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✖️CMPB🏀 #40 ✖️ @sierrafreese

Happy Mother’s Day to all those beautiful strong ladies out there killin the game❤️ Cotillion was a success and I even got a little workout in my tux 😂 Yesterday I practiced for about an hour in the rain and than had to go to dunkin to dry off my t -shirt. But it’s pouring rn and I can’t find an indoor gym so if anyone knows a cheap place I can go please lmk asap😂 Hope everyone is having a great day and a great Mother’s Day🔥💍 #transgender #cotillon #prom #transathlete #ftm #basketball #trans
Cotillion 2k18💍
I don’t understand why people have to attack me and my relationship like I’ve been dating my girl for almost 2 years, I will never chose ANYONE over her🤷🏼‍♂️ Simple as that. I do nothing to anybody and I basically lost all my friends because nobody knows how to just drop drama🤦🏼‍♂️ well listen if you’re my friend lmk because I’m not going to deal with the shit no more, I need to focus on my girl and basketball and THATS IT. Anyways I hope y’all are having a great week, I have cotillion tonight and I had a pretty decent practice yesterday night so I just have to keep pushing and practicing to be the best I can possibly be. Everyone stay motivated this next coming week and start making your dreams turn into reality 🤩‼️ #prom #cotillon #trans #ftm #transgender #pridemonth #motivated #success
Holden told me to post so I’m just gonna go for it😂😂 Hope y’all are having a great week so far, I’m picking out my tux for cotillion today!!
What’s up y’all? As I say all the other times I hope you guys are having a great day, and yet again my day has been shit. It’s okay tho I’ll get over it🤷🏼‍♂️ if anyone wants to chill this week hmu‼️ #trans #Ftm #transgender #wtw
Happy Sunday everyone! I think today is just going to be a chill day for me because I was out on Friday and Saturday so I’m probably just going to stay inside today. Hopefully y’all had a GREAT weekend. I might make a new YouTube video SO PLEASE LEAVE SOME VIDEO SUGGESTIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW! This is a throwback 😂😂
How’s everyone’s week going? Mine is going alright it was my girlfriends birthday this week and that day was really fun even tho she ran me dry on my money😂 I kind of just chilled around this week , went to basketball practice and worked. Hopefully next week is better emotionally and physically, hope all of y’all are having a great week🔥‼️ #ftmtransgender #ftm #hmu #athlete #workhard #motivation
Miss me wit that bullshit😴
Broken Hearts💔 Turns To Bombs 💣
I’m heartless 💔
Suicidal thoughts💔
Six Flags with her and everyone else yesterday was a success😩💞 ( @sierrafreese ) (@bruhitsbellaa ) ( @itsjustresa ) ( @http_shane ) 4.14.18🎢
Y’all thought it was over for me? Nah just gettin started😂🍇🏀 #ThisIsMyPassion #since1stgrade #trusttheprocess
Purple on my body like jelly🍇
#Train your mind to see #good in #everything .
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