio. 👍🏼
Thursday Dinner inspiration: There are so many things you can do with tomato sauce. Make a beef, or vegetarian chilli, or stick with the classics and create a simple spaghetti. Grab everything you need on the way home from Dollard & Co.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #dublinfood #tastingtable #canonglobal #igersdublin #thevisualvogue#eattheworld #onthetable #marthasfood #wherewomencook #mycommontable #foodwinewomen #gatheringslikethese #amomentintime #yourstomake #appetitejournal #storyofmytable #onmyplate #forkyeah #lifeandthyme #tastemade #beautifulcuisines #buzzfeedtasty #tastingtable
I’m doing a cooking class on April 15 with Syrian refugee friends, Hiam and Munzer, at @sohonc in their #eatforacause series. Head on over to my @thecooksinthekitchen profile for details and a link for tickets. UPDATE: SOLD OUT. • HINT: we are also doing a class in March and it sold out before I could post, so if you want tickets buy them today. • Photo by @redcardinalstudio
When you've basically forgotten what sunshine is & darkness kicks in mid-morning, you gotta get your warmth somehow...#rememberwhenididntliveinmyfleece ? 🤔
SYRIAN COOKING CLASS... The dinner table provides a beautiful gathering place for us to celebrate the diversity of our cultures and to appreciate the hardships and accomplishments we have all experienced in our life’s journey. It’s been such an honor for me to meet these dear ones from Syria, and to have cooked with them in their kitchen and shared dinner at each other’s tables. We’ve told stories and laughed and cried together, and it’s given me a greater understanding of how difficult life can be for many in this world. • In collaboration with @sohonc , we will be offering a cooking class in the #eatforacause series on April 15. During the class, Hiam and Munzer, Syrian refugees who came to Winston-Salem in 2015, will be cooking family recipes and sharing stories of their lives in Damascus and their transition to life in the United States. • The class is $40 a person, and all proceeds go directly to Hiam and Munzer and their family. HINT: if you want a ticket, buy it today as there is limited seating. They are also doing a class in March and it sold out before I could post it. LINK IN PROFILE. UPDATE: SOLD OUT. ❤️ Photo by: @redcardinalstudio
Here’s some banana bread to keep the energy levels high this Chinese New Year.
@themerrymakersisters lamb chop tray bake to go. Like a hug on your porch! #getmerry
I actually didn’t spend Valentines Day eating junk and chocolate so today I’ll be making my MAPLE-O BARS as a snack. The recipe for this is on the blog under the Goddess Aphrodite because sweets and desserts are about 💖 love (and let’s face it... addiction) I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I’m spending it catching up on errands and making plans for my mums first art exhibition which we are so proud of!!! ☺️ Also if you don’t want to miss any recipes just click onto my web page in my bio and press on the red heart ❤️ for free recipes. Health and love to all 💋 #feelgoodfoodie #sweet #dessert #snacks #kidssnacks #kidfriendly #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan
Pop-up bakery today, y’all! Stop by and see us for your sweets from 9-1! 460 N. Cherry St., Winston-Salem, NC.
Our Valentines Day Pop-up Bakery will be open at Embassy Suites downtown, 9-1. This lovely Strawberries and Cream Layer Cake will be sold by the slice. Come get your sweets! 🍓 Photo by @redcardinalstudio
Confession...I ❤️ cereal. Like a real, sincere, could-and-often-do-eat-it-for-other-meals-throughout-the-day love and for every sad bowl that’s out there, there’s a cracker like this @dustgranola Cacao & Buckwheat Granola with Greek Yoghurt & Roasted Rhubarb 💕
Salmon soba noodles with miso dressing 👌🏼🥑🥕🥦
Taco Tuesday. Lettuce eat left overs 🤣 There’s steak under there somewhere. #tacotuesday #lettucewraps #misomayo
We will have our Amish Cinnamon Rolls at our pop-up bakery tomorrow, February 14, in downtown Winston-Salem. Stop by and see us between 9-1! We will have a pastry case full of sweets: Strawberries and Cream Layer Cake, Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cupcakes, Mini Mocha Cream pies with Chocolate Ganache, Dark Chocolate and Olive Oil Cookies, Maca Ginger Medicine Balls and Bee Pollen Protein Balls. • At the corner of 5th and Cherry.
