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God, family, #2A . Wife, mama, radio host, TV commentator, bestselling author, advocate. From flyover. Born for the storm. 💪🏼 🐦@dloesch

Youngest asked for a praying mantis for his birthday. Trying to figure out if a juvenile or eggs are the best route. Suggestions from those with knowledge/experience welcomed! #MomLife #BoyMom
231 days ago 39 brave men signed this historic document that laid out how the government is restrained from too much intervention into the lives of its citizens. 🇺🇸 #ConstitutionDay
Wore @silkandstonedesigns ‘s layers to church today. Hands down my absolutely favorite necklaces to wear!! #NotAnAd #AllBlackEverything
Rube Goldberg group science project Saturdays with bonus Bob Ross inspo.
😂 #yall #swipe
Indulge me, he’s too cute. He thinks he’s a people so he sits in chairs and at the table. ❤️ #roccovonlösch #NeedsATopHat #refinedpup
Certain media entities lie and purposefully misrepresent otherwise they’d be forced to address and answer for the wide range of issues I cover. No comment about the racial bias in NY LTC issuance, NYT? No remark on my interview with the Parkland Commission chair saying in conclusion that armed teachers would have saved lives, Newsweek? Nothing on the STL circuit attorney outright refusing to prosecute criminals even for felony charges, USA Today? Watch them engage in Olympic worthy spin on deliberately absurd satire highlighting identity politics in anthropomorphic trains trying to avoid this.
Happy Thursday! Another day that ends in Y. People who clearly are this unhappy in life deserve prayers. Keep your focus.
PARTY WEDNESDAYS! I’ll be on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning in the 8am ET hour. (These guys will be sleeping still 🐶 💤)
To the heroes 17 years ago, six years ago: Thank you for the reminder of who we should daily strive to be and what sort of character we should possess. #neverforget
Viewing wreckage at an exhibit on 9/11 at the Smithsonian. The taller one on the right was five months old when it happened. He’s now a high school senior. I was a young, new mama, barely into my 20s. We went about our morning with the tv on in the background and didn’t realize what had happened until the second plane hit. The world changed. So many heroes that day. Evil is real, but so is good, and good always wins, it already won. My heart and prayers are with those who lived through this and relive their losses every year.
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