Man Without Fear

I'm here to let people know the amazing feats of The Man Without Fear, Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil

Random Battle ⛔ Daredevil (Marvel) VS Jin (Samurai Champloo) ⛔ 🔼Prep: None 🔽Location: L.A. 🔼Time: 2 PM 🔽Morals: CB 🔼Bloodlust: CB 🔽Gear/Forms: Basic 🔼No Cheap Wins/One Shots 🔽No BFR ⛔ suggested by @death_battle_showdowns
Daredevil stalemates Black Panther after fighting a power armored Wakandan Royal Guardsmen with bulletproof armor, jet flight and the ability to rip apart tanks Daredevil #245 (1987)
SKILL FEAT · Daredevil stalemates Iron Fist 4 pages before Invisible Woman interrupts. Iron Fist is considered one of the best fighters in fiction and Daredevil was able to fight evenly with him.
DURABILITY FEAT · Daredevil is able to take the flames of Typhoid Mary, who had previously KO'ed Jessica Jones, then knock her out.
SPEED/REACTION FEAT · Daredevil deflects an unexpected bullet from behind with his batton making it hit the shooter.
SPEED & SENSES FEAT · Daredevil senses and blocks a bullet Spider-Man didn't know was coming. Spider-Man had the Venom symbiote. Daredevil was also injured when doing so. Side Note: Daredevil's radar sense is comparable, if not greater, than Spider-Man's spider sense.
CLASSIC BATTLE · Daredevil VS Punisher · Prep:None Time: 2 AM Location: Hells Kitchen roof tops Morals: Off Bloodlust: On Gear: Basic No Backup
SKILL FEAT · Daredevil makes Punisher lose feeling in his arm with a nerve strike then proceeds to absolutely demolish him in the fight. Side Note: Daredevil knows everything about the nervous system and how to beat people my attacking specific nerves.
SPEED FEAT · Daredevil reacts fast enough to stop Owlsley's daughter from killing someone. She can move at FTE which is impressive on his part as he stopped her. · Daredevil Vol 3: The Daredevil You Know
DURABILITY FEAT · Daredevil survives and even gets up from multiple punches from the Hulk, he is also fast enough to weave around Hulk briefly. · Daredevil #1 Miller/Janson run
POWERS FEAT · When possessed by a demon in the Shadowland storyline Daredevil single handedly takes out The New Avengers which included Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Elektra, Iron Fist, and more. Ghost Rider even comes and Daredevil laughs off his fire and drains him. · Daredevil: Shadowland Written by Andy Diggle · Suggested by @tourneybattles
STRENGTH FEAT · An enraged Daredevil is able to throw his batton so hard it breaks into a concrete pillar & is implanted into said pillar · Daredevil: Volume 3 Written by Mark Waid
Hello everyone, I'll be here to post feats of Daredevil, do weekly battles with Daredevil, discussions with him, etc. I got the idea to create this account from @deathstroke_feats so follow him