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When you leave the radio station early due to illness & you have a co-host named @bootlegkev 😳 Can’t wait til he meets my mom #KeepThatSameEnergy
The OG @tooshort came in and kept it 💯 Full interview up now #WestCoast
Let’s go!!!! 🥊 Salute @cnn #KeepThatSameEnergy
🤔😂😆 @bootlegkev
Not too long ago I posted a picture of an elderly white man who was clearly not fuckin w me because I’m a black man.. Since Nov. 3 a co-worker of mine has been holding in her feelings about the issue.. Until Today She sat me down and explained her sentiments. As a white woman she’s outraged and disgusted by the actions of racists and wants to apologize on behalf of good white people. She said she doesn’t want that one man to paint all white people with that bigot brush nor does she want to be identified as anything like him. She & her family go out of their way to spread love to all especially people of color. To sum up the convo she said “I just want you to know IM WITH YOU” .. I’ve heard @cthagod say he would like our white allies to be comfortable enough to say “I’m not one of them” aloud. To be honest I never knew how much someone telling me they’re not racist would mean to me or how good it would actually feel. My co-worker wanted me to use my platform to show love the same way I blast those racists MF’s. That being said.. Attention white friends.. if you’re NOT a racist POS thank you! I appreciate you ! I’m not into praising people for doing what they’re supposed to do initially but I do believe in credit when do. For the record I use a lot of race in my humor because I’m comfortable with what / who I am. If you’re a black or brown person be sure to tell our white allies you appreciate them the same way we would blast the bigotry when we come across it. To my co-worker thank you for that convo and “checking-me”. #NeverTooBigToListen -Hed
Interesting perspective from the OG. Not sure if I agree but still respect. SWIPE 👉🏾 Thoughts? 👇🏾
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Salute the #HomeGrown Homie @reasontde Authentically Authentic Full Interview Link in bio #TDE #WestCoast
Someone asked me why I still pull up and fuck w the new artists.. I told em because when I was 22 trying to make something positive happen for myself, the people “in position” didn’t fuck with us! A lot of people will champion you via social media, ask them to pull up & see what happens 🤔 That being said salute @azjah_ 🙌🏾 If you don’t know.. get familiar #WestCoast
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Check out this week’s #HedsHitList on the Free iHeart Radio App sponsored by #BiggerChoices . I’ve never been peer pressured into anything. From the music I support to not smoking weed, I make my own choices. Be informed - go to
M E S S A G E‼️ Success is a journey that some people can’t make with you.. Salute the #HomeGrown Homie @jag pullin up! Full episode via @HomeGrownRadio YouTube / Podcast #WestCoast
I have questions 🤔😂 #wtf 🎥 Urban Rollout
C O M P L E X C O N salute the good folks @ #1800 & #ComplexCon for having me ✊🏾 #TheCoastGuard
Salute this man who refused to sit next to me in the Dr’s office this morning. As I sat down next to him in the waiting room he sighed loudly to alert the entire office that a man of color has offended him by existing in the same space. When I laughed at him and refused to be moved by his bigotry he decided to move to the furthest seat he could find away from this Melanin that glistens off my skin 😊. Thanks for reminding me that people are still as ignorant in 2018 as they were in the 1960’s. Ironically while sitting here I was texting @cthagod who I’m sure would refer to this as a Mayo Moment 😂 🙅🏾‍♂️ #WakandaForever
I know it’s #FreshBurgerFriday but BRUH! #NexxFries might have to be the play 😩
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