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Excited to try out an alternative for commercial laundry detergent! #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #econuts
Get #ValentinesDay gifts that keep giving. Grab a set of #sustainable separates for 15% OFF! ✨ . Customize a #MAJAMAS EARTH Gift Box of #ethicallymade #ecofriendly intimates, sleepwear, loungewear or fashion that last longer than disposable fast fashion, cut flowers or cheap candy & mean a whole lot more. 🌎🌿 Happy giftee, happy planet. . 📷✨ @travelingoffthegrid @mamawolfspirit_ . . . #CAREWHATYOUWEAR #eco #ecofashion #ecochic #ecofriendlyfashion #ecoliving #ecoconscious #ecolife #sustainableliving #sustainablestyle #sustainableclothing #consciousfashion #consciousconsumer #fashionrevolution #fashrev #whomademyclothes #ethicalfashion #ethicallysourced #ethicalclothing #ethicalstyle #sustainability #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastehome #zerowastelifestyle
#Repost @we_saveplanetearth with @make_repost ・・・ Research has shown that compassionate feelings for the suffering environment promote conservation of nature (Pfaffheicher et al., 2015). . However, many men have difficulty expressing emotion due to toxic masculinity. Instead we need to encourage men and let them know that it's okay to show feelings and vulnerability. Toxic masculinity refers to actions that discourage displays of emotion—other than anger🙍‍♂️—in men while also encouraging behavior that will deem the male “dominant” in a given situation. . Common responses to young but also adult males who become emotional include🗯: . * Boys don’t cry!🙅‍♂️🙍‍♂️💔 * Man up!☝️⚡ * Don’t be such a baby!🗯 * Don’t cry like a girl!💫 * Be a man—get over it!💪 . Thus, men are afraid to express their emotions❄because they have always been told to "man up" or "take it like a man". We need to rethink masculinity, which correlates with environmental conservation. . It’s not that men don’t care about the environment. But they worry that eco-friendly behaviours might brand them as feminine. . 📸 @postmodernpaul . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••⠀ 🌍 Follow us @we_saveplanetearth ⠀ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••⠀ .⠀ #toxicmasculinity #psychology #masculinity #everydayisearthday #compassionate #saveearth #minimalism #zerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #noplastic #plasticfree #zerowasteliving #avoidplastic #plasticpollution #plasticplanet #govegan #veganfortheplanet #vegan #environmentalist #lesswaste #waronwaste #climatechange #oceans #pollution #change #consumption #medioambiente #wesaveplanetearth
up close & personal with my zero waste toothpaste. ✨
Jordy and I usually eat the exact same, but there are a handful of veggies one of us likes better than the other. Jordy doesn't like broccoli, for example, and I love it. We do order these vegetables however, and it's actually quite easy to cook slightly different meals for each person 👩‍🍳 We both had: 🍚 Quinoa - boiled, then fried with garlic 🌶 Black beans - fried with garlic and chilli (we bought them dry and package free, soaked overnight and boiled, then froze in glass jars)
🍃 Lettuce and avocado - flax oil and lemon vinaigrette with black pepper On Jordy's plate: 🥬 Sauerkraut - fermented white cabbage with caraway, yellow mustard seed and garlic 🥔 Spring turnip - roasted with rosemary and garlic On my plate: 🥬 Sauerkraut (just a little bit) 🥦 Broccoli - boiled, drizzled with lemon juice 'Bowls' are the easiest way to go about it, for us. We love to eat a variety of tastes and textures each meal, so I usually prepare 3 or 4 veggies that each of us loves. I then prepare the 'devil veg' for me/him separately, and add something else to the other plate 🥗 My plate had more greens, but Jordy and I had a different lunch as well, and his included a lot of kale, whereas mine didn't. Perfect way to balance the day! Veggies from @greenearthorganics1 - beans from @minimalwastegrocery 💛
Billion with a B. This I an astonishingly high number. Please be mindful to the only planet we got. ﹏﹏﹏﹏ How do you try to better the planet? share it below👇🏾👇🏼 ﹏﹏﹏﹏ credit @brou_eco #brou #plasticfree #zerowaste #sustainableliving #minimalism
what lies at the basis of all problems—wars, other types of genocides, racism/any ism, and the ultimate destruction of the very planet that allows us to live? our disconnect. ⁣ ⁣✨🦋✨⁣ throughout history we have become more and more disconnected as a species. we have forgotten that we play a part in this grand ecosystem—we do not own it. we do not rule it. we are one incredible species that has the beautiful ability to make choices, to reflect, and to communicate in incredible ways.⁣⁣ ⁣✨🦋✨⁣ what are we going to do with those privileges? continue killing each other, creating separation, and pretending like we’re all just blobs floating around on a rock?⁣⁣ ⁣✨🦋✨⁣ or are we going to embrace the actual living reality that we are all interconnected to each other and the rest of our environment?⁣⁣ ✨⁣🦋✨⁣ you don’t need to get a degree in environmental science to understand the truth that exists all around us: we are interconnected with literally everything. if you need science to help you understand it that’s totally fine, just look up anything relative to ecology and ecosystem functioning 🌞⁣ ✨⁣🦋✨⁣ but what’s really at the basis of all scientific disciplines is that we are all connected. and everything we do creates an effect—the trash we produce goes somewhere. the pollution we create goes somewhere. but also, the efforts we make to clean up the mess we’ve made—that makes a difference.⁣⁣ ⁣✨🦋✨⁣ so it isn’t just my job, or the job of people in environmentally focused industries to create change. it is the incredible opportunity of every single person. we all have the capacity to make a difference, starting with small changes. reducing the amount of waste you produce (compost, zero-waste habits, reusable items, etc.), volunteering with non-profits, donating money to causes, the list is endless. ⁣⁣ ⁣✨🦋✨⁣ and the beautiful part is… it adds the most amazing value to your life. it gives back to you 1000x over, because you start to actually FEEL that interconnectedness. so much meaning is added to your life experience. suddenly everything becomes more alive.⁣⁣ ⁣✨🦋✨⁣ so how do you wanna live? 🐛🦋🐛
