Currently on tour #98christmas Tickets ⬇️

We have several California shows this week. Hoping that all of you, your families, your homes and your pets are safe from the fires. We ❤️you CA! See you tonight Riverside.
Who will be picked tonight in Reno? 🤔
It’s international #NickLachey day! 🎈🎂 If you happen to see him roaming around, please make sure he has a Miller Lite in hand🍻 Happy Birthday @nicklachey !
@thedrewlachey is back to making his targets, maybe we should challenge him on the next one? 🎯Who has a #ChampagneToast VIP package? 🍾🎄
#98christmas is off to an awesome start and we’re only just beginning. Get your tickets at 98degrees.com 🎫🎄🎶❄️
We’re playing in Vancouver, BC tonight, but otherwise we would’ve been looking for all your #IVOTED stickers in the crowd. See you tonight!
One week down ✔️ Starting week two of #98Christmas in Vancouver tomorrow!
We can’t seem to agree on which list we’re on this year so what do you think... naughty or nice? 🎅
We have one more show in Canada on the 6th before starting off our U.S shows in Washington. See you in a few days Vancouver! ❄️🎶 (📷 @stageleftcreative ) . Styled by @johnpaulricchio
Thank you @dakotadunescasino , you really helped us kick this tour off right! We will see you tonight Alberta (📷 @just_janna )
Last night we kicked off our tour with an amazing night in Winnipeg. We have 7 weeks to go and many more cities to see. We can’t wait to share what #98christmas has in store for you all! 🎄🎶🎤
For those of you not attending our show in Winnipeg you can catch us tonight on @entertainmenttonight at 7:30 pst with @keltie who still hasn’t let go of that record. Find your local listings at etonline.com/showfinder
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