Today’s #HowTuesdays is tyrokafteri (spicy feta dip) 🌶 such an easy dip to make to add to any dinner spread! so go ahead snd screenshot, save, and share this post! This recipe is for my white version, if you want to try the red one (my favorite) then check out that recipe on my blog. Enjoy 😋 . . . #foodgraphy #greekfood #healthblog #heresmyfood #foodblogfeed #foodphotography #greekcooking #foodstyling #ontheblog #cookit #buzzfeast #tastingtable #eater #yourstomake #eeeeeats #forkyeah #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogeats #fbcigers #tyrokafteri #tastingtable #thekitchn #f52grams #feedfeed #eattheworld #foodism #huffposttaste #foodie_ #cookandtell
Bourbon flambé bananas & @postrecaramels salted caramel sauce...self control be gone 😏
My favorite word to come before chocolate is double. Like these Double Chocolate Biscotti. Because you can never have too much chocolate. I personally plan on consuming ridiculous amounts of chocolate tomorrow, who's with me?
5 Benefits of Maca Powder •Improves female sexual health •Boosts male fertility •Rich in antioxidants •Enhances energy, mood and memory •Balances estrogen levels • Our Maca Ginger Medicine Balls are an earthy and nutritious way of getting the benefits of Maca powder. You can find them at @colonyurbanfarm and @letitgrowproduce , and of course at our weekly Saturday @cobblestonefarmersmarket .
#meatfree and immaculate; flashing back to the tahini-Parmesan-panko crumbed cauliflower from @food52 which elevates the king of the crucifers to a whole new level...(recipe on blog, link in profile)
Come get sweets for Valentines Day at our Pop-Up on Wednesday from 9-1 inside Embassy Suites downtown, at the corner of Fifth and Cherry. • Thank you so much for the lovely post, @graysonsmithphoto ! • #Repost @graysonsmithphoto with @get_repost ・・・ There are little gems hidden all around Winston. One of my latest finds has been @lavenderandhoneykitchen. Everything is made from scratch and I appreciate that they use freshly milled organic flour. When I was a little girl, I had a summer birthday and always requested a strawberry cake. Of course when they posted their valentines menu with this lovely cake, I could not resist. Thank you @lavenderandhoneykitchen for bringing back the best childhood memories of sitting on the porch at the beach eating strawberry cake. This cake is pure perfection!
I hope that these Nutella PB-stuffed cookies make your Mondays a lil better (...butter?) ☺️ recipe will be up on the blog soon (I PROMISE!)
I flung open the windows to let in a breath of spring-like air. This reminded me of the ocean and then I thought of friend Karen @feather.and.field on the shores of Long Island and of her Chocolate Pavlova. So this happened. 👩🏻‍🍳We will be feasting on this tonight with clouds of cream and berry compote as we sit around the table telling stories. • Speaking of stories. If you’d like to read Karen’s story, the link is in my profile for a feature I did about her in my #thecooksinthekitchen series. She’s one of my heroes. AND, you can find the recipe there for this delightful pavlova, made with egg whites, cocoa powder, sugar, dark chocolate and balsamic vinegar. #easierthanpie
Tender Roasted Pork Belly with crispy crackling from #basicstobrilliance @donna.hay This recipe was chosen for the #rainydaybitescookbookclub hosted by @rainydaybites . After I cooked the pork belly (which was so easy and delicious to cook) there were three roasted pork belly options to further your pork belly meal and I chose the delicious Dahn Mi sandwich rolls. The recipe called for long white rolls but of course I used #glutenfree bread rolls and these in particular were sliders rolls! So cute and the perfect size for finger food! They are by @wellandgoodfoods . Added to the rolls is a generous slice of the pork belly, slices of Asian pickled cucumber, mint, mayo, sweet chilli and green chillies. A whole bunch of us participated in the challenge so check out other creations of this pork belly recipe. Participants are listed below 👇🏼check out their creations ❤️ @feelgoodfoodie.au @thecookbooknerd @macnclaire @greedyinmontreal @naomiscookbookchallenge @feedingmy3sons @dublingirl57 @rainydaybites @lialemonandvanilla @onelifetobake @theoliveandmango @latte_mochiato @erinlikestocook @lenaskitchenblog
I don’t do cafe art 😔 but I do use beautifully crafted cups @mudhavi Pretty as a picture!