🍁(22/31) Tantangan 31 Hari Tanpa Sampah Plastik 🍁 . Ngompos . Hiraukan background yang berantakan ya. Kebetulan di rumah itu buanyak banget semut yang guede-guede. Sangking guedenya ampe kaya tompel gutu khaan di fotonyaaa 😅. . Oya Tantangan kali ini mau cerita tentang bagaimana si toples hijau. Jadi sebetulnya ini adalah toples keramat. Soalnya dikasih dari mertua waktu pindahan rumah. Asalnya buat tempat beras saat itu. Ya maklum waktu itu masih berdua jadi beras segitu juga bisa cukup buat setengah bulan 😍. . Karena sekarang udah bertambah personilnya dan kebetulan tutup toples ini udah belah. Ya sayang juga kalo di buang secara ada kenangannya, jadi saya alih fungsinya sebagai tempat buat bikin pupuk kompos aja. . Mungkin cara bikinnya kurang tepat. Tapi ini cuma trik buat saya sendiri aja biar ga males. Sebelum disimpen di bawah tempat cuci piring. Saya kasih tanah dulu toplesnya. Kebetulan lagi musim hujan kan sekarang, jadi ga usah dikasih air lagi tanahnya. Untuk sampah organik tinggal buang disitu aja langsung. Nah besoknya baru timbun lagi pake tanah yang baru. Begitu seterusnya sampai penuh. Oya tempat kompos ini selalu saya tutup sebenarnya, ini dibuka karena mau di foto aja. . Penasaran dengan hasil pupuknya bakalan seperti apa. Secara ini kompos pertama buatan eike 🙊🙉🙈. . 🌿Salam Diet Plastik #sayapilihbumi31days #zerowasteid31days #sustainabilitystarwithyou #belajarzerowaste #choosetorefuse #dietkantongplastik #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastekitchen #sustainableliving #sustainablelifestyle #traditionalmedicine #zerowasteid #zerowasteindonesia #noplastic #plasticpollution #plasticfree #socialmovemen #l4l #organict #compost #kompos #diy
Just dropped off some old baby socks at the @toronto_humane_society. When animals undergo surgery they lose a lot of body heat through the pads on their feet which can lead to slower recovery. So if you have old baby or kid socks lying around, this is a great option that keeps them out of landfills and helps animals in need. Check out my stories for the recent post from @toronto_humane_society about their need for kids and baby socks for those little fuzzy footsies 🐶🐱❤ . . . #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #donate #animalwelfare #toronto #torontozerowaste #zerowastetoronto #circulareconomy #waronwaste
#Repost @freddie_foxandco (@get_repost ) ・・・ M a k e T h e C h a n g e . It started with simple swaps for me, reusable face rounds for removing make up then face wipes. I'd always wanted to try cloth sanitary products but was unsure of where to start, but making the swap to csp's for me was the best thing I've done. The feedback I get from people is fantastic and these are very popular especially the handy packs. Pictured is a #wip of a recent order that went out . I'm glad I'm doing my bit to reduce waste not only personally but as a business too. All fabric scraps are used and my packaging is 100% recyclable too 🙂 . Shop the eco collection 》》》》 www.freddiefoxandco.uk Direct link in the bio . . . . . . . #ecomama #recycle #nowaste #makeup #facewipes #breastpads #reusable #csp #clothpads #clothmenstrualpads #rumps #timeofthemonth #ditchthedisposables #ecoliving #zerowasteliving #makeclothmainstream #periodpositive #prettyperiod #zerowaste #menstrualhealth #ecomama #reusable #eco #ecowarrior #makeachange #saveourplanet #plasticfree #saynotosingleuseplastic
My collection of jars is getting a little out of control. 🙈 This isn’t even all of them-there’s a couple dozen more being used in my freezer, fridge, and pantry. Lol. I think I can safely say I have enough jars! . . . . #goingzerowaste #goinggreen #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastelife #progessnotperfection #sustainablelifestyle #sustainable #sustainability #ourplanetourhome #minimalwaste #ecofriendly #greenliving #consciousliving #consciouslifestyle #zerowastefamily #lowimpactmovement #wasteless #reduce #reuse #ditchthedisposables #reusable #jars #glassjars
How perfectly packaged are these soaps? WANT. . . . . . : RG : @eco_beau - BACK IN STOCK ... Wild Sage and Co Soap Set. These sets have been so popular so get in quick before they sell out! This beautiful set includes 5 bestselling soaps (Lavender + Geranium, Frankinsence + Orange, Cedarwood + Green Clay, Rosemary + Tea Tree, Lemongrass + Tea Tree) and a handy cotton muslin soap saver bag. The best bit is that it all comes in a lovely reusable tin that can be used time and time again. A gorgeous plastic free gift which is 100% Natural - no parabens or artificial fragrances are used in these soaps. They smell simply divine!!! All of the @wildsageandco soaps are lovingly crafted at their cottage in the Herefordshire countryside. Available at www.ecobeau.co.uk Link in bio Eco Beau x . . . . #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowasteuk #zerowastemovement #plasticfree #plasticwaste #plasticfreeuk #ecolife #ecoliving #ecolifestyle #ecoconcious #lowimpact #sustainablelife #sustainableliving #sustainablelifestyle #sustainablehome #passonplastic #plasticfreeliving #plasticfreebathroom #zerowastebathroom #plasticfreebeauty #zerowastebeauty #soapbars #naturalsoaps #soapbar #ethicalsoap
I said I will show you the dirt, so here it is.🙈 . There are some 300,000 sewer blockages each year, costing the country £100m. 😱That is taxpayers aka our money.💸 They make up 93% of matter causing UK sewer blockages. They contains plastic,  woven together with cotton. When they eventually (100 years or more ) break down, the small remaining pieces of plastic add to the global micro-plastics problem.🐳 Tens of thousands are sold in the UK alone. They are nasty / expensive for what they are / come in plastic packaging and really bad news for our environment.🌍 Super convenient / on all commercially available new-mum-must-have lists and just too blimmin cheap per pack so they get picked up in shops like a loaf of bread. 🍞 . And here I am still have one or two packs in my house. 😖 . We use cut up towels / normal hand towels or @cheekywipes for faces / hands / noses no matter when we are in or out. 🤗For 💩 when we are at home I just shower the boys down (not Brendan anymore) in the bath which is far easier and get Caelan cleaner than any wiping.🚿 The one and only time we use wet wipes is when we are out or travelling long distances.✈ And even on those occasions only when we are facing with a pooy nappy. I have tried using our cheeky wipes even those times but (I am sorry😭) just couldn’t get through the yuk effect even placing them in our wetbag and washing the whole thing together when we got home. I sometimes forgot to take them out and it was just horrid.🤢 Or the whole thing just sent me turning green and orange wanting to vomit into the bag.☹ Washable nappies with liners I can deal with. But this, I just couldn’t. So here we are. We have a pack in our travel bag which lasts us months. I use it usually torn in half and chuck it into the bin (NEVER flush it). 🚽🚫 . I think this area is my biggest “let-down” when it comes to calling myself an eco mama.😩 And now it is out in the open. Totally imperfect so goes with the theme for this week.🤘 . Anyone has any tips on how to overcome the yuk effect or who is in the same boat perhaps?
