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Chicken & potatoes: my go to dinner (with onions & lots of lemon😋). What’s yours?? 👇🏼
Don’t trust people who don’t like eggs. Fact. Especially if they’re smooshed with mustard & chives for the ultimate open faced, egg mayo sandwich...
“I promised myself that when I got back to New York, and ever had the desire to make a #pizza , I would follow their lead and only make it with the finest ingredients available. One day, during a very busy subway commute home, there happened to be a school of nuns on the same platform in which I was standing and was reminded me of that day in Napoli Centrale. I was inspired to make pizza.” Click Link in profile and Read the rest of the story on the blog and get the recipe to make a very easy pizza with the perfect #wine pairings from @ckmondaviwines #ckmondaviambassador #ckmondaviwines #pairNpost #recipestoinspire
Injecting this greyest of days with the loveliest of fruits; gloriously jammy olive oil, sea salt & rosewater roasted strawberries...🍓🍓🍓
Say Maroulosalata 10x fast.. I’ll wait. 🤣 This salad is comprised of Marouli (lettuce), green onions, and dill. Add cucumbers for more greens and extra filling. 🥗🥒😋 Get the recipe on my blog (it’s been on there but I didn’t have any pictures). Enjoy!
May I offer a little healthy + happy for your Hump Day? I made this super simple + super delicious cast iron skillet salmon for dinner last night. It took me 10 minutes to prep + 15 minutes to roast on the grill. And all this deliciousness happened in one single skillet. I call that a win, win. Wild Coho Salmon + asparagus + baby potatoes + lemon + chives + olive oil + sea salt + pepper = super summer skillet supper. Swipe to see the after shot. Grab the recipe at communitykitchenatl.com or via link in profile. . . . . . #howisummer #fishdish #grilledfish #freshandhealthy #summereats #grillmaster #grillseason #onepotmeal #cohosalmon #wildsalmon #fishfordinner #weeknightdinner #castiron #castironskillet #skilletsupper #atlfoodie #livewellatl #communitykitchenatl #yourstomake #eattheworld #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #f52grams #eattherainbow #mysouthernliving #healthyrecipes #freshingredients #eatyourveggies #easyrecipe #instayum #simpleanddelicious
Χρόνια πολλά σε όλους! Xronia Polla to all who celebrate today, including my brother @petesaltas. Today is the feast day of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Many have fasted for two weeks leading up to this day, and even more will celebrate by attending church and panagiri (festivals of food and dancing). 🙏🏼💙😋
The kitchen is fragrant with sweet, rose infused berries and I’m hungry for breakfast tomorrow already...🍓🌹❤️
HOLIDAY PREVIEW! 🍁Come see us at our pop-up location at the corner of Fifth and Cherry on Thursday, SEPTEMBER 6 for a preview of some specialty desserts and pastries we will be offering during the coming holiday season. We will have a pastry case full of delicious options, including BAGELS! • Bring a friend and enjoy our delicious desserts with a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. Hours: 8 AM - 1 PM. • Pictured: Cardamom Ginger Cookies with Lemon Glaze.
Gochujang aubergine, roasted, grilled & topped with toasted sesame seeds & fresh coriander and served with beautifully fragrant jasmine rice...☺️
Wash & slice, score & oil, smear & roast, grill & top 🍆❤️🍆❤️🍆
when you need comfort food, make spaghetti. 🍝
Snack. Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner. Midnight Snack. Call it whatever you want + eat it any hour of the day. I’ve been using all the fresh tomatoes to make this savory bagel and you should too while the tomato gettin’ is good. Toasted “everything” bagel + lactose-free cream cheese + heirloom grape tomatoes + @shopbellacucina Italian Calendula & Chive Savory Salt = savory + simple + satisfying. . . . . . #heirloomtomatoes #freshfood #howisummer #makesmewhole #everythingbagel #savory #seasalt #bagel #snacktime #snackattack #atlfoodie #livewellatl #communitykitchenatl #yourstomake #eattheworld #nourish #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #f52grams #makeitdelicious #inspiremyinstagram #eeeats #mysouthernliving #heresmyfood #eatingfortheinsta #momentsofmine #breakfastinspo #foodblogeats #foodblogfeed #eatwelllivewell #inmykitchen
Honestly have so much love for roasted veggie grain bowls - ridiculously easy & a blank canvas for whatever you’re in the mood for like this Aleppo peppered sweet potato & cherry tomato version with flaked salmon & seeded spelt...
