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It’s crazy to see that I actually knew myself pretty damn well 10 years ago! Not much has changed to be honest with you guys... The good things have truly stayed and the not so good have evolved for sure. It’s clear I have always let my sensual side shine. It makes up a lot of who I am. Aesthetically... the belly ring and excessive jewelry got swapped out for tattoo work, makeup skills got a lot stronger and internally wisdom a sh*t ton wiser. Oh, and I had a sweet baby! 🤪 #10yearchallenge
THE INDUSTRY INTENSIVE ⬅️ SWIPE Upcoming Date: February 7th-10th 4 Days | 24 Hours | Maximum Growth ______________________________ Day 2 of my Industry Intensive is always the Glam Workshop + Hair Styling + Wardrobe Styling + Professional Headshots 📷🔥‼️ A vital day for all aspiring professional dancers. The knowledge I impart to all my attendees (exclusive to only 12 students each Industry Intensive) comes from all of my professional experiences of 18 years. The trials and errors, the success and the wrong doings, the professional training, and all the real life stages, photo and video shoots come into play! This personal knowledge has lead me to truly finding the keys and having a special way of sharing them with my students while only enhancing ones’ own individuality. I am very passionate about education on ALL the necessary elements we need to succeed as self efficient individuals in this Industry. _______________________________ This post features an exclusive #BTS (filmed by @katherinerealpe ) and 9 headshots from my last Industry Intensive taken by the incredible @brittanyberggren who is my go to photographer for my Intensives. Sign up for your spot in February now! I only have 6 left! Read ALL the rest of the details (Rate and what the other 3 days are filled with) by simply clicking the link in my bio! 👠🔥‼️ Email to move forward with your payment and lock your spot down! Spots are limited in each Intensive. #2019 #BestInvestmentIsInYourself #TRAINING #withBrinnNicole
VALENTINE FINE EVENT 💗🍫💄👠 1 DAY | 5 1/2 HOURS | MAKEUP + DANCE SUNDAY, FEB 3RD 12:30 - 6:00PM 💋 25 SPOTS ONLY OPEN TO ALL 🥳 $250 _______________________ Here are all the details... (This is an originally created event and structure by me) 12:30-2:30pm - 💄 MAKEUP INDEPENDENCE I will be demonstrating how to apply a flawless makeup application LIVE, step by step on myself! I will be explaining every single detail about each step and why we do it as well as the best ways to do it! I care to make sure everyone understands it for themselves because at the same time I am applying the step, you will be applying it on yourself too! 🎨 My goal for this portion is to have everyone leaving feeling fully educated with their own makeup application! I myself went to @tntagency and took their pro makeup course in 2014. The full education I received there in addition to all of my own professional experiences has allowed me to feel extremely confident guiding all in this department. Teaching is very important to me. 2:30-3:30pm - CROSS OVER TIME / CLEAN UP STATIONS / SNACK BREAK / CHANGE FOR DANCE 3:30-5:30pm - 👠👠 VALENTINE’S DAY PUMPFIDENCE DANCE I will be teaching an exclusive combo only for this event that is seductive, sensual, in touch with ourselves and fully focused on slower paced movements. ALL levels of dance are welcome and will excel! Great training here for those that want to feel confident doing a dance for their special someone or solely enjoy it for their own connection. 5:30-6pm - 🎥 PRO FILMING OF THE COMBO Everyone will get professionally filmed and receive their clip for their own keeping (or giving 🥳) TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR SPOT NOW Simply Venmo @Pumpfidence $250 and note it is for the Valentine Fine Event or PayPal making extra sure to select the “Friends & Family” option before sending. I will announce when we are sold out ❤️ #PUMPFIDENCE #TREATYOURSELF
Going the extra mile Could be the reason behind a smile When someone has helped you Let them know Appreciate them as you go Don’t wait for years to pass Don’t let time go by fast Honoring the good Energizes more, as it should For both you and for me Creating goodness Longevity. Thank you @chelsiehill for going the extra mile as the beautiful soul you are, sending me these flowers for all the special experiences you felt I was able to open for you. You didn’t have to do it, but you did. I am inspired by you as much you are by me. I love you endlessly! 💋 Mama
My daughter is the greatest teacher I have ever had. ❤️💯 Sounds funny huh? The truth of the matter is we are here as parents to show them all we have learned thus far, but our children have SO much more to show us if we are wise enough to see that too. Wouldn’t trade being a mother to her for anything! #MyMinnie - Pun intended 💡