We really hate throwing out vegetables so for our #ZeroWasteWednesday today we’re jumping on #Veganuary and have made a Leftover Veg Vegan Salad with Thai Style Dressing. This is secretly one of our favourite recipes so far! Enjoy everyone! Ingredients for the salad: left over vegetables (in this case, Brussel Sprouts!) 1 clove of garlic 100g rice noodles 100g of spinach 30g crushed peanuts 2 salad tomatoes, sliced a small handful of mint leaves, finely sliced 2 little gem lettuces, sliced Salad dressing: 30ml sesame oil 30ml soy sauce 1 lime 1 clove of garlic 1 small knob of ginger chilli flakes salt and pepper Method: 1. Sauté your leftover veg with garlic until the sprouts are soft and then add salt and pepper to taste and set aside. 2. Start preparing your dressing, grind the garlic and ginger, then add the oil, soy sauce and lime juice. Sprinkle with the chilli flakes. Add the salt and pepper and whisk well. 3. Prepare noodles, we recommend rice noodles or vermicelli noodles. Just follow the instructions on the packaging. 4. Add spinach, sliced tomato, your sautéed veg, the sliced gem lettuce and the noodles to a bowl, pour the dressing over the top of your salad. Top it all with the crushed peanuts and mint leaves. #Healthy #BrusselSprouts #Salad #Thai #Leftovers #ZeroWasteUK #Vegetarian #FeedBelliesNotBins #Food #InstaFood #ZeroWaste #Recipe #Vegan #Recipes #WasteNotWantNot #WasteNothing #HealthyRecipes #LoveTasteHateWaste #LoveFoodHateWaste #ZeroWasteLiving #ZeroWaste #SustainableLiving #SustainableFood
look inside...🧘🏽‍♀️💚 | 📸 @levie_photography
New fanny pack in the shop! Small hopping bunnies and singing birds on a burnt orange background with a dark gray chambray. . Made from 100% organic cotton scraps. Shop the link in my bio 🙂👆. . #organicfannypack #fannypack #ditchsynthetics #ditchdisposables #plasticfreeliving #notraceshop #leavenotrace #reducereuserecycle #zerowastehome #trashisfortossers #zerowasteliving #birchfabrics #lowimpactliving #etsyshopowner #makersgonnamake #lowwasteliving #sustainablebrand
Посади дърво от най-зеленият шампоан в света Oright! На дъното на шампоана ще откриете предварително вградени семена от акация 🍀 Oright създава първия в историята шампоан, от който пониква истинско дърво - Tree in the bottle. 100% биоразградима, бутилката е произведена от преработени плодове, растения и растителни отпадъци, а надписите върху нея са от нетоксично соево мастило 🍀 Опаковките на всички продукти Oright са направени от PLA – най-екологично чистият пластмасов материал, на основата на растителни отпадъци, който се разгражда изцяло в почвата. Посадена, тя се разгражда в рамките на една година🍀 Звучи супре, нали 🤗 #lesswastebg #lesswaste #lesswasteliving #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #plasticfree #origh #orightshampoo #treeinbottle
In April 2018, 5,453 wet wipes (baby wipes, make-up wipes etc) were removed from 116 square metres of London’s River Thames 😢 And, they account for 93% of sewer blockages. I used to use make-up wipes every single night - they’re so easy! But since I stopped using them it’s one of the most noticeable changes to our household waste, and one I’d really recommend! . Instead I use reusable make up pads, made with bamboo, with whatever cleanser or moisture I have lying around that I’m trying to use up. They come in a net bag, which you just pop in the washing machine with the dirty pads, and they’re ready to use again! . I have to admit, at first I was sceptical and didn’t really like the thought of just wiping make up off and seeing dirty pads 👆but it’s exactly the same as using wipes - the only difference is you’re not causing any waste. Win 💪
#myecoresolution : collect the trash left by ‘humans’ on Brazilian beaches; create a line of t-shirts made from polyester PET bottles & jeans from recycled cotton fibers for @vilaromanaoficial #eco #fashion #menswear #mensstyle #retail #modamasculina #estilomasculino #consumoconsciente #conciousfashion #concioisconsumer #wastefreeliving #wastefreeplanet #wasteless #goingzerowaste #zerowasteliving #cleanouroceans #reduceplastic
@nestle the world’s largest #packaged #food company, is on a mission to reduce #plasticwaste . This week, the #swiss group announced they will be dropping #plastic #straws from their products and will also focus on creating #biodegradable #waterbottles . I personally don't buy any #nestle product but a least for whom want to buy these products in the #future there will be a #sustainable choice. #strawghetti #strawssuck #strawmasters #zerowasteuk #zerowasteliving #afreeplasticworld #livingwithoutplasticbynaty #globalwarming #consumersociety #followforfollowback #follow4followback
After school snack today is a lazy attempt. Kid devoured anyway. Bulk corn, coconut oil in glass and my favorite reusable silicone sandwich bag. I've been quite wordless lately. Been battling the snow and steel sky. I could really use a couple of days of blue sky, even if it comes with an arctic blast. Might be time to up my St. John's 🙃
I ventured over to Ripple Living this evening. A store that really is making a diff in The Diff. Ripple Living promotes zero waste living and celebrates all things planet earth. I’ve been so keen to come here ever since it opened, mainly because I heard about the peanut butter machine 😍🥜 but it SO exceeded my expectations. The store itself is beautiful - especially if you are a typography fiend like me. The products are even more beautiful. The selection of pulses, spices, herbs, sugars... I really could go on all day. I love the bring your own jar concept and the label machines really are seamless. I would of recommended the store for that alone. But no, it had to go one better. THE prettiest gifts, clothes, jewellery and lunchware - all beautiful and all plastic free. Shopping doesn’t get anymore guilt free than that. Bravo @ripple_living 👏🏻 🌍 . . . #cardiff #cardiffshopping #visitcardiff #visitwales #zerowasteliving #shopless #roath #welshbloggers #lifestylebloggers #cardiffbloggers #cardiffigers #beatplasticpollution #plasticfree
