i will MAYBE get a tattoo of my username when i reach 3.14M so follow me. ✉️ 3.1415ig@gmail.com

chinese dramas are the worst
When was the last time your gift made your sweetheart cry? A star map of the sky above you when you met will get the reaction ✨💘 Check out @underluckystars
me and outside lands
LMAO shsjksksksk meeee even tho i’m at community rn LOL... woot woot
facts. pineapple with fried rice is also good. and pineapple with meat. and frozen pineapple. pineapple is the best
uhm hi this is genius wow
tom holland is so cute
brown eyes are better
i used to hve a one direction fan account ... uhh ya..
This is... uhm
if you haven’t checked @iamathicchotdog , you should!
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