☪️ infatuated by things like the sky, flowers, and anything sweet. usually by my lonely. i have lived multiple lifetimes. music feeds my soul. ♉️

Classic. Photo cred: @markdxt #portraitmode #iphonex
We are Taurus #1 ! Mmkay!
We could cover all the basics, but aren’t you curious?
Soul seeker. ⭐️✨
You’re hating. I’m creating. Emanating A love of something. ⭐️ Photographer: @baynatiive #poeticjustice #love #peace and #gucci
I will show you what it is like to live again. I will hold your head down and show you. It will be a rebirthing of your soul. Do you believe me?
I follow no standards. Only my heart. ⭐️ ⭐️ (I have also retired prettyadhd along with some old photos. I do not hoard, nor do I hold on to the past. I embrace ever evolving, and let go of things that are no longer me. I realized that, even surrounded by amazing people and friends, I roam in my own direction. ⭐️)
Tell me you fucking love me.
My love catching me in the most elegant of a bite from International Smoke House SF. Lol. I’m just kidding. I made him take this pic. #foodsogoodtho #internationalsmoke #ayeshacurry #michaelmina #happyvalentinesday
My mental on 6000 rn. #wishmewell - - - Trippie Redd - Hellboy #losangeles #views #chillin #giveemhell #nofeelingsinvolved #yeah #what #musicislife
I’m high what do I say? - - - Hey. Photographer: @baynatiive
Enough said. I’ve said enough.
When I was younger and didn’t know better Living with these wolves hurting for pleasure Some kind of angel took me out of the jungle From your blue nights into sunlight 🎶 If Only - Raveena 🎶
If you only knew me. #wegucci Photo cred: @markdxt
I’ve tried to post as much as I could while abroad but was thrown quite a few unfortunate events. 😢 Let’s just say 2017 wasn’t exactly my year. It started off amazing, and I met so many amazing and promising artists along the way, but my health just didn’t seem to be on par. This year I promise to take better care of my body, my mind and soul. I look forward to putting more of my energy into creating new art and meeting new people. New year = New me .... like you don’t even know how true that is. 😬🤣🤣🤣 #ifanyonegetsit 😉😉😉 Anyways here’s a photo by one of my new creative friends @baynatiive right before winter hit #2017
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