Bio Baby Bademilch.😍👶 Handgemacht, rein pflanzlich mit reichhaltiger Bio-Kokosmilch (kbA)👶 Wunderbare Pflege für zarte Babyhaut.👶Die hochwertigen Inhaltssoffe wirken hautberuhigend und unterstützen die Hautfunktion der Babies.😍 Schau Dir auch unsere anderen Bio-Bademilchsorten an. Von "Zeit für Dich Bad" bis "Gute Laune Bad" ist alles dabei. Heiße Bäder sind doch perfekt für das eisige Wetter. Gibt's nur im Onlineshop😍 . . . . . . #zerowaste #baby #babies #kinder #shampoo #seife #seifen #naturseifen #shampoobar #naturkosmetikblogger #nachhaltigleben #vegan #nachhaltigkeit #seifenclub #naturkosmetik #balsam #zerowastehome #zerowasteliving #natürlich #zerowastelifestyle #köln #zerowastevegan #zerowastetips #zerowastefashion #plastikfrei #natürlichschön #haarpflege #natürlich #himbeertortchen_conceptstore
Just a quick reminder, if you have to buy new stuff, make sure it's long lasting or at least try to find a way to reuse it. I haven't ventured into candle making yet, but I'm obsessed with them in my home. I had some Target gift cards from the holidays, so I decided to head out to use them up this weekend. As I was looking through the selection I realized I usually just recycle the glass afterwards not really having much purpose for it. Instead, this time around I found two I thought would make great planters afterwards. Zero Waste isn't always perfect, but we can definitely try our best in every situation. Find a second or third use of a single-use item before you make the purchase. And definitely think beforehand, do I need this? #gowasteless
Produtos 100% BIO com descontos imperdíveis. 🌱 👍 Aproveite!
New Year, same period, same cup. My cup is close to a year and a half old and besides some discoloration (which is totally normal), it's as new as it was the first day. One woman will typically use more than 9,000 thousand tampons in her lifetime, but a cup can last up to ten years! That's ten years of using one product instead of hundreds. Not only does it reduce waste in our landfills, but a cup can save you $150-$300 a year by not spending it on tampons or pads. Plus there's chemicals in most tampons and pads because they're not regulated. Chemical free, eco friendly, saves you money, and is more comfortable than tampons, what's not to love? 💚
A big thank to the wonderful @thefelixproject for all this wonderful rescued food we can wait to create some yummy recipes for our community groups. Tomorrow we will use the fruit and coconut milk to make smoothies for a youth cooking club in Colindale, we will also use the veg and salad to accompany homemade chicken nuggets with sweet potato wedges. . . . #waronfoodwaste #zerowaste #foodwaste #wastenotwantnot #zerohunger #positiveimpact #timetochange #lovefoodhatewaste #zerowasteliving #eco #environment #positiveimpact #bethechange #stopwaste #foodshare #sharingiscaring #wastefree #sustainable #sustainableliving
How do you buy bulk rice, quinoa, lentils, spinach, mushrooms, etc? Instead of using plastic bags how about getting these amazing reusable produce bags. I have some that are nylon and more that are organic cotton. Slowly switching all of mine to organic cotton and will be giving the nylon ones away to friends. Another plus is that they are all so easy to clean. Just put them in with your laundry and wash. . . Refuse the plastic bags that are given away for produce and bulk items. Reuse durable materials that are good for the environment. Rethink! . . Follow my zero waste account @refuse_reuse_rethink
#10 Milk After getting rid of the plastic water bottles, I had a little think about how to make the change even better. Quick look into my fridge and I knew what to do next! Milk. Cows milk in UK comes in plastic bottles and I was buying it on regular basis. So I have found a company #milkandmore that delivers milk in glass bottles. It is great! I wake up, it is already outside of my door, delivered by our local milkman :) He also collects my empty bottles. I've been using the company for nearly a year now and I really haven't bought milk in plastic bottle since then. I have started with three bottles per week but now I am down to two as I've switched to using coconut or soya milk for my porridge. I use (organic) cows milk only with my coffee. Oh yes! And now we also order milk in glass bottles for the kids in my forest school, which makes me extra happy! #earthfriendlychoices #plasticfree #saynotoplastic #lessplastic #uselessplastic #nomoreplastic #gogreen #ecoproducts #ecoliving #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #recycle #milk #milkandmore
Tahle fotka přináší do mého dnešního konce dne trochu stýskání po létě. 🌞 Po procházce jen v šatech, po opalování, po józe na čerstvém vzduchu, po grilovačkách, po výletech, kdy vám nemrzne obličej... 😅 Zima je taky v některých ohledech boží, ale je vždy moooc dlouhá a pokožka to těžce nese. Jak jste na tom vy? Jste tým LÉTO nebo Tým ZIMA? ☀️✖️❄️? . . . . . . . . #yoga #misssummer #missingsummer #wastefreeliving #prirodni #zerowastemovement #neplastuj #pohyb #leto #summer #winter #instagood #instadaily #zerowaste #goingzerowaste #zerowastefamily #prolepsilanetu #zerowasteliving #zerowastejourney #yogaretreat #lfl #likeforlikes #likeforlike #like4like
Zero Waste Day 22: BYOB for Baked Goods (Like Pies) ✧ Happy National Pie Day! It’s a top food holiday we celebrate here at Aplat, so we’re continuing to honor that while keeping up with our 30-Day Zero Waste Challenge. So how do pie and zero waste come together? We suggest BYOB (bringing-your-own-bag) the next time you visit your bakeshop. Typically your goodies are placed in a paper box and bag, you take them home, replate them, then recycle the box and bag. Why not bring your own bag + plate and save everyone the extra material, time and effort? #nationalpieday ✧ Our signature reusable and washable Plat tote was designed to carry deliciously prepared food, including baked goods like pies. Simply slide a plate or bowl through the center to keep items horizontal and upright. They’re perfect for toting food around to gatherings, potlucks and picnics. Available in multiple colors and two sizes: standard and wide. Salmon color (above) debuts 2/1. ✧ GIVEAWAY: Enter to win a Grand Market Tote (see Day 1) + a starter kit of our Pantry Pouches (a combined value of $250+). We’d love to see how you practice #zerowaste in your everyday. Mention or tag @aplatsf in your posts (old or new) or stories throughout the month of January. We’ll save them all and a random winner will be announced early February.
