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It’s leftover Sunday! Here’s what we’re cooking. Leftover roasted chicken with sautéed onions, peppers, tomatoes and jalapeño with a sauce made of bone broth chicken stock and heavy cream. Sauté onion with a little bit of olive oil until translucent, add peppers and cook until soft. Add chicken and 1/2 cup of chicken stock, jalapeño pepper and cook until thoroughly heated. In a separate pan melt 4 tablespoons of butter and when bubbling whisk is 4 tablespoons of flour. Stir for 3 minutes, slowly add one cup of bone broth chicken stock and 1/2 cup heavy cream. Add salt and pepper and simmer until thickened. While this is thickening add tomatoes to chicken and cook. Slowly add cream mixture to chicken, adjust seasoning and and cook for another five minutes on low heat. Can be served over pasta, rice or eaten just plain in a bowl.#leftovers #ThePrettyFeed
Dipping into the new local Korean food shop + not really knowing what you’re doing = delicious Sunday night noodle bowls 😀 Crispy togarashi pork mince with kimchi, noodles, spring onions, toasted sesame seeds, a fried egg & peanuts in chilli oil...so many of my favourite flavours & textures in one dish 👌
Anyone else love polenta? I do. Sometimes I love standing over the stove stirring it, getting into the mindfulness of the moment. However, sometimes I want it now, so this Instant Pot Herbed Polenta is perfect. Had this several days in a row! I served it beans the first time and then with a quick and easy tomato sauce the next time. So good.
And just like that, another weekend over, another week gone ... and we’re inching nearer towards the end of another year?!
Sometimes you wanna make from scratch...sometimes you wanna let someone else do it for you 😏 Lazy nibbly weekend food from @marksandspencer where the charcuterie is 👌 and the hog roast sausage rolls are 👌👌
Don’t mind me...I’m just eating my way through Brooklyn! Shout out of you need recs 🙋🏼‍♀️
When the students outdo their professor (@chefsamglass words!) Crashing skills lab again today to see the amazing work of our @centennialcollege culinary students. (And they are so sweet to let me sample their deliciousness) ❤️Way to go! #proudofourstudents #learninginaction #culinaryschool
Good on ya @sweatshop 🇦🇺 #flatwhite
Like a little black dress, some things never go out of style - presenting one clean, green & beautiful freekeh herb taboulleh...
Are you hungry? Make your tummy say yummy and get your preferred sub sandwich from Subway Sama Sulaibikhat. هل أنت جائع؟ اختر الساب المفضل لديك واشعر باللذة مع سابويي سما صليبيخات #yummytummy #yourstomake #subwaykuwait #delicious #sub #kuwait #samasulaibikhat
Sorry guys. Yes my tomato sauce was homemade. This only takes a few more minutes. Add chicken stock at the end if too thick. 👌🏻 #meatballs #homemadesauce
Swipe left. Wipe your mouth. 😋 #turkeymeatballs #zoodles
Apparently it’s #NationalPastaDay and I am all for celebrating the carbs 🙌🏼🍝 Try my favorite pasta dish Makaronia me kima (spaghetti with meat sauce) and be sure to add a generous amount of mizithra cheese. The combination of the warm meat sauce and the cheese creates such a wonderful gooey mixture! Recipe link is up on my bio ✨ enjoy! (Ps I like using thick misko noodles like this, but you can use whatever noodles you like) . . . . #greekfood #myopenkitchen #saveur #mycommontable #storyofmytable #heresmyfood #foodblogfeed #foodphotography #foodstyling #ontheblog #cookit #bestfoodworld #insiderfood #goodfoodguide #tastingtable #yourstomake #eeeeeats #forkyeah #ontheblog #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogeats #infatuation #pastaday #carbsarelife #carbscarbscarbs #feedfeed #comfortfood #dinnertonight
Cheeky chickpea curry. So easy even you can do it! You know who you are. #noexcuses
After 3 outstanding days of all things creamily-cheesily-garlicky-French, we’ve gone to India with curry spiced roasted cauliflower & carrots and a red onion, sultana & black kale salad...
New recipe + blog is up! STIFADO: a Greek stew teeming with flavors of garlic, onion, cinnamon, wine, bay leaf and other spices. 🤤 In Greece it’s commonly made with rabbit, at home in the states we usually use beef or venison as the base. Whatever you use, just create a flavorful sauce that you’ll want to savor every last drop of. 🥣 Recipe link is in my bio. Enjoy!