It’s almost my personal New Year 🐛🦋 (4 weeks from today. This was from last year.) I feel like all my years led me to be ready for this one and I couldn’t feel more gratitude for that. My intentions for 29... 1. To enter every moment with my own love tank so full that anyone else’s love feels like a blanket on top 2. To be insanely proactive with so much care 3. To master the perfect balance for my life and needs 4. To make the people that mean the most to me always feel my love 5. To stay focused on quality over quantity 6. To see all things as either from love or a cry for love
I tried to do the “pick my top favorite @Pumpfidence combos of 2018” but I can’t tell you freaking difficult that was! I think they all deserve to be relived a little and it’s a lot more fun to see these teasers back to back in this way! It showcases the journey of the year 🙏🏽 And the variety of combos I always care to infuse in the training I offer 💯 I hope you enjoy watching! __________________________ Starting at the very top of 2018, this compilation video features the 1st-5th combo I did of the year! 🥇❤️👠🔥 ◾️ Have you seen all 5 of these combos? ◾️ Which one of the 5 was your favorite? ◾️ What songs do you think I should teach to in 2019? #2018 #PUMPFIDENCE #BRINNNICOLECHOREOGRAPHY
2018 Pumpfidence Travels 🌍👠👠 This was the 1st year I taught in multiple cities and countries 🙏🏽 The last 2 years have held the greatest shift in my professional dance career. Once I became a Mother (2 years ago), I dropped one of my 4 active professions; Professional Dancer. I made the true switch into solely being a Choreographer, Dance Mentor, and Educator. This allowed me to expand my brand in ways I never knew was my greatest destiny. Traveling as a pro back up dancer was my college. The only one I cared to go to! I learned so much about professionalism, people, life skills, relationships and how to handle all kinds of performance / life situations you could possibly imagine! (Starting at 14 and actively working through 27) I have never felt so grateful getting to travel now solely as a Choreographer, Mentor and Educator through my brand of 9 years; @Pumpfidence. I really climbed the ladder. There were NO shortcuts in my dance journey to this very place I feel so deserving of. As I board these planes and teach, I feel such an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, gratitude and peace ☮️ knowing this was not over night success. Only a pure result of dedicating my whole life to my passion, no matter what, and leading everything I do with my whole heart. I can’t wait to expand my heart even more in 2019 with you all!
You must know your own value and worth in order for anyone else to know it too. There is a way to do this confidently while staying humble. This is key 🔑 Egos don’t rub anyone right, even your own. I knew I was coming into my womanhood when I really started to know my own worth and was willing to stick to my ground when it came to forks in the road while remaining calm, collected and classy. Things we truly know about our worth and value should feel similar to what pure peacefulness feels like. Things we are unsure about regarding our worth or value will make you feel uneasy, worried, defensive and fearful. We make the mistake of feeling we need to prove our value and worth to others. Keep in mind, others can only see in you what they see in themselves. Instead practice knowing your own value and worth in all things that you do. Nothing need be excluded. This puts the focus inwards enhancing your own relationship with Self, which organically will reflect outwards; without any force. The real stuff takes time and consistency, but not one second is wasteful. ❤️ BN ________________________ Things I’ve learned through my own life experiences. Trials and errors. Ways I’ve ended up finding success. Makeup by me 💋
Having Nalah has changed my whole perspective on Holidays and even days in general. Every moment is a moment that she could remember forever if we created it to be one that was memorable. It’s in our energy and the things we do to make an environment feel good. I’ve noticed she could get gifts that light her up inside but if there is genuine love, our quality attention, and engagement, the toy or moment actually comes to LIFE! It’s really powerful to see that material gifts are such a loving part of life in their own thoughtful ways but without the other qualities we as divine humans have inside of us that you could never buy, the gifts hold no true life behind them. My Husband has greatly sparked this awareness in me too. That’s what soulmates do! They truly help you uncover more and more Truth! Looking forward to a day of special moments with my soul tribe! Wishing you presence and an abundance of L🥰VE! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU IG FAM! All your love, comments and engagement bring me and my family so much J❤️Y!
She is such a light 💛🙏🏽
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