We're back with another #wastefreewednesday !! Our furry friends can create a whole lot of waste, from poo bags to wasteful toys. Owning a pet can end up being very wasteful, but with some conscious changes, you and your best friend can reduce your impacts together!! 🐾 buy food in bulk or on reusable/recyclable containers 🐾 use compostable poo bags or cat litter. Be sure not to compost your pet's waste because this can lead to diseases! We can reduce the amount of plastic we contribute. 🐾 opt for toys made out of eco friendly materials such as natural hemp! 🐾 use metal bowls for food and water! #goodplanetinnovation #sustainability #sustainablelifestyle #zerowasteliving #wastefreepets #furryfriends
Membawa tas belanja sendiri gak keren? Siapa bilang? Selain berkontribusi menyelamatkan bumi dan laut kita, kalau seluruh masyarakat melakukannya, itu akan membantu mengurangi jumlah timbunan sampah plastik Indonesia yang diharapkan berkurang 40% lho.. Ayo mulai dari kita dulu! Small step with big impact! Ini lho tas belanja keren yang bisa dipesan sesuai dengan karakter kamu, unisex (cowok & cewek sangat butuh ini), dibuat dari bahan yang ramah lingkungan, tanpa minimum order, bisa dikirim ke kota/negara manapun! Yang penting niat dan take action! ✨ TERSEDIA 2 UKURAN: 30 X 35 cm - 130k 35 X 42 cm - 150k CARA ORDER:  1. Pilih Pattern yang diinginkan (bisa customized)  2. Pilih Abjad yang diinginkan (hitam/putih) 3. Direct message di IG /e-mail ke pedulibumijkt@gmail.com CONTOH: 26 A PUTIH (Pattern nomor 26, Huruf abjad "A" warna putih) #pedulibumi #supportproduklokal #zerowastebag #tasbelanja #bringyourownbag #totebag #savetheocean #plasticfree #tasramahlingkungan #produklokal #reusablebags #zerowasteliving
Crafty Wednesday! A little chalkboard paint and a chalk marker helped to repurpose these old jars and a coffee canister. Now I’m ready to shop in bulk. #noplastic #masonjar #masonjarcrafts #chalkboardpaint #chalkpen #zerowaste #upcycle #diy #bulkshopping #lesswaste #zerowasteliving
Membawa tas belanja sendiri gak keren? Siapa bilang? Selain berkontribusi menyelamatkan bumi dan laut kita, kalau seluruh masyarakat melakukannya, itu akan membantu mengurangi jumlah timbunan sampah plastik Indonesia yang diharapkan berkurang 40% lho.. Ayo mulai dari kita dulu! Small step with big impact! Ini lho tas belanja keren yang bisa dipesan sesuai dengan karakter kamu, unisex (cowok & cewek sangat butuh ini), dibuat dari bahan yang ramah lingkungan, tanpa minimum order, bisa dikirim ke kota/negara manapun! Yang penting niat dan take action! ✨ TERSEDIA 2 UKURAN: 30 X 35 cm - 130k 35 X 42 cm - 150k CARA ORDER:  1. Pilih Pattern yang diinginkan (bisa customized)  2. Pilih Abjad yang diinginkan (hitam/putih) 3. Direct message di IG /e-mail ke pedulibumijkt@gmail.com CONTOH: 26 A PUTIH (Pattern nomor 26, Huruf abjad "A" warna putih) #pedulibumi #supportproduklokal #zerowastebag #tasbelanja #bringyourownbag #totebag #savetheocean #plasticfree #tasramahlingkungan #produklokal #reusablebags #zerowasteliving
Getting a smoothie for $5 is a bonus BUT being able to get it in my own jar is even better! @tankjuicenz doesn’t ask questions -they accept all sorts of vessels, check out their instagram for $5 weekly specials ✨ (this flavour was soooo good I forgot to take a pic until I had already devoured most of it😅) #tankjuice
Membawa tas belanja sendiri gak keren? Siapa bilang? Selain berkontribusi menyelamatkan bumi dan laut kita, kalau seluruh masyarakat melakukannya, itu akan membantu mengurangi jumlah timbunan sampah plastik Indonesia yang diharapkan berkurang 40% lho.. Ayo mulai dari kita dulu! Small step with big impact! Ini lho tas belanja keren yang bisa dipesan sesuai dengan karakter kamu, unisex (cowok & cewek sangat butuh ini), dibuat dari bahan yang ramah lingkungan, tanpa minimum order, bisa dikirim ke kota/negara manapun! Yang penting niat dan take action! ✨ TERSEDIA 2 UKURAN: 30 X 35 cm - 130k 35 X 42 cm - 150k CARA ORDER:  1. Pilih Pattern yang diinginkan (bisa customized)  2. Pilih Abjad yang diinginkan (hitam/putih) 3. Direct message di IG /e-mail ke pedulibumijkt@gmail.com CONTOH: 26 A PUTIH (Pattern nomor 26, Huruf abjad "A" warna putih) #pedulibumi #supportproduklokal #zerowastebag #tasbelanja #bringyourownbag #totebag #savetheocean #plasticfree #tasramahlingkungan #produklokal #reusablebags #zerowasteliving
Qqqqqq-tips... what’s your opinion? I really like them although I suspect they aren’t good for my ears and I am putting blinders on to the evidence I suspect is out there to tell me so 😂. Obviously this isn’t something I care to DIY so we have switched to this #organycbeauty brand I found @essenceoflifeorganics in Kensington Market. Reasonably sure they can be composted as they are organic cotton and cardboard! Also they were cheaper than regular old q-tips so double win! Also the packaging is recyclable 👌🌿✅