October evening, cold and windy, but it’s warm in the kitchen. Vegetarian Bolognese with some good linguine, decent wine, and even better company. Real food made with love. #weekdaysuppers #vegetarian #pastaforever @duncan.l.hill @henri_hughes @natexhughes
Trying to get into fall y’all. But the Santa Ana’s are blowing here in SoCal. So I turned these roasted sweet potatoes into a yummy chicken salad. That carrot ginger miso dressing went well so well with it. Think on your feet 🍠 #sweetpotato #pecans #cilantro #chicken
Today was the day I started prepping for my holiday feasts. I know, I know…it’s only October. However, it’s never too early to start STOCKing your freezer with all of those holiday essentials. Savory, hearty stock is the building block for any festive meal. I plan to make several large batches in the coming months and I’ll be putting all that deliciousness in the freezer for safekeeping. 🥘 CK Foodie Find | Parmesan rinds are my “not so secret” ingredient for the richest + most savory + outrageously delicious stock. I collect them all year long and keep them frozen until ready to use. We eat a LOT of Parmesan in my house so I always have a pretty good stockpile. I use them to make vegetable stock, but also add them to my meat stocks. These rinds will change your life (and your stock) forever! | Chicken pieces + lemon + fresh bay leaves + fresh oregano + fresh thyme + whole black peppercorns + sea salt + celery + carrots + onion + garlic + Parmesan rinds = start STOCKing up today! Grab the recipe at communitykitchenatl.com or via link in profile. . . . . . #chickenstock #foodprep #comfortfood #chickenbroth #broth #parmesan #mealprepping #winteriscoming #soupson #hearty #hotsoup #soupseason #autumnfood #seasonalfood #freshveggies #soupoftheday #homemadesoup #souprecipe #freshherbs #atlfoodie #livewellatl #communitykitchenatl #yourstomake #nourish #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #freshingredients #f52simmer #myopentable #inmykitchen #lifeandthyme
I woke up today feeling quite excited to go downstairs and eat a pile of cider donuts. Through the fog of recent sleep, I then realized I’d eaten them all; there’s only an empty bag. This saddens me.
It’s #nationaldessertday so what better way to celebrate than with Yiayia’s melomakarona to get you in the mood for holiday baking. 💚 These cookies are spiced with orange and cinnamon and spiked with whiskey, and then topped with chopped walnuts and soaked in a warm honey syrup. Grab the recipe in my bio, and indulge on these aromatic cookies! 🤤 Have a happy Sunday everyone, I’m off to celebrate my Yiayia’s birthday today! #yiayiasbirthdayweek #yiayiastella
There is something about individual desserts that gets me every time. I like that it feels like it's all mine, I don't have to share it with anyone. The portion control helps too, though I frequently have to stop myself from grabbing another, especially another one of these Apple Tarte Tatin. Flip them over to see the the caramelized apple and top with vanilla ice cream. Heaven.
Backyard harvest.
Yiayia’s orzo (kritharaki) is definitely one to try! 😋My yiayia makes me a batch nearly every month. She makes it for me when my parents go out of town, when I’m sick, or just because it’s a Tuesday. And when I say she makes it for me, she technically brings it over for my entire family, but it’s always me who hoards the pot and gobbles it down the fastest. It’s that good. Nothing brings a smile to my face quite like seeing my yiayia walk up the driveway carrying a pot of orzo. #yiayiasbirthdayweek #yiayiastella Recipe link is in my bio 🙌🏼
Green’s a splendid color.
Finally, there’s a chill in the air and I’m ready for a little outdoor entertaining. I’m keeping it all snacky and stress free like big bowls of Manchego truffled popcorn. 🍿No need to wait for Halloween for tasty treats. Grab the recipes and the link in my profile👆Ydelicacies.com
Continuing on with my favorite Yiayia memories/recipes this week before her birthday this Sunday! 🎉 So for those who don’t know, my 90 year old Yiayia is on Facebook. She’s the one who likes, shares, comments all my posts. She even occasionally Facebook messages me and sends me recipes to try (how cute is she). Anyway, one day she sent me a video about halloumi fries, along with the message “you should try this.” 🍟 So I did and they are glorious! Just slice the cheese into thick strips like fries, dip them into flour along with your favorite spices, and fry them up! So easy. Grab this recipe on my blog (recipe link on my bio). Enjoy 😋 #yiayiasbirthdayweek #yiayiastella
Lunch was Poppin!