Trying something new for #PancakeDay with a completely brilliant #bbcgoodfood Dutch Baby recipe plus roasted rhubarb & pistachios for the prettiest win 💕
Tyrokafteri (Spicy cheese dip) 🌶😋 I love to see when someone makes one of my recipes 🤗 this was made by & photo by @egamvroulas this delicious dip makes for a perfect party platter and will certainly be a hit. Try it yourself, recipe link is up in my bio! ✨ . . . #foodgraphy #greekfood #heresmyfood #foodblogfeed #foodphotography #greekcooking #foodstyling #ontheblog #buzzfeast #tastingtable #eater #yourstomake #eeeeeats #forkyeah #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogeats #fbcigers #tastingtable #thekitchn #f52grams #feedfeed #eattheworld #foodism #huffposttaste #foodie_ #cookandtell #sundaydinner #charcuterie #charcuterieboard
It’s been a while (senior year has been crazy intense) but have some nachos to make up for my absence! Store bought chips, homemade carnitas, @kraft_brand Mexican cheese, guacamole, tomato-shallot salsa ☺️
This is us, and this is our 10-year-old family dog and forever friend, Myles Davis. We baked some special dog treats for him yesterday, and he loves them so much we figured your dogs would love them, too. Stop by our Valentines Day pop-up bakery in downtown Winston-Salem between 9-1 on February 14 and pick up your complimentary homemade dog biscuit for your favorite 4-legged friend. • Location: 460 North Cherry Street, Winston-Salem, NC. On the corner of 5th and Cherry, across from Benton Convention Center. • Photo: @redcardinalstudio
The amount of butter we’ve consumed this month... oh let’s not go there🙃
Pho the win! Home-made, night in, watching the Winter Olympics 👌🏻 #pho
Little bitty brekkie burrito 🌵 #brekkie #burrito
We’re making dog treats for Myles Davis for Valentines Day. Because, for real, is there a more unconditional love than that of a dog and his master? Made with North Carolina milled Wheat and other healthy things.
Tomorrow is the last day for Valentines Day pre-orders, although we will have a selection of sweets in our pastry case during our pop-up on Wednesday for you to choose from. • THANK YOU for braving the rain to come see us at the market today! Have a great weekend. • Cocoa Chanel Cake with Strawberry filling and Hibiscus Kombucha glaze.
▫️Rainy Day Detox Salad ▫️ Roasted Cauliflower✖️Broccoli Salad with Tahini Lemon Dressing for the Win 🥦🥗 •Cauliflower is rich in vitamin C & K. It also helps improve digestion & detoxification, aiding in weight loss. Also helps fights inflammation •Broccoli also high in VitC&K +Good source of Fiber & potassium •Toss these bad boys + sliced red onions with some olive oil and pinch of S&P. Then roast in the oven 400F for about 15 min. •Add them to a bed lettuce, garbanzo beans, & chopped parsley •Dressing: mix Tahini + Lemon + S/P + Cayenne Pepper 🔥
DRIPPIN’ IN FINESSE 👌🏼💃🏻🕺🏼 just kidding it’s cheese 👅👅👅 #breakfast #BEC
We will see you at @cobblestonefarmersmarket with a table of sweets for your Valentine weekend. 9-11 AM. • Mini Mocha Cream Pie with Chocolate Ganache.🙌👩🏻‍🍳
A Second Chance 🐾 “...Emily had always lived in a yard and was not an inside dog, she had never been on a walk and was 12 kilos over weight. She did not know how to walk up stairs and was not familiar with most household things like the sound of a kettle. “There was something about Emily, she liked us and seemed at peace just sitting with us as we talked. We decided to adopt her and give her a home”, says Ben. ....”
One of my favourites for dinner last night - @claringboldsseafood salmon on a bed of kipfler potatoes, rocket, green beans & caper berries with a preserved lemon, chives & olive oil dressing. I served the boys a deconstructed version without the dressing 🍋 🐟
Friday night meatballs 🙌 Sauté with garlic, black kale, onion & pepper and pile on top of chickpea pasta with toasted pine nuts & fresh pesto for perfect comfort food...
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