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. . Here’s the last set of pictures from the trip. Arunachal, you were swell.
. . All things pretty from the North East.
. . The first image here was something new I tried at Arunachal. I was reading Berger's Art of seeing whenever I wasn't dying in the train and was very impressed by Claude Monet's work in art. The way in which details were delivered, like most impressionist paintings, was very interesting visually. Although pure impressionism does not deal with black, I wanted to try something out on a monochrome picture with an impressionist influence. And the image was the result. . . Second one, like most of my pictures, was shot as part of a imaginary video I'd shoot. It's gets wierd at times as I'd know that it's a bad photograph but I'd still love it for shot I imagined for it. It's an exciting exercise I've been doing for a long time now and I can pretty much recall the imagned shot for all my favourite pictures. . I personally find it fascinating to explore the line of link, that holds various communicative visual mediums together. It's not really a novel idea, iconic directors and cinematographers have been doing this for too long. I've just started reading on paintings. So please do text if you have any recommendations on leads I can follow on.
. . Tawang Monastery, 2018. . Of all the Monasteries I’ve been to, this was probably the most important with immense religious and political relevance. That’s broadly marked in the fact that this one was of very few shrines that survived Mao’s cultural revolution. . Painting in holy spaces was seen as distinct achievement in one’s artistry. The glorious court room walls stay true to this. It’s rich with a good blend of Chinese art adapted to the region’s reality, a common hallmark in Buddhism. Couldn’t take any pictures inside the holy space, I probably wouldn’t have taken any even if I could. . . All of the above images are straight out of camera JPEGs.
. Toffee thief serving his sentence.
. Another reason to not leave the hills. Here’s a bundle of joy spotted near the Monastery in Bom Di La.
. Little Natpu and lot of smiles from @wildwarriorrace 's.
. Few from the photo assignment for @wildwarriorrace. . . It was a good day bois. @rango_08 @kranthichaitanya @_magdum @arjunvelmurugan
. 6.
. Upper and lower.
. Massive respects for what these men do day in, day out.
. Blithe. @caramelcurrant.
. Hello from the other side.
. Lungs and liver eh?
. I didn't make it this far just to make it this far.
. To the women who rule my life, you are my sunshine in the darkest of days.
. Never believed in true love, until I saw nurses in Himachal. . . One more time, My stunning Himachal. . . . . . #truelove #saveoviya #india #spiti #himachal #iphone
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