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I’m a cool Mom 😎 @Nalahrose_ Taken af 💍 @Rob_gooch Boss moves at @Pumpfidence 👠👠 Enlightened & heightened 🙏🏽💫 INTENSIVES ↙️

💜🚧 GOOD CAUSE AHEAD 👬🌈 This is my dear friend @drew3v. He lights up my life and my @Pumpfidence classroom. One of those souls that you can’t leave not feeling absolutely amazing with. Pure, pure stuff. Good vibes all the way. Well today he opened up to me and some of our close friends about his life. Things we never knew. It was a very innocent talk that led to an outpour of some of the ugliest truths I’ve ever heard. It broke my heart. I will not share all of them but 1 because only 1 did I actually see how I could make a difference. Not too long ago, Drew was punched in the face 8 times by a disturbed man pissed that Drew is simply gay. That man knocked out Drew’s two front teeth. He removed his retainer that holds 2 temporary veneers attached to them exposing the gap in his smile. He so innocently shared that he just can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on the real ones. He moved on to wrap his story up with positivity somehow and took my class with this light about him that is extraordinary. I did not forget what he shared. I created a GoFundMe to help raise $8,000 to get the veneers he so fucking deserves! WE ❤️ YOU DREW He will never forget ANYONE that donates their hard earned money because every time he smiles, he will think of this GoFundMe and this community and how we made it possible. Link -
We can learn SO much from the way our children L💗VE! Thank you Bean for showing me. Pay so much attention to what your children love naturally too! They will show you if you create that safe space. It’s astounding how much Nalah naturally loves ALL dogs! We met this one at the park and the owner had to pull him away. Her heart is SO big. #AngelOnEarth #MomentsLikeThis
H E E L S 💞 🚧 Long caption ahead So much truly goes into becoming a powerful “heels” dancer than meets the eye. This is still considered a new dance style that doesn’t go decades back like the others. The things I know about dancing in heels now is not something I was ever taught by a teacher. Not one thing. They are only valuable things I figured out on my own through all my Industry trials, errors, absolute successes, genuine care and actual rebuilding of my body! I grew to learn every single necessary element through teaching my own style of “heels” for 7 WHOLE years, going on a very powerful 8 come January. I was amongst the select handful of heel teachers that ever actually had their own class to teach it and I didn’t just start anywhere... I started at @mdcdance. World famous. I don’t care to call myself some superior title, scream to the world people I’ve trained, or walk with my chin held extra high because that’s not the reason why I do what I do everyday. I have grown far past my ego and it feels so damn good to truly be able to say that because it wasn’t easy. It took soul work and higher awareness. I’m just fucking HUNGRY. Hungry for my passion of dancing that will never stop. Hungry for my passion to teach ALL I know. Hungry to create a community that transcends anyone’s expectations. Hungry AF to light other people’s fires knowing that is me doing meaningful work in my lifetime here! I can confidently say I am a Master of Heels at this point. In college terms, I surpassed my Master’s degree 2 years ago and I am now on to my Doctorate PhD! No time off minus the 3 months I needed to complete having a baby. 💓 I’m a fucking BOSS MAMA here to leave my mark in the best possible ways and I’m SO lit for #PUMPFIDENCE 2019! My 1st baby I will love til the end of time! Do you feel me!?!? 😌❤️⭐️
The sweetest thing 💘 #saturdays
Droppin in a little Nalah Bean to add warmth & humor to your timeline 😂💝 Finally have a day off to focus on what I need to do to get this girl an agent already lol #BornForTheStage
To be happy exactly where you are. To have a backbone with a sweet heart. To be strong but vulnerable. To lead but always stay learning. To never lose your hunger for passion. To light as many candles as possible knowing it never dims yours. To always know you are the OG creating a community. To do it all + love your family. That’s me. HOOD 🖤 MAMA Photo by @brittanyberggren taken at my Industry Intensive: Season 3 Makeup by Me, taught at the Intensive Glam Workshop.
I wouldn’t want to create a family with anyone else. I knew this from so long ago. I feel so blessed a love I always knew was my destiny truly came into full fruition. Let alone, created a being more magical than I think both our wildest imaginations could’ve created. “The best thing you can do for the world is go home and LOVE your family!” - Mother Theresa I thank you both for choosing me as much as I chose you both. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Get your priorities straight and make the ones you LOVE feel it and know it as much as possible! There is no limit! #GratefulForMyFamily #WorkingMommy #KnowYourPriorities #YoullAlwaysFeelRich
My heart melted today. Today was truly monumental for me because it will forever be Nalah Bean’s answer. I am always asked “When did you start dancing?,” and my answer is 6 years old. I get a flashback of my 1st dance class every time. I can’t believe Nalah Bean will be able to say “2” for her answer! It really lights my soul up. She had so much fun! #LittleBallerina #DanceLife #AnythingForMyBabygirl #ImSoHappy
❤️ C L O S E 🖤 Choreography by Me Song by @ellamai Filmed by @kennywormald Edited by @laurengoldie —————————— I am super intuitive with my class every week and what my student base needs. The right way to switch it up for them so they get a little bit of everything with me but also because I need to for my own love of dance too. You’ll never catch me doing the same vibe back to back. Last week’s combo (this video) was extremely focused on dancing slowly with accent hits and mastering important “heel dancing” lines. I have always been proudly in touch with my femininity / sensuality and I truly love watching women find that genuine ownership of theirs through the expression of dance. It’s so powerful. This week’s combo is completely opposite. 😂💯 “Crazy In Love” is Upbeat, Bossy, and Divalicious! You’ll see! #PUMPFIDENCE
Imagine seeing this face saying “Trick or Treat” at your home 😍🏡 She was a hit and LOVED her night collecting candy with her cousins! It was so much fun watching her live her best life ❤️ #knockknock #ilovehersomuch #sheissoloved
How I feel when I see my food coming 🍽😈 | @Rob_Gooch #NalahRoseKnows • Comment your best caption 😂 I’ll Venmo you $1 if you’re best liked! 💯
Have you ever loved somebody so much your heart wants to burst out of your chest and run a marathon? Thank you God for preparing me for Love like the ones my life is filled with. I live for them!
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