Steve Teitel

Liu post 2016

Happy 43rd anniversary to good ole Bobby and Wendy T #43rdanniversary #nowindsunchange
Today we remember the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep our freedom and country safe. We cannot thank our troops enough for what they do for our great country. Never forget the ones who have fallen#memorialday #proudamerican #neverforget
Happy birthday 63rd birthday to Wendy T. Stud of a mother and even a better grandmother to Ryan #63
He wouldn't take off his paw patrol glasses and wouldn't let me take mine off #youngryan #hopenosquirtgun
Young Ryan is a truck guy just like his uncle now
Happy 66th birthday to the legendary Bobby T, still running 5 miles a day
Now proud owner of a ram 2500 #slingthemtiles #2500
This made my day, thanks to @chrissano13 and @jessetoscano_ for showing this to me on @barstoolsports #vivalastool #lonedreidel #nycsantacon
Solid way to send off a seal for his last weekend here in a while @anholzer #santacon #saturdaysarefortheboys #lonedreidel
First Halloween firing it up with this little guy with Thomas #repecthepouch #buffchicktuesdays
Prior to the big wind sun change, making it a tough lefty for bubbles #novelopouch
Happy 33rd birthday to my brother Mike
Very rare for Ryan to have both uncles and his grandpa in one house at the same time. Fuel up the 2nd birthday
Happy birthday to my nephew. Can't believe he's 2 already. Soon he will be on a perma bulk like his uncle #demRyan #youngstud
The kid rakes, might be a future player to be named in a trade #daddyhacks
The only people who don't like Pete are baseball writers and Detroit Tigers fans #greatamericanballpark
Deficit deads are not too bad for us midgets #respectthepouch
Happy 42nd anniversary to these studs that I call parents. Don't know where I would be without Bobby T and Wendy T
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