🌍Day 23🌍 . A great way to use up left over onions, carrots and cabbage is to make your own coleslaw. It’s ridiculously easy and tastes soooo much better than that supermarket rubbish sold in plastic tubs covered in SU plastic. . Slice up the veg, mix in some red wine vinegar and mayonnaise. Season to taste and add a pinch of paprika. Yum! 😋 . #coleslaw #veggie #leftovers #smallchanges #zerowaste #planetorplastic #zerowastelifestyle #recycling #saveourplanet #zerowasteblogger #zerowasteliving #greenisthenewblack #zerowastetips #savetheworld #beatplasticpollution #green #ecofriendly #eco #sustainable #gogreen #earth #healthylifestyle #climatechange #environment #change #foodwaste #nowaste #busymum
These aren’t just a pretty solution to lowering your plastic waste - linen lets your produce breathe while wicking away any extra moisture. They’re perfect to take from market to refrigerator, & machine washable for when you splurge on those muddy beets. . . . #blockprinting #printmaking #blockprints #surfacedesign #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #makersgonnamake #linocut #etsyfinds #etsy #etsyshop
⁣ The first step is to reuse... not recycle⁣ ⁣ It’s a big mistake made by many individuals across the country and it’s vital for it to be made more apparent!⁣ ⁣ If we intend to become a completely circular economy it’s important that recycling isn’t our first option. If you consider the amount of waste that goes into recycling certain pieces of material (plastic being the worst) it’s not worth it for what else we can do with it. And most recyclable material can only be recycled a certain amount of times anyway before heading to landfill. ⁣ ⁣ Reusing is possibly the best alternative after purchasing, as it means you’re not producing any waste and in some cases, it prevents you buying more things. In the case of these jars, I’ve not had to buy any storage containers for my rice (which I actually love the aesthetic of, it’s so cute). Whilst I can’t buy it from any nearby bulk stores, I try to buy the biggest lot (I use a lot) and then store it which limits the packaging.⁣ ⁣ Remember to refuse first! And also reduce your consumption before reusing what you’ve got! Then feel free to recycle, rehome, replant and rot away! ⁣ ⁣ Follow the pyramid for alternatives to recycling 💚 also consider leaving recycling until last as it’s the only one where it has the potential to go directly to landfill 🌍⁣ ⁣ #zerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #zerowasteuk #plasticfree #plasticfreeuk #plasticwaste #plasticpollution #plasticfreeliving #plasticsucks #singleuseplastic #sustainableliving #sustainablelifestyle #sustainability #sustainable #ecofriendly #environment #savetheenvironment #savethesea #savetheocean #savetheworld #recycle #gogreen #nowaste #landfill #foodwaste
My @organicup is always going to be a staple in my bathroom cabinet. I recommend it to everyone and it’s great for most days. Although I do have a problem with it not being enough on the first days of my period, since I have a very heavy flow. My doctor has recommended me contraceptive pills for this but I’m not so keen on that. . First of all since I don’t like taking medicine if I don’t absolutely need it. And I’ve also heard several people getting all kinds of side effects from them. And since I also have problems with my mental health and take antidepressants, I don’t want anything that could cause me more problems. I could just swear I would get troubles with my hormones if taking it. Have any of you tried it for a heavy period? How did it work? . And of course it’s good thing that there are contraceptive pills and a lot of people are feeling great on them. We need different kinds of solutions for sure. I’m just not so sure about trying. 🤔 . As some of you have seen on my stories, I’ve gotten both reusable fabric tampons and @shethinx to try out. But I will need to try them for a few months to really be able to review them. But a post will be coming on my experience with them for sure. ☺️⛑
