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1or2🔥🔥(vc: @lit.dos @litt_uno for the jogging part)
I made this back when I first hear the song 🤧( I don’t rlly try in the vid tho) #vines #getactive #lit #fortnite #followforfollowback #allin #fye #explore #explorepage
A lil Vc to my bro @zeeshytbrazy 🥶(this sloppy tho🤷🏾‍♀️)
I don’t rlly like dis🥴
Happy New Years 🤣(don’t mind those clothes this not my room💀)
Miss me😆? (Tag @young.fanatic )
Merry Christmas 🎁 comment who you seen😆 Vc: @tayyydadancer (peep me😂)
“Yeah,yeah,yea,uhh”🥴🧤 #reesehop @reese.662
Anyone wanna Collab🥴 (I couldn’t get that last beat😑)
What sum you want fa Christmas 🤘🏾🎅🏾😆
I messed up on my woah😕 (old)
T-up🕺😆🔥 (btw I dint almost fall I was acting like a ball hit my head💀) Vc: @j4ckson7
So whattttt😆🤘🏾🤘🏾 song: so what (wait a minute) by: @youngdeji_ tag him and 3 friends for a fb😭😭
Go to my steam on YouTube and say wassup and sub - 1ktayy
First Collab wit shoota @official__chi 😍😍🤘🏾// what your fav food 🧐mine is pasta🤗
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