David McDonald

Before the floodgates opened in the game and the sky. Stroman pitched a great game! #gojays
Made back to hotel after a couple sprints and slides along the way. We got soaked and so did the Jays. It is wet out there #sixpool
The reason I get to celebrate today and be thankful for being a proud dad. Happy Father's Day to my Dad @uptheglens and all the dads!
Happy Birthday to my little Bug! 21 already and I remember that special day like it was yesterday. I couldn't be more proud of you and your accomplishments - congrats on the making the Dean's List at U of C.
All 3 Ch's dressed up for the graduation ceremony of the youngest. Congratulations Chase, you looked great, did great and will accomplish great things.
A little road trip with my favourite daughter @_chelmcdonald
Big day for you @uglychase ! Congrats!
Happy Birthday @_mkdonald ! Very proud of your accomplishments and for being a great big brother and son.
Starting new chapters at Lord Beaverbrook for Chase and U of Calgary for Chel! So proud of you!
Happy Birthday Chase
Take it one step at a time!
Under Brooklyn Bridge
Sugar cane plantation outside Baton Rouge.
The Big Smoke!
Catching up on some reading, but not getting it!
Something different in D.C.
The sun is trying in TO!