HUMMINGBIRD TESTIMONY - You’re thinking of investing in a #safetyrazor ? ⠀ ⠀ Thanks Romain for writing to us (and for the beautiful pic!!) 🛀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ "I was offered the razor and shaving soap for Christmas. I am trying to reduce plastic waste, so it was the perfect gift. No packaging for the soap, it smells nice and leaves your skin soft. The razor is wonderful- easy to use and especially precise. The most important thing to me was to stop using disposable blades wrapped in plastic. The ones used with this safety razor last 2-3 times longer; and the price is a plus as well: 3-4 times less expensive than usual blades!⠀ I am really happy with these 2!" ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #zerowaste #zerowasteuk #zerowastelifestyle #zerowasteliving #ecogifts #ecofriendly #reusable #doyourpart #sustainable #sustainability #London #londonlife #gogreen #green #greenliving #savetheplanet #sustainableliving #saynotoplastic #ecobathroom #greenbathroom #greenshaving #shaving #safetyrazor #reducereuserecycle #edwinjagger #naturalbathroom #naturalshaving #readthelabel #zerowasteessentials
The greatest things we’ll ever do here, is save lives and create lives. Let’s do it together, one good decision at a time. I’ll save yours and you save mine. ✨🐢🐋🐬💙💚 ————- Photo credit: @wwf_turkiye #zerowaste #zerowastehome #zerowasteliving #wastefreeplanet #savetheoceans #savetheplanet #dobetter #wastefreehome #ecofriendlyproducts #betterworldbetterfuture #lovetheplanet #stopthepollution #itstartswithme
This environmental game is all about playing long ball. Of course, it is mostly more costly and more time consuming to live the ethical life, sadly that is the way. However, benefits are worth a life time, not only for you and I, here and now but for those yet to come AND this big green place I like to call home. Here's a cheap one though: Soaking orange peel in white vinegar and leaving it for a few weeks to later be used as a cleaning product. #zerowasteliving #vinegar #naturalhome #naturalcleaning #vegan #oranges
🇬🇧 in comments Es domāju, ka nu jau lielākā daļa cilvēku ir dzirdējuši, ka plastmasa nav tā labākā lieta pasaulē. Bet kā ir ar papīru? Tas taču dabā sadalās un ir ražots no atjaunojama resursa (kokiem)! Un tā ir. Papīrs noteikti ir labāks nekā plastmasa. Taču mēs esam gandrīz 8 miljardi cilvēku šajā pasaulē. Ja visi lietotu papīru tik daudz un neapdomīgi, kā attīstītās valstīs, tad drīz vien koki vienkārši vairs nepaspētu ataugt. Bez papīra dzīvot ir grūti, bet viena no lietām, ko mēs varam darīt lietas labā, ir lietot pārstrādātu (recycled) papīru, kur tas ir iespējams. Tādējādi resurss, kas iegūts no nocirsta koka, ir apritē ilgāk un koki ir jācērt retāk. Mēs esam pārgājuši uz pārstrādāta tualetes papīra lietošanu, jo es sapratu - vai tiešām jauns koks bija jānocērt, lai es varētu izdarīt to, ko nu mēs darām ar tualetes papīru? Rīgā pārstrādātu tualetes papīru bez plastmasas iepakojuma, cik zinu, var nopirkt @tavs.zeroveikals un @veikalsturza , bet šeit man bija jāmeklē citi varianti. Šādu papīru piegādā kompānija "Who gives a crap" - man patīk viņu humora izjūta, kā arī darbs, ko viņi dara pasaulē, sponsorējot tualešu celtniecību vietās, kur cilvēkiem tās nav pieejamas, tādējādi uzlabojot higiēnu un samazinot slimību izplatību. Es neesmu pārliecināta par nepieciešamību iepakot katru rulli apdrukātā papīrā (lai cik smuks tas būtu), tādēļ nākotnē, iespējams, izskatīšu citus variantus, bet mani noteikti uzrunā tas darbs, ko šī kompānija dara!
Bamboo Toothbrush Retail Price: RM10 each, or RM24 for 3 pieces Material: Bamboo and nylon Dimension: 18cm x 5mm Variation: Dark brown, beige–both vegan and cruelty-free Bamboo toothbrush with medium-soft nylon bristles, ergonomic design. Care Instructions • Rinse with water for cleaning. Keep dry. • Depending on bathroom moisture, you may want to towel off your toothbrush after use. • Don’t forget to detach the nylon bristles before composting the bamboo handle.
Remember: there is no PLANet B. . New tote bags will be up on the website really soon.
Zero Waste Beverage Kit (1 x Bamboo Straw + 1 x Coconut Bristle Brush) Retail Price: RM15 Material: Wild bamboo, Coconut Husk, Stainless Steel Dimension: Each straw will vary in size but they are all on average 10” long and 1.5 cm in diameter. Brush dimension is ~20cm x 5-10mm. – The good people in Kampung Bunut handcrafted our bamboo straws, and our coconut bristle brushes are made by a community in Indonesia. The bristles are compostable and the metal handle can be recycled with traditional metal recycling, making it a more sustainable alternative to a nylon bristle brush. Care Instructions • Wash with warm water and soap, scrub with a straw brush. Air-dry upright. • The straw should last up to a year or a little longer with proper care. • Bamboo and coconut husk are 100% compostable!
Did you know some food scraps grow more food if you just give them sun and a shallow dish of water? Once it grows roots you can plant it- try it with celery or romaine lettuce!
