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-Choose part: 8- •y/n POV• The door opened and Jonah came in. Jo: oh, you’re awake. Everything okay? Does it look like I’m okay ? y/n: yes, I’m okay. Jonah sat down on the bed. Jo: no you’re not. Dumb question, I’m sorry. I sat up, but my head started to spin, so I fell on Jonah. He caught me. y/n: I’m s-sorry He sat me up again and laughed a little bit. Jo: it’s okay. y/n: uhmm w-what happened ? Jo: you can’t remember? I shocked my head, no. Jo: a guy, brown hair, not that tall, grey eyes... I knew who he meant....Liam, my ex. He noticed that I knew about what he’s talking so he stopped. Jo: who was this ? y/n: my ex... Jo: oh...I’m sorry for letting you fall down the stairs. I tried to catch you but- y/n: wait. What did you do to h-him? Jo: I heard what he said and that you screamed for help...so I punched him and he let you fall. y/n: I-. Where is he ? Jo: Eben and Daniel brought him somewhere, but I don’t know where. y/n: oh. I layed my head to the wall. I remembered now everything what I tried to forget for 2 years. I closed my eyes. •Flash back• Liam placed me on the bed. y/n: Liam, you know I’m not ready yet. L: whyyy, it’s funny. y/n: no. I don’t want this. He pulled my shirt up. L: mhhhmmm. I loved your boobs. I tried to pull my shirt down again but he got it off from me before. I tried to cover my chest. L: don’t. y/n: I don’t want this. I tried to stand up but he hold me back. y/n: Liam let me go. L: it’s normal that couple do this. y/n: really ? L: yes. y/n: but I thought yourself have to be ready to have- He crashed his lips on my. I felt how a tear rolled down my face. I pulled away. y/n: Please. Don’t- He covered my mouth, sat on me and grabbed some handcuffs and cuffed me to the bed. I was helpless. I could do nothing to stop him. •end of flash back• I felt how more tears rolled down my face. He knew I was naive. I did everything for him, but he just treated me like a piece of shit. But maybe I am ? No I’m not. Or yes I am ? I’m not sure. Jo: y/n. Don’t cry, please. He hugged me. I opened my eyes. y/n: it’s just- I can’t talk anymore. I started to sob. Jo: shhhh. He........
Shoutout to my bro @dylanthoward for going hard with me 24/365. Can’t wait to keep shredding with you for the rest of my fuckin LIFE. Shoutout #2 goes to my boy ❄️Zonah❄️ (@jonahnimoy ) for snapping this pic post @aegesband jam and for designing the ripping Beetlejuice shirt my bro is wearing. Give him a rip 👉🏻 @boredomsketches. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔮💀🔮💀🔮💀🔮💀🔮 💎🖲🕋💎🖲🕋💎🖲🕋 💉🧠🧨💉🧠🧨💉🧠🧨 🔪📼💀🔪📼💀🔪📼💀 🤙🏼➕1️⃣🤙🏼➕1️⃣🤙🏼➕1️⃣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #brothers #hardstyle #zonah #akaRay #boredomsketches #ripshred #❄️
Which "couple" should be the next one? #zonah #ZONAH 😍 #zonahisreal #limelightsupportwdw #💙
It’s official Daniel just wouldn’t be Daniel without his voice cracks. #danielseavey #jonahmarais #jackavery #zachherron #corbynbesson #limelights #whydontwe #corbina #jachery #janiel #donah #zonah #jate #jabbie
Withch one is you're favorite?
