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Fighting for economic justice, health and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.

Omg we LOVE this powerful portrait series that connects young LGBTQ activists with queer trailblazers. The Families We Make photo series was created to raise awareness of the amazing org @sageusa. Link in bio. #LGBTQ #portraits
“I discovered @teganandsara in 2011 and immediately fell in love with them. They taught me how to be myself. I live in a country that doesn't accept gay people. I remember seeing them in Warsaw in 2013 and after Sara's speech about not being afraid to be yourself and having our backs, I decided to come out. It wasn't easy and my family still doesn't accept me for who I am but I’ve learned how to deal with it. I’ve met so many friends through Tegan and Sara that are now my family and I’m forever grateful for that. It's not just their music that brings people together, it's them. They care about us, they love and appreciate us, just like we love and appreciate them. Tegan and Sara foundation is one of the greatest things ever. It gives young people hope that something can change in the future. Tegan and Sara make the world a better place.” - Paula, Poland #mondaymotivation
Great time last night @instagram speaking about the importance of mental health with @vice @trevorproject and @upandoutcomic #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #hereforyou #lgbtq
Join @teganandsara , @trevorproject and @upandoutcomic tonight on @vice 's Instagram Live at 5:30PM PT! #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #hereforyou
ICYMI: "We are definitely going to be treated equally one day, if we keep fighting and we keep representing ourselves." - @jazzjennings_ @humanrightscampaign
“When I discovered @TeganandSara almost 6 years ago, I was still closeted and married with a son. Hearing them speak and give interviews about being queer musicians made me decide I could no longer live a lie and that I had to come out to my family. I played them just before I told my family (who are incredibly supportive). Tegan and Sara also inspired me to open my home 24/7 to my son's LGBTQ friends who are having a rough time at home. My home is their safe space where they can be themselves. Apart from my son, Tegan and Sara have had the biggest positive impact on my life - through them I've gained my TnS Family (my chosen family) who has helped and inspired me to support others. I’m now living true to myself. I'm 'out and proud' and will step up and fight for equality alongside my LGBTQ family.” – Ali, England #mondaymotivation
On Monday, Lesbians Who Tech hosted the 4th annual #lwtsummit in DC. So proud to be able to work together to increase LGBTQ representation in stem! #representationmatters #lgbtq #repost
Can’t wait to explore these landmarks when @teganandsara head to NY next month! A New Interactive Map Uncovers New York's Historic LGBT Landmarks. Link in bio.
Our friends @instagram created this video in honor of mental health awareness month. Did you know that if you see a post on Instagram from someone who may be in need of support, you can report it anonymously? #hereforyou
Thanks for continuing to share your incredible stories for #MondayMotivation – here’s another great one: “I'm 19 and from a small town, Dunoon, on the west coast of Scotland. If it weren’t for @TeganandSara , I would still be in the closet. I came out to my family and best friend a week after your Glasgow gig. Listening to your music and seeing you live gave me strength and, after more than a year and a half, I finally felt confident to come out. My family has been so supportive and since coming out I've been so happy. Watching the work you’ve done with the foundation inspired me and my best friend to organise an LGBT group in Dunoon. I want people to have a safe place to talk about how they are feeling and meet people who are going through something similar. “-Nuala Neary, Scotland
“Anything you can do to create more positive bonds, more compassion among young people, the less likely you will see social isolation and bullying.” - Erik Martinez, SFUSD LGBTQ Support Services. Link in bio. Poster by Design Action Collective.
Thanks for sharing your stories last week – here’s the first of many incredible stories we received: “Tegan and Sara's music led me to accept myself for who I am and realize that I can be a confident queer woman that doesn't let society's standards and expectations dictate the way I live my life. I have accepted myself and my sexuality and am now doing my best to find ways to help other people in the LGBTQI+ community that felt the same way as I did. I made this mark on my skin this month to show my support to the LGBTQI+ community and to remind me that the community also supports me.” -Shanna Boram, Australia #mondaymotivation
“Somehow, as we have broadened our awareness of and support for gender nonconformity, we’ve narrowed what we think a boy or a girl can look like and do.” Interesting piece on gender roles from @lisaselindavis. Link in bio. #thursdaythoughts
What happens when women legislate? They are more likely than their male counterparts to build consensus and work across the aisle to achieve policy goals! Stay tuned to learn how we’re working to increase the number of #LGBTQ women running for office!
So many of you have honored us by sharing your stories over the years. We'd love to share them here to make other people's hearts explode too - send us photos and your story about how @teganandsara or the Tegan and Sara Foundation has impacted your life. (email to info@teganandsarafoundation.org with #MondayMotivation in the subject)
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