💫Your Health, Quality & Preference 💫30 Years Experience in Every Meal 💫National Food Hygiene Award 💫On-time Delivery 💫Repeat customers: Falz &Wizkid

A London based food business specialising in Nigerian cuisine. 30 years professional experience in every meal, we make Londoners lives easier by cooking weekly meals to your preferences and we take care of your health by using “grill instead of fry option” and careful fat removal. We sell reliability, excellence and high quality through our freshly prepared and high quality personalised meals. Our meals have been ordered by celebrities: Falz , Wizkid, and Tiwa Savage. Fun fact: We were the official caterers for the first African sell out event at the O2: Afromusik Please do us the honour of keeping us on your timeline by simply clicking the follow button on our page. We official launch in September, have a golden day. Till then we have sample giveaways, keep in touch. -We are 5F 💫 Golden standards
5F💫= Perfection. Extra care is taken in the selection of the plantain type and oil temperature to prevent excess oil and sogginess.
This Ofada contains at least 5 types of meat, all grilled. Minimum use of olive /sunflower oil.… Tasty and guilt free. -At 5F your health and preferences matter.
Tasted our golden, crispy and succulent pies?👀👀👀 If yes, reorder. If no, you’re missing out BIG time. Our meat pies are outstanding ( psst it’s a 10 year recipe), 3650 days of golden touches means perfection.
...because 5F aims for excellence from our meals to services. We have been privileged to serve movie stars, musicians and various professionals all around London (soon the world) -The golden spirit💫
Yaki Udon with Tiger Prawns and Mushrooms. 5F is creative and unique. 💫
5F at the Shard. We make every experience better...even fantastic & world class views.
The real assorted Egusi. 3-4 types of seafood and 5 types of meat. Every bite is a mouthful
5F makes EVERYONE happy. Delivered to professionals.
Upcoming : We are adding Lobsters to our menu. Very well seasoned lobsters. Comment 💫 if you can’t wait!
From white to black (see previous post) In honour of Wiz Lion, at 5F we believe our customers deserve special treatment. Hence why all our perfected meals are made specifically for each person, with their health in mind. 5F ⚫️💫: The golden spirit. #5franklin
When our special customer shows the world how it’s done. He’s wearing Gold 💫. @wizkidayo -5F the golden spirit.
5F pack majestically seated at the back of a customers car , about to hit the road. Did you know you can pick up your delivery throughout the day from 5F at a chosen location. -5F💫
“ You will know how much you’re missing” her exact words. From you to us, our chilled Zobo on the table of our special customer. Our Zobo drink is a perfect blend of natural, healthy , delicious and refreshing. It has been described as: Delicious and tastes sooooooo good, by yourselves. She drank it ASAP , she couldn’t even wait!! -5F💫
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