Today’s shoot, with layers of (not pictured) cocktails and beautiful food.
Just another way to load up on the Vita C, I wish!
Whole roasted cauliflower with homemade ricotta, kale & hazelnuts...thank-you for the tip @beatbun 😀 A gorgeous Sunday lunch @dylanskingsarms today...
NEW BLOG + RECIPE: psari plaki (baked fish with vegetables and olive oil) 😋 makes for an easy dinner, plus tasted good even as leftovers. Get the recipe on EleniSaltas.com (recipe link in my bio). Enjoy! . . . #greekfood #myopenkitchen #saveur #mycommontable #storyofmytable #heresmyfood #foodblogfeed #foodphotography #pescatarian #ontheblog #mediterraneandiet #buzzfeast #bestfoodworld #goodfoodguide #tastingtable #yourstomake #eeeeeats #ontheblog #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogeats #infatuation #greece #tastingtable #thekitchn #f52grams #feedfeed #eattheworld #foodism #huffposttaste #foodie_
Making a really good pie takes practice. It’s a skill every young girl was expected to learn in my mother’s generation - one that was passed from mother to daughter or grandmother to granddaughter as they worked side by side in the kitchen. • Though many of us remember our mothers and grandmothers baking pie, it’s become more rare for us to do it ourselves. Our lives are busy, and crafting a pie from scratch - crust to filling - takes more time than we like to spare. • At Lavender and Honey, we place a high value on perfecting each pie that leaves our kitchen. From the flaky crust made with Organic NC-milled flour and Irish butter, to locally sourced fruit and other quality ingredients, everything is made from scratch. It’s part of our commitment of being heirloom recipes to your dinner table. • Last night I received one of the best compliments from a customer. This is what she said: ‘’I just needed to tell you that my family sat down for dinner tonight to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday and for dessert we had your Lemon Chess pie that I bought this morning in Old Salem. It was absolutely one of the best pies I’ve ever had and I just had to share so that you would know your hard work was enjoyed by a family celebrating another year together. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!’’ • And that makes all those long days in the kitchen worth it. • Pictured: White & Yellow Peach Pie.
My good fat Saturday salad; beautiful albacore tuna & butter beans with griddled pepper, sautéed shallot, avocado, capers & a coriander-yoghurt dressing...
We’ve got Blackberry Fairy Cakes!
It’s magical in Old Salem this morning. Come see us at the @cobblestonefarmersmarket from 9-noon!
Saturday’s menu for @cobblestonefarmersmarket : • •Peach Brioche •Buttermilk Lemon Chess Pie •Peach Pie •Peach Berry Pie with Pecan Crumble Crust •Peach Hand Pies •Blackberry Cake •Blackberry Fairy Cakes •Chocolate Coffee Almond Scones •Black Raspberry Ricotta Scones •Raspberry Brownies •Kris Krinkle Cookies •Devil’s Food Cake with Coffee Caramel Buttercream •Amish Cinnamon Rolls •Energy Balls 🍑 Come see us from 9 AM to noon in Old Salem.
Grilled flatbreads are my latest obsession. Last night, it was a “let’s get creative with dinner” themed evening. And I’ve got to tell you, it worked out just fine. Actually better than fine…it was amazing. I had some tandoori flatbreads in the pantry that needed to be used. I also had a little bit of lots of different things in my refrigerator that also needed to be used. So, we fired up the grill and made our own flatbreads. My children were not terribly creative…marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, grated parmesan and soppressata went on their flatbreads. My husband and I, however, were more creative and the end result was one VERY fine flatbread. Tandoori flatbreads + homemade pesto + chili oil + chopped fresh spinach + soppressata + fresh ciliegine mozzarella + freshly grated parmesan + arrabbiata sauce + @shopbellacucina Piccolo Pomodoro Tomato & Basil = fantastic Friday flatbreads! . . . . . #pizza #howisummer #summerrecipes #flatbread #grilledpizza #grillmaster #italiansummer #summerinthesouth #summerfood #readyfortheweekend #atlfoodie #livewellatl #communitykitchenatl #yourstomake #eattheworld #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #f52grams #makeitdelicious #heresmyfood #eatingfortheinsta #foodblogeats #foodblogfeed #foodielife #myopentable #easyrecipe #instayum #simpleanddelicious #kidfriendly #pizzapizza #pizzanight
Hi guys! Here’s a very poor quality video of me making dolmades last year at a cooking class in Chania, Crete. It’s also the first and last time I was on a live Facebook video (on my uncles FB). I think my Yiayia was the only one watching 😂💙 Anyway, I just wanted to share this because so many of my friends have done this class this summer & I’m going to highlight some of their photos here and there! If you’re ever in Chania, I suggest this class (email info@balos -travel.com for an inquiry), and if not I would totally recommend taking a cooking class wherever you are and no matter your cooking skill level! It’s such a memorable experience. Happy Friday everyone! 😘 Ps @foodnetwork , if you’re looking for a new tv star that’s monotone, I’m your girl! 🎥🙋🏽‍♀️
This. Is. Everything. #dontjudgemeilovearoseunderarosesky
Plastic cheese rules. That is all 🙌 @rorycub and @b_tasha for Friday night bbq glory..
