Ahad Raza Mir

Parwaaz Hai Junoon ready for take off. First teaser out tomorrow. #phj #nospeednothrill #humfilms
Parwaaz Hai Junoon Releasing worldwide this #EIDULFITR2018 #PHJ #NOSPEEDNOTHRILL #MnDFILMS #HUMFILMS #PakistanAirForce
Zalima Coca-Cola piladay.
Sometimes it's difficult watching someone you've always seen as a baby...become a man er....a bro...or a dude. He has always been a little baby for me....but I guess now I have to accept hes now all grown up...... LOL you still a lil baby fool. Can't even grow a beard or do taxes. You suck. Ok but happy birthday. Love you. But like stop wearing my clothes please ok thanks.
The most fun on set is when @sajalaly pulls out the camera. To be continued.
When you choose, choose wisely. Take your time, dont rush. Sort of like when you choose dessert or... like a life partner or something...OR what kind of suit you want to wear.
Thanks for making this year a great one. Always remember to think big.
What a night. Thank you. @jermynst and @gomilaintersole thank you for making me look good and @iambabarzaheer for the awesome hair!
This is me thinking about my fans. The one thing I can't believe is the love you all give. Actual genuine love. Those of you who visited me while I was filming, thank you for taking the time, making the effort and most importantly for waiting! And as always my favorite @jermynst is behind the kurta.
Meet my #1 fan since day 1. Literally. And yes my hair is cut out of the frame...but the highlight is my mother sooo....
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