Hari AP.

Madras | YNWA

. Little Natpu and lot of smiles from @wildwarriorrace 's.
. Few from the photo assignment for @wildwarriorrace. . . It was a good day bois. @rango_08 @kranthichaitanya @_magdum @arjunvelmurugan
. 6.
. Upper and lower.
. Massive respects for what these men do day in, day out.
. Blithe. @caramelcurrant.
. Hello from the other side.
. Lungs and liver eh?
. I didn't make it this far just to make it this far.
. To the women who rule my life, you are my sunshine in the darkest of days.
. Never believed in true love, until I saw nurses in Himachal. . . One more time, My stunning Himachal. . . . . . #truelove #saveoviya #india #spiti #himachal #iphone
. The 30 minute ride to the building next street was fun.
. For society's sake Imma stop the Himachal spam :3 Let me know how you like them. Critical responses are more than welcome.
Those days when @thepickythinker was alive.
. . People were, easily, the best part about whole trip and for once I regretted not knowing Hindi.
. Beaut Himachal storehouse ft Wes Anderson colors. . . . . . #ShotoniPhone #the2017series #accidentallywesanderson
There's a beauty in it's inaccessibility. . . Until next year babe,
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