Such a brilliant lunch at work today with @benedictreade talking passionately about all things culinary and impeccable-as-always food from @krazeeyummy in the form of Indian, Asian & Mediterranean bowls...
I'm talking about my favorite Instant Pot Cookbooks on the blog today! What are your favorites?
Yiayia’s lamb stew with potatoes and pea: one of my favorite recipes my grandmother makes and is perfect on a cold day where you just want to bundle up indoors with blankets and eat something warm. Get the recipe (link in my bio) and try for yourself. 😋🥣 #yiayiasbirthdayweek #yiayiastella
Soup season is upon us! Last night I made a big batch of my roasted tomato + basil soup and it’s a good thing I did. We had an impromptu dinner party and I ended up feeding four teenage boys + three adult men + three adult women. We devoured a very large pot of soup + four warm, crusty baguettes. This soup is rich + creamy + zesty + SO flavorful. And one of my son’s dinner guests declared my soup was “the best tomato soup he has ever had!” Full table, full heart. ❤️Campari tomatoes + grape tomatoes + yellow onion + garlic + red pepper flakes + chicken stock + fire roasted diced tomatoes + tomato paste + fresh basil + heavy cream + olive oil + sea salt + freshly ground pepper = simple. fresh. delicious. Grab the recipe at communitykitchenatl.com or via link in profile. . . . . . #tomatosoup #freshbasil #comfortfood #weeknightdinner #simplemeal #dinnerisserved #whatsfordinner #vegetarianrecipes #vegetarianfood #roastedtomatoes #atlfoodie #livewellatl #communitykitchenatl #yourstomake #nourish #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #freshingredients #foodblogeats #healthyfoodshare #kidfriendly #eatwelllivewell #f52simmer #foodielife #myopentable #thehappynow #inmykitchen #firstweeat #mycommontable #simpleanddelicious #feedthefamily
Flashback to @demuthscookeryschool and the beautiful #vegan Eton Mess made there in honour of all the #aquafaba love on this weeks #GBBO 🙌
Yiayia’s birthday is this Sunday so this week I’ll be sharing some appreciation posts of special moments and my favorite recipes of hers. 🙌🏼 Starting with this one: a few years ago I was on a kick of cooking something new every Sunday. Salsa, lots of pasta and stir fry dishes, whatever, it was always something new. My Yiayia came over to cook with me or just eat whatever I made. 💙 Then one week I went in for PRK surgery (it’s like LASIK corrective eye surgery but more invasive). Which is why I’m wearing these unflattering giant sunglasses here because recovery was pretty painful and i was very sensitive to light. 👀 My Yiayia still came over and instead of just visiting, she got me up and taught me to cook her delicious banana bread! It was amazing.. and now I realize I will have to share that recipe with you all some day soon!😋 Anyway, she’s great and I just had to share this with you all. Hug your grandparents tight if you still have them with you. Xoxo #yiayiasbirthdayweek #yiayiastella
Chef Louis DiBicarri’s oyster creation at yesterday’s Boston Oyster Bash looked too good to eat... until I ate it.
#meatlessmonday and we’re all about the sides tonight...presenting cauliflower cheese in its total, utter & complete glory 🙌
Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey dinner! 🦃 it’s a big one this year 😁 Can’t wait to bite into this 🤩 #thanksgiving #turkey
Brussels are back & so am I!! enough said 😂 - I’m ready to unpack, do laundry, meal prep, do some blogging & sleep in my own bed. bless. you know you’ve done travel right when you’re satisfied but ready to come home. happy Sunday babes! - DEETS : Brussels, cauli, greens, meatballs & side of broccoli from @diginn #approachingpaleo
Happy #nationalfrappeday ! 😋☕️- This is what a frappe should be. No whip cream or carmel drizzle. 😏 frappes are easy to make and only require sugar, instant coffee (Nescafe is most commonly used), and water. There are three basic ways to serve a frappe: sketos (unsweetened), metrios (semi-sweet), and glykos (extra sweet). You can also order your frappe with a splash of milk by saying “me gala” (with milk). How would you take yours?
Whenever I spent the night at my grandparents’ home, breakfast was always an egg sandwich with a cold glass of milk. My yiayia (grandmother) would toast two slices of bread, spread some ketchup on the toast, and then put a fried egg in the middle. As a final touch, she would cut the sandwich into four squares for my tiny hands to handle. It’s so simple but the best egg sandwich I’ve ever had. ❤️ . Now that I’ve graduated to cooking for myself (though I still get some of yiayia’s egg sandwiches from time to time), I like to make strapatsada (also known as kagianas).🍳 . Strapatsada can be served for breakfast, or a light snack with some crusty bread on the side. Or, do a I do and make a sandwich out of it and make your own egg sandwich masterpiece, strapatsada style. 🍅 Recipe link is in my bio!
