Food Allergy Alliance of the MidSouth provides food allergy support, education, advocacy, & fellowship for Memphis, TN and surrounding areas

Information for Teva’s new #epinephrine auto-injector is now online. You can find details (with printable option) about all epinephrine auto-injectors on our website: faamidsouth.org/epichoices #foodallergies #foodallergy
Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday! We are thankful for our #foodallergy community!
Find #holiday tips from our #foodallergy community in our latest blog post! faamidsouth.org/blog
Attention #girlscouts FAAM is thrilled to partner with the @girlscoutshs on the council's first #foodallergyawareness patch program! We’re kicking off this program