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This probably the only lit part 😭
Uhh 🔥 @keybeenlit_ 🌚
It’s just practice so chiLl😁🤕 tag someone good at Memphis jookin 👟 #explore #memphisjookin #followme #explorepage #viral
This trash💀 but does anyone know where I could do dubs on because dubsmash is horrible now😑
Comment 7x if you love your mom ❤️ #explore #explorepage
My phone is dying but who is the 10th President🌚🙃
Bout time 100 views came🌚
Posting every 100 views 😭🤘🏾 @dancer_lai @india_btw
can’t really catch beats💀🤕 #legwoah
My friend said to call it the leg woah but any suggestions? Until then I guess it called the leg woah🤷🏾‍♀️ #legwoah
You saw that move at the end👀 (it may look dumb but I like it🙂)
I had a track meet that why I have shorts on 😁(blooper) 🌚
Am super inactive but enjoy this video 😬😭
Am not good at dis half body stuff 🤷🏾‍♀️
I don’t think I like this 🙃
fye er
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