Friday // Wake up. Coffee in grandmother’s teacup. Sleepy Louis snuggles. Early morning drive to the bakery. Jazz. Pie dough. Brioche dough. Cookie dough. Cinnamon Roll dough. ALL THE DOUGH. • Peel the potatoes, peel the peaches. Bread in, bread out. Pie in, cookies in, pie out, cookies out. • Pizza delivery. • Cakes in, cakes out. Bites of lunch on the run. Up the steps, across to the cottage, down the steps, don’t forget the pot holders. • Timers. • More bites of pizza (now cold). • A day ruled by beeps. I wouldn’t change any of it. Except maybe all the ovens on one floor. Ha! 🍑🎂🍰🥧😅
ANTIOXIDANT BOOST 🍫 Best drink for this heat wave that’s got me feeling BLEH 😫 Smoothie contents: Organic Cacao Powder, PBfit powder, 1 Frozen Banana, Vanilla Almond milk , 2 Large Ice Cubes Did you know that organic Cacao has • 40 Times the Antioxidants of Blueberries. • Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron • Full of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain • More Calcium Than Cow's Milk • A Natural Mood Elevator and Anti-Depressant @thefeedfeed
Here it is! My latest recipe in @insideneworleans magazine.  It’s a chilled, no-cook recipe which is ideal for this Louisiana heat. There’s a Dijon, shallot, caper situation going on.  Can you guess what I’m preparing? Hint: You can easily make this recipe with your fave add-ins ranging from olives, anchovies, sesame seeds to caviar! Head to YDelicacies.com for my latest post revealing the recipe. Link in profile for more images and recipe.
Throwback to lobster rolls and Maine at @portlandlobstercompany last summer. #whyistherenolobsteremoji
Today I made some pretty little *cheats* pastries. My son has been begging me to bake my mini chocolate croissants. If you’ve ever made croissants from scratch, you are my H E R O 🥐 I have not. Instead, I buy a high-quality puff pastry dough and customize my little pastries with different types of chocolate and yummy fruit preserves. Check out my Insta Story for step-by-step tips on how I made these easy peasy pretty pastries. Puff pastry dough + semi-sweet chocolate chips + blueberry fruit spread = Voila, les petites pâtisseries! . . . . . #chocolatecroissant #blueberrybliss #bonnemaman #puffpastry #cheats #baking101 #bakingwithlove #bakingandpastry #atlfoodie #livewellatl #communitykitchenatl #yourstomake #eattheworld #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #f52grams #makeitdelicious #thatsdarling #sweetcuisines #breakfastinspo #bakedgoods #kidfriendly #bakersgonnabake #thebakefeed #lifeissweet #myopentable #morningslikethese #inmykitchen #bakingday #simpleanddelicious #treatyourself
Were excited to be here tonight at the @newphillyfarmersmarket from 5:30-7:30 PM! This is the last Thursday night Market of the season, so come get some delicious baked goods!
Preview of last nights dinner: psari plaki (baked fish). recipe coming soon! 🐟
It’s not Christmas yet, but we’ve been singing Christmas songs so we had to bake these FAVORITE ‘Kris Krinkle’ cookies for tonight’s @newphillyfarmersmarket . Come and get yours...it will put you in the mood. • Location: New Philadelphia Moravian Church on Country Club Road, from 5:30-7:30 PM.