#Australia Cuts 80% of Plastic Bag Use in 3 Months Supermarket ban sees '80% drop' in plastic bag consumption nationwide! The ban on single-use plastic bags by Australia’s two largest supermarkets prevented the introduction of an estimated 1.5bn bags into the environment and the retail industry is hopeful this is only the beginning. Coles and Woolworths’ decided to stop offering single-use disposable plastic bags midway through the year after years of campaigning by environmental groups and consumers. Some shoppers objected to the change at the time but many others were strongly in support and three months on the change has translated to an 80% drop in the consumption of plastic bags nationwide, according to the National Retail Association. Just imagine what would happen if some of the big fast food chains decide to go GMO-free within three months? I think it is realistic to expect some big change happening. #plasticpollution #zerowaste #plastic #plasticfree #ocean #environment #ecofriendly #pollution #sustainable #sea #recycle #noplastic #nature #plasticwaste #sustainability #savetheplanet #saynotoplastic #saveourseas #eco #zerowasteliving #reuse #sustainableliving #savetheocean #gogreen #beachcleanup #oceanconservation #singleuseplastic #plasticocean
Endure Upcycled Designs Vintage Window Frame Restoration with Alice in Wonderland Quote "Sometimes I believe in six impossible things before breakfast" #vintagewindowframe
. @isfahanpasmand دستگاه بازیافت مواد پلاستیکی که قادر است ۱۰ کیلو پلاستیک را در ساعت به ۱۰ لیتر نفت خام تبدیل کند. 👈👈لطفا" ورق بزنید.... #کارآموز_بی_زباله  #بازیافت #بی_زباله  #زباله_آگاهی  #محیط_زیست  #بدون_زباله #بدون_پلاستیک  #نه_به_پلاستیک #تگ_کنید_دوستاتونو #zerowaste  #noplastic  #plasticfree #zerowasteliving  #packagefree  #plasticfreejuly #lesswaste  #nowaste #recycle #recycling #reuse #upcycling @isfahanpasmand
. @isfahanpasmand روباهی که سرش درون یک دبه پلاستیکی رها شده در طبیعت گیر کرده بود توسط کوهنوردان نجات پیدا کرد. جانوران وحشی همواره به سراغ پسماندهای رها شده در طبیعت توسط گردشگران می‌روند تا از آنها تغذیه کنند. زباله‌هایی که با بی‌مسئولیتی ما در طبیعت رها می‌شوند، علاوه بر آلودگی محیط زیست، حیات جانوران وحشی را نیز تهدید می‌کنند. ویدئو از دیده بان محیط زیست ایران ‏ آشغال نریزیم 💚 #کارآموز_بی_زباله  #بازیافت #بی_زباله  #زباله_آگاهی  #محیط_زیست  #بدون_زباله #بدون_پلاستیک  #نه_به_پلاستیک #تگ_کنید_دوستاتونو #zerowaste  #noplastic  #plasticfree #zerowasteliving  #packagefree  #plasticfreejuly #lesswaste  #nowaste #recycle #recycling #reuse #upcycling @isfahanpasmand
. 📲 @isfahanpasmand آیا میدانید!! 🔛ته سیگار بعد از بارندگی خاک را آلوده می کند و سالها در آن خاک گیاهی رشد نمی کند. 🔚ته سیگار را به امید تجزیه شدن در طبیعت رها نکنیم. طبق آمارهای جهانی، آسیبهای ته سیگار برای محیط زیست این گونه اعلام شده است که برای مثال، وزن ته سیگارهایی كه سالانه فقط در آمریكا در محیط رها میشوند به حدود ۸۰ میلیون كیلوگرم میرسد. برآوردها حكایت از آن دارد كه روزانه ۱۲۰۰ میلیون فرد سیگاری در جهان، چیزی حدود دو میلیارد ته سیگار در محیط رها میكنند كه نهایتا مقدار سالانه آن به رقم باورنكردنی هفت هزار میلیارد ته سیگار میرسد كه وزن آنها بالغ بر ۴۰۰ میلیون كیلوگرم میباشد. ته سیگارها زباله های بسیار خطرناكی میباشند كه فقط میزان آرسنیک موجود در آن به بیش از یک تن میرسد و میتوانند به راحتی بیش از هفت میلیارد متر مكعب آب سالم را برای همیشه از حضور آبزیان پاكسازی كرده و از بین بربند. منبع:گاهنامه علمی،اجتماعی تنفس سبز پاییز ۹۷ #کارآموز_بی_زباله  #بازیافت #بی_زباله  #زباله_آگاهی  #محیط_زیست  #بدون_زباله #بدون_پلاستیک  #نه_به_پلاستیک #تگ_کنید_دوستاتونو #zerowaste  #noplastic  #plasticfree #zerowasteliving  #packagefree  #plasticfreejuly #lesswaste  #nowaste #recycle #recycling #reuse #upcycling @isfahanpasmand
Go easy on your shoulder, wear your fresh produce cross-body and navigate your way around the farmer’s market with ease. / Calico cotton sling produce bag. Adjustable length. – Beg sandang produk segar, diperbuat dari kain belacu. Panjang boleh diubah-suai. / RM10
RM10 Calico cotton produce tote bag. Dimension: 13” x 14.5” x 8.5” – Tote bag untuk produk segar, diperbuat dari kain belacu. Ukuran: 13” x 14.5” x 8.5”
Every time you purchase something, make a difference, take back control of your money and make every Ringgit count. Get active and challenge corporate power! Calico cotton produce tote bag made by the Sisam community in Kerala, India (1999). Not for sale.
Retail Price: RM5/100g We’re going nuts over soap nuts! The magical berries, otherwise known as Sapindus Mukorossi, are from the lychee family that contains saponin, a natural surfactant that can be used like soap. They’re all natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. – Kami sedikit obses tentang kekacang sabun ini! Ia adalah buah ajaib dari keluarga laici yang mengandungi saponin, sejenis surfaktan semulajadi yang boleh digunakan sebagai sabun. Kekacang Sapindus Mukorossi ini adalah sumber alam bebas toksik dan mudah mengurai.
.@isfahanpasmand عدم تفکیک ضایعات الکترونیکی از پسماندهای تر باعث آلودگی خاک و محیط زیست می شود. به خودمان باز می گردد.. #بازیافت #بی_زباله  #زباله_آگاهی  #محیط_زیست  #بدون_زباله #بدون_پلاستیک  #نه_به_پلاستیک #تگ_کنید_دوستاتونو #zerowaste  #noplastic  #plasticfree #zerowasteliving  #packagefree  #plasticfreejuly #lesswaste  #nowaste #recycle #recycling #reuse #upcycling @isfahanpasmand
Not all toothbrushes are created equal. Your fully biodegradable toothbrush–are the bristles made of animal hair raised in horrific conditions and later were killed? Are they Nylon-4, a petroleum-based plastic that has been shown in lab studies to biodegrade in under certain conditions, or are they Nylon-6, a material that is non-biodegradable? – Tidak semua berus gigi diciptakan sama. Adakah bulu berus gigi biodegradable kamu dibuat dari bulu binatang yang dulunya dipelihara dalam kondisi mengerikan dan kemudian dibunuh? Ataukah ia diperbuat dari Nylon-4, sejenis plastik berbasis minyak bumi yang telah diperlihatkan dalam studi laboratorium untuk terurai dalam kondisi tertentu, atau apakah ia Nylon-6, sejenis bahan yang tidak biodegradable?
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