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Editor, writer, wannabe photographer, traveller, cyclist, food lover, Canadian who, by now, is most definitely half Asian

New bike day! So my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX arrived a month early,...who me, spoiled? Now all I need are some mountains. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia @canyon #newbikeday #fromwhereiride #roadcycling #loves_road_bikes @canyon.bikesociety
Reached my cycling goal for the year in some dirty weather today, which also means I’ve clocked 50,000 kilometres overall on my wonderful Cervelo RS! @travelandleisureasia #tlasia @cervelocycles #fromwhereiride #roadcycling
Winter coat sale on the streets of Bangkok, 32 degrees Celsius. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #bangkok
Winter in Bangkok, it's dropping down to 25C tomorrow, break out the Christmas decorations! @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #bangkok
A Blade Runner kind of morning. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia
It’s December already? Yikes! Our 11th Anniversary issue this month is meant to slow you down so you can take a breath, with stops including Siargao, Japan’s lesser-known ski resorts, Florence and Istanbul. You’ll also find hints on where to travel next and the best of the busy year in travel that has just passed. Happy holidays everyone! @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #philippines #japan #chicago #florence #istanbul #bangkok #macau
Bamboo in a friend’s garden, Lantau. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #hongkong
In the Tai O street stalls, Trump is also bad for your teeth. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #hongkong
Street-side repairs, Tai O. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #hongkong
Fancy coffee machine in my suite but also an old school, Chinese tea-making option. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia @mo_landmarkhk #hongkong
Early morning hotel selfie reflection. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia @mo_landmarkhk #hongkong
Stroll into The Lounge at the @fshongkong don't look at the menu and ask executive chef Andrea Accordi to surprise you. Italian, with a penchant for Thai and Japanese ingredients, he'll stir your tastebuds with scallops and caviar, langoustine in a red curry, melting ravioli topped with truffles, and rare Italian mushrooms on steamed fish. A perfect Friday lunch. I'm free for lunch on Saturday too! @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #hongkong
Layers of Central, Hong Kong. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #hongkong
Go big or go home in Hong Kong. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia #hongkong
This colourful beetroot salad with potato ice cream and herring roe at Amber makes me look like a good photographer! And it tastes even better than it looks. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia @mo_landmarkhk
At Amber, celebrating Hong Kong birthdays before the restaurant closes for a short spell for renovations. Ebisu oyster with radish; Hokkaido scallops with matsutake and truffle; cuttlefish with teardrop peas in a buttermilk emulsion; and roasted wild deer loin with beetroot and a lime puree. Glad I snapped the menu beforehand,...flavours like you never imagined as usual. @travelandleisureasia #tlasia @mo_landmarkhk
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