Seriously... just be nice. It’s sooo easy. - - Speaking of nice.... this book will be too. Send me your nice story to GratitudeStory@gmail.com - - - - - - - - - #growthegratitude #foundedinbc #benice #positivevibes #positivity #choices #gratitude #everyonehasastory #respect #respecteachother #easy #sosimple #goodvibes #choices #yourstomake
Cool to lose your porridge under your toppings, yeah?
Fresh peaches in a buttery crust make these Hand Pies the perfect pastry on the go. We’re here at the Forsyth County Health Department until 1:30 today.
Soy good!
I slaw this salad and thought 💭 Roasted Soy Chicken tonight 🥡
Peach Brioche, anyone? We’re having toasted slices of this buttery soft bread for breakfast tomorrow morning. Come and get your loaf at the @cobblestonefarmersmarket on Wednesday at the Forsyth County Health Department on Highland Avenue. We will be there for the last mid-week Market of the season from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM. • And isn’t this table lovely? Handcrafted by my son from an old door we used for a dinner in the Blue Ridge mountains. I’m so in love.
Farmers market pickings 😍😍😍 what’s your favorite fruit?! Mine is strawberries 🍓
Semi homemade lunch from handmade falafel @gudeater @wholefoods 👌🏻
Really wanting to use our pasta machine more...I forget how it always tastes so lovely when it’s freshly homemade ☺️ Keeping it simple & summery with plenty of Parmesan, basil, lemon & black pepper...
And different is better than, say...... er’, not different..... It’s all about perspective peeps. - - It’s a book about gratitude and happiness and kindness and it NEEDS your story! Send it to me GratitudeStory@gmail.com - - - - - - - - #growthegratitude #foundedinbc #different #differentview #oprah #wisdom #perspective #openmind #freshperspective #openheart #influencer #influence #gratitude #choices #yourstomake #goodvibes #positivevibes #positivity
Peach Brioche is coming to the mid-week @cobblestonefarmersmarket at the Forsyth Health Department tomorrow (Wednesday), and I don’t think you want to miss it! This will be the last Wednesday market of the season. • Menu: •Peach Brioche •Salted Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies •Whoopie Pies •Amish Cinnamon Rolls •Peach Hand Pies •Energy Balls •Flourless Chocolate Cake with Coffee Caramel Buttercream (gluten-free) • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM on Highland Avenue.
Having an overabundance of berries is a great problem to have on a Monday morning. I happen to have an over abundance of berry recipes at YDelicacies.com, and this classic cheesecake is one of my favorites. Grab the link in my profile, and head over to the blog to find out why this is my foolproof cheesecake recipe and enjoy it all week long!!!
Last Spring, my daughter and I began dreaming about the possibility of starting a business together. With a background in fashion and marketing and most recently as a retail buyer, Natalie was ready for a change. I had been working as a free-lance writer and author of my blog, @thecooksinthekitchen , where I shared stories and interviews of Cooks from around the world. We were both ready for transition. • Following our shared passion for food, and baking, specifically, we launched Lavender and Honey Kitchen in June of 2017 as a way of sharing heirloom recipes from my Mennonite culture, as well as European-inspired desserts and pastries. It’s been a journey of hard work, long days and some sleepless nights, but so worth it. • We didn’t anticipate a baby at this stage in our business, but as my friend @thecreativepalate recently told me, ‘’These little souls find their way to us whether we invite them or not.’’ And this beautiful soul we have discovered in Louis Pascal has brought so much joy into our world. We can’t imagine our lives without him. • Thanks to all of you for your love and support during these past weeks as we are adjusting to the newest little baker at Lavender and Honey. Natalie will bring him to meet all of you at market soon! • Photo by dear friend Lauren @redcardinalstudio
Welcome to quarter life crisis 🍓
Here to brighten your day with this colorful orzo pasta salad 😍 made with crisp cucumbers, tasty tomatoes, peppers, onions, Kalamata olives, and orzo and all mixed together. Then, drizzled with olive oil, topped with feta cheese and sprinkled with oregano. It’s a memorable and flavorful meal. Get the recipe at EleniSaltas.com
Slow Sunday mornings are infinitely better with this bundle of sweetness. • Photo by @redcardinalstudio
First homemade gazpacho. Officially addicted. Gracias @bonappetitmag for a new addition to my summer table...
day 191: some silky pans cotta with fresh berries makes for a summery and simple dessert!
