50 Cent

@lecheminduroi @thisis50

Le Chemin du Roi (The KINGS Path) is the new wave, we lit 🔥 distributed by southern wine and sprits. Aged 4 years product of France. #power
The First Family of hiphop is going on Tv. We lit 🔥🤨😡get the strap
Aww man 😆😡get the strap.
I think I’m gonna go check this out in LONDON, that King MO vs Ryan Bader fight was crazy. 🤨😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi
The little homies good now,🤨l love this. Shit Yal was making it hot,LOL 😡get the strap
Oh so now you little bums on the internet trying to help jimmy 🤨😡 get the strap
See that 👀 they talk about my drip,then l go gator and suede on these hoe’s. You Harlem Fashion nova ass niggas. 🤨😡get the strap
If I’m not your favorite, l want to know why 🤷🏽‍♂️ all l do is win. #lecheminduroi
Jimmy you lucky they put you in the truck 😆LOL 🤨😡get the strap.
l have a unscripted show idea Thats gonna blow you away, now that I’m being pulled into a reality show’s story line. LOL🤨get the strap
Good morning people let’s work and be productive today. 🤨😡get the strap
Oh Lisa stop, 🤨don’t make me tell your mom. LOL Photo Credit: GloriaAllred.com 😡get the strap
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