Have you read the latest issue of @insideneworleans magazine? I’ve shared 3 yummy recipes that are filled with fall flavored goodness. Get your copy of the magazine or click the link in my profile for the dreamiest cheesecake with topping options of rich caramel or tart cranberries for all of your fall gatherings. Totally acceptable if it’s a fall gathering of 1 with a cheesecake, caramel and cranberry sauce. Enjoy!🍂🌾🍂
Friday night takeaway swapped for a homemade squash, spinach & coconut curry that’s creamy, dreamy, #vegan & sizzling with flavour 👌
My dream house 🏡 will have an outdoor kitchen 🌳 and an outdoor bathroom. Like you do in tropical climates. Life is short: spend it outside! // homemade pizza in the wood fired brick oven 🍕
While the 🍆 hater is out, the 🍆 lover gets her fix...this #vegan smoky aubergine dip from @deliciouslyella is utterly scrumptious, full of tahini-paprika-sesame-peanut butter flavour and perfect for slathering on thickly cut toast & sweet potato fries 🙌🙌🙌
Roasted Tomato and Tuna Pasta - because sometimes you want dinner in under 30 minutes. Or maybe you always want dinner in under 30 minutes.
A little bowl of warmth on a cool night. #cauliflowermash #fall
Revived a tired old salad with stir fried tofu. 🏥 #cookonceeattwice
Getting the last bites of summer in before it’s supposed to drop TWENTY degrees later this week in Utah 😱 the classic Greek village salad is and will always be my go to 😋
I don't know about you, but I prefer grilling when the temperature starts dropping. I hate standing in front of a hot grill when it's hot outside. Too much hot. But let it get in the low 80's or even better the 70's and this Grilled Chicken with Couscous Salad is a no brainer.
Poached figs for a Tuesday. How are you feeling tribe? Tell me what’s going on in your world? I’ve lost my voice, stuffed my face with toblerone (only kinda joking darling 😘😘) and am currently sitting on the floor cos I’ve no energy to get up onto my bed. Yeah, great day 🙌🏽 | #loveisopen #daretobehonest #mydaysofar
#meatlessmonday inspiration from @deliciouslyella tonight with a gorgeous basil avocado hummus, leftover sun-dried tomato falafel & a spinach spelt grain salad topped with parsley & toasted sunflower seeds...
Goooood morning everyone! Today is #nationalcoffeeday ☕️ so I’d thought I would share just a few of the many benefits of drinking coffee with you: -increases energy levels -contains lots of antioxidants -boosts athletic performance -can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & certain types of cancers -longevity -plus, It makes you (or at least me) more pleasant to be around 😏 Enjoy a cup or two today!
Happy to report we’ve got a rye-eggs-salmon-avocado sort of situation happening...
Little late but on National Pancake Day at 3am I got to enjoy this @dennysdiner #nationalpancakeday #yum #yourstomake #lunchbox #diginn #foodporn #instagood #blessed #daildude
Ohhhhh @deliciouslyella I think your Spiced Peanut Sweet Potatoes have sincerely changed my life tonight 😍 They are a complete triumph (that dressing!) especially when paired with your beautiful SundriedTomato Falafel...absolutely loving #deliciouslyellatheplantbasedcookbook 👌
CURRENT GREEN JUICE OBSESSION 💚🍏🌿🍋 Now that I have my own city kitchen friendly compact juicer , I’m officially on the juicing train 🚂. I start my day with 16 oz of this juice on an empty stomach This combo—loaded with antioxidants, anti inflammatory properties & Vitamins —will have you feeling invigorated, refreshed, & hydrated. While I respect the insurmountable value of pure celery juice on its own, this right here is certainly a great way to introduce green juicing to your body😍The Green Apple, lemon & ginger adds a nice kick for those who can’t tolerate celery juice on its own just yet. I sometimes add tumeric root as well ! Enjoy 😊 •3-4 celery stalks •1 cup spinach •4 cm ginger •1 green apple with skin on •1 cup of water •Juice of half a lemon 🍋
Peanut butter & honey-cinnamon toasted coconut, hazelnut & cashew topped porridge...perfect autumnal breakfasting in N1 today👌
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