German Chocolate Cake looking regal in the morning light. Come see us @cobblestonefarmersmarket from 9-noon today. Our table is FULL! • Flowers by @mightytendril
PB+J with some fancy roasted-almond-butter-blackberry-gin-jam pants on...
These boom boom shrimp were the bomb!!! 💣 #tgif #wholefoods
Thankful for @andybaraghani and his righteous summer 🍅 lovin’...what was I thinking imagining one piece of chive-sesame-Aleppo-Maldon dusted tomato-garlic-lemon-mayo toast would be enough?
Blackberries are still coming in from @riverridgeorganics so we will have Blackberry Pie on the menu for Saturday. Who’s mad about that?❤️❤️ 🥧 Saturday Menu: •Blackberry Pie •Peach Pie •Mini Blueberry Pies •BAGELS •Black and White Layer Cake •Peaches and Cream Layer Cake •Flourless Chocolate Cake •Chocolate Prune & Whiskey Cake •Black Raspberry Hand Pies •Black Raspberry Scones •Amish Cinnamon Rolls •Amish Dinner Rolls •Sprouted Wheat Bread •Energy Balls •6-inch, 3-layer Carrot Cake (whole) SOLD 🎂 Location: Cobblestone Farmers Market in Old Salem, Saturday, 9 AM - Noon.
Lavender and Honey’s Carrot Cake Cupcakes will be paired with flights of IPA at the @foothillsbrewing Tasting Room on Kimwell Drive in Winston-Salem tonight. Our cupcakes are worth braving the storm. It’s National IPA Day, after all!
The weather in Atlanta has been absolutely abysmal this week (pouring rain, dreary) and we’ve all got cabin fever. However, it’s given me a wonderful opportunity to do some back to school recipe testing…specifically “snack” recipes (that could also moonlight as breakfast, if necessary) to keep my kids energized and ready for a long day of learning and after school sports practice. I’ve got a teenage daughter who hates to eat breakfast (the most important meal of the day!) and a teenage son who is always hungry! So, I’ve been experimenting with some raw “cookie” recipes and this one was quite popular. This is a no bake, high-protein, slightly sweet, vanilla blueberry “power cookie”, made from scratch in my kitchen. Trust me, you’re gonna 💙 these! Roasted, salted cashews + pitted dates + coconut oil + vanilla bean paste + whole dried blueberries + old fashioned oats + choc-au-lait @guittardchocolate chips = super simple, super snack that is beyond delish! Grab the recipe at communitykitchenatl.com or via link in profile. . . . . . #rawfoods #rawfoodshare #snacktime #proteinbites #vanillabean #cookielove #kidstagram #nobake #nobakecookies #atlfoodie #livewellatl #communitykitchenatl #yourstomake #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #f52grams #makeitdelicious #healthyrecipes #healthyfoodshare #kidfriendly #lifeissweet #cookielover #cookiesofinstagram #foodielife #inmykitchen #easyrecipe #howisummer #eeeeats #inspiremyinstagram #foodblogeats #snackfood
‘Skinny’ is not a word I normally like as I find it can often come with notions of calorie counting & diets...but I’m not gonna lie, @marksandspencer skinny meatballs are brilliant! Not only are they absolutely delicious but they’re so freaking easy to cook when you need a speedy supper...I love adding a Middle Eastern twist by serving them with za’atar lentils, tahini yoghurt, sweetly caramelised shallot & peppers and homemade flat breads 😀
ALERT: the @newphillyfarmersmarket has been cancelled tonight because of the ☔️. But we have an incredibly yummy menu for Saturday’s @cobblestonefarmersmarket . • Peach Pie on repeat....
Avocado carpaccio. Who am I kidding? It’s just roast chicken with avo 🤣 looking through rosè colored glasses. 🤓
KALO MINA (good month)! 🙌🏼 I hope everyone has a wonderful August filled with adventure, happiness & some ouzo mojitos (optional but highly recommended). 😏 xoxo
We affectionately call these our Daisy Rolls. Have you tried them? Made with Organic North Carolina milled flour, eggs, mashed potatoes, yeast and salt these Amish Dinner Rolls are a current favorite at our farmers markets. • Today, you can also find them @letitgrowproduce and @colonyurbanfarm (while they last).
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