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Asked and answered. I have a frillion playlists for various moods and occasions. These played randomly today from my curated general weekend playlist. Enjoy!
Saturday sunshine vibes.
This month’s #Americas1stFreedom . #Relentless 🇺🇸
My jaw hit the floor when I saw that these shirts had sold out at the NRA store. A helpful listener (and member) informed me that the new stock will be in soon. Available in goth black and springtime blue (not what they’re calling them but what I would had I written the description). Wear them to #NRAAM !
It’s a slow news day, apparently.
Fox this morning.
My friend’s sweet pupper, Virgil, just got some very bad news. Please spare a prayer today for my friend and her friend, the latter she had hoped would be around for so much longer. What did we ever do to deserve dogs? You are such a good boy, Virgil. ❤️ #Repost @ameliahammy ・・・ My loyal buddy. I thought he’d be by my side until he was an old man, but that’s not what life had in store for us. He’s only 5, and he has cancer. It started in his thyroid and, by the time we caught it, it had spread to his lungs. There’s nothing we can do. For now, he’s still happy, we have some time left together, and I will pack as much love into it as I can. I love you, Virgie. ❤️💔
Just walking my dog 😂
#NotAnAd but #PatriotMobile has been my phone service for the past three years. A Texas born and bred phone service that supports your Second Amendment right and refuses to bow to fascistic controls of speech. They proudly stand with the NRA and with YOU. I’m equally proud of this company, the quality of connection, service (you speak to real, live people right here in the US!), and affordability they offer — so much so that I wanted to share this radio promo with all of you here. #DanaRadio
Countdown to new beginnings.
¯\_( ツ)_/¯ h/t Redsteeze
Q&A from Thursday’s #TalkShowBootCamp with Drew Anderson, the PD of WDBO Orlando, of my favorite affiliates; and fellow TX talker Joe Pagliarulo.
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