WARNING: DONT GET TRIGGERED, HATE WILL BE DELETED; I’m pretty sure this is a PR stunt that their management have set up. Usually PR make something happen to bring attention AWAY from unwanted drama. My theory is that PR don’t want people to think/know that Daniel is gay. IF YOU WANT ALL THE TEA DM ME AND I WILL EXPLAIN! @seaveydaniel @mady_madeleine_miya
CHAPTER 15 ~Kaitlyn’s POV ~ K:”J-J-J” I didn’t even get to finish my sentence before a pair of lips were on mine Holy Shit Am I really doing this? W-with him? I promised I wouldn’t fall for him But here I am Kissing him Fuck We both slowly started to separate from each other We both look intensely into each other’s eyes ??:”Why did you leave me just like that?” K:”I-I Jonah, I-I can’t” Jo:”Can’t what Kaitlyn?” His eyes were watery They were searching my eyes as if to find an answer My eyes start to water K:”I-I” I kept stuttering I don’t have the guts to hurt him He steps closer and cups my face Jo:”You Can tell me anything Kaitlyn” I saw a tear fall out of his eyes Then one escaped my eyes Jo:”Kaitlyn” he says in almost a whisper He wipes the tear away K:”I can’t hurt you guys anymore” I was barely able to say in an almost silent Jo:”No no no no no” He says In almost a rush Jo:”You’d never hurt us” K:”I already have” I say as I look away from him and start to walk away He said nothing I thought he was finally going to be able to let me go Was I wrong? Oh most definitely Jo:”Wait” He says as he gently grabs my hand I turn and look at him Jo:”Give me the day, please! To prove that you don’t hurt me” I hesitated I hesitated for so god damn long But in the end I already knew my answer K:”Ok” I notice a smile grow on his face as he fully holds my hands and starts to run Jo:”Come on” He says and I giggle ~Time Skip~ Jo:”Come on get out of the car” K:”okayyyyy” I somewhat whine I walked out ThE smell of the water hit me K:”We’re at the beach” I look up and Jonah looked shook Jo:”How did you- never mind let’s just go” There was a little picnic set up It melt my heart how much he actually cared for me At some point Jonah asked a guy to take a picture of us(swipe) We were just laying on the blanket while holding hands Jo:”Hey Kaitlyn” he turns his head towards me K:”yeah?” I say as I look into his eyes Jo:”I love you” I was dumbstruck I How do I-? K:”I-I. I love you too” His eyes You saw the brightest sparkle He started to lean in and we were kissing ??:”There they are!” ??:”Thought you could run away from us that easily??”⤵️⤵️⤵️
I love you so much Corbyn,marry me,Thanks :) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Hope you like ittttttt @corbynbesson ♡ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @corbynbesson @whydontwemusic #zachherron #danielseavey #jackavery #corbynbesson #jonahmarias #jate #jabbie #jachary #janiel #zonah #donah #corbina #limelights #limelight #dorbyn #jorbyn #jarbyn #zorbyn #whydontwe
i would never slap that woman...she would slap the living shit outa me lmfao #imsickiwannadie
He is literally the cutest person in the world .He make me smile and i love him so much he is so talented boy and his voice is absolutely amazing .I'm so happy with that video also he said my name right write in comment what is my name 😂😂😂? @whydontwemusic @jonahmarais #wdwlimelight #wdw5 #whydontwemusic #wdwforlife #whydontwefans #whydontweboys #whydontweloveu #jonahmarais #mylifeisforjonah #ily #zonah #myangel #henoticeme #danielseavey #zachherron #corbynbesson #jackavery PLS TAG JONAH
Shout out to my dude ❄️Zonah❄️ for catching Trev and I deep in a mean mug 🍺 Ripping Beetlejuice shirt from @boredomsketches 🤙➕1️⃣ Give em a follow! 📸: @jonahnimoy 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 🍹🥭🧫🧨📐 #BoredomSketches #Zonah #ZoneBone #Brothers #HardStyle #Stoke #Party #SilentBill #Hella #LiveTheStoke
This is honestly soo cute my heart cant take it UwU <3 Ac: @nats.audios Dt: @jackaverymusic @imzachherron @whydontwemusic @vincentxmarais And jachary shippers:) Pc:cutecut:) #jachary #corbina #jabbie #zay #dorbyn #zonah #limelight #mendesarmy #inthelimelight #my8letters #8letters
-Choose part:7- •y/n POV• I turned around and it was Liam, my ex. L: Hey Baby. y/n: LET ME GO. L: you’ll never leave me. I’ll let you never go. y/n: GO FUCKING AWAY. Liam tried to kiss me, but I slapped him before. L: mhhmmm. I love it, when your mad at me. He smirked. y/n: p-please l-let me g-go. L: beg for it. y/n: please...I’m begging. Let me please go. L: let me kiss you. y/n: NO! L: I SAID LET ME KISS YOU! He yelled at me. I started to cry. Please someone have to come. I need help! y/n: HELP ! I screamed as loud as I can. L: Nobody will come, babygirl. y/n: d-don’t call me b-babygirl. He laughed. Suddenly someone came upstairs. I couldn’t see who, but I fell to the ground and then downstairs (imagine you still stood next to the stairs). I woke up in my bed with a huge headache. Where is Liam? The door opened and...... • • Sorry....it’s really short but I didn’t have enough time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #jachary #wdw #whydontwe #whydontwemusic #zachherron #jackavery #jonahmarais #danielseavey #corbynbesson #hooked #invitationtour #wdwoutlines #whydontwefanaccount #wdwediting #wdwedits #wdwmemes #talk #8letters #wdw #edit #edits #zonah #limelight #fanfiction #edits
What do y'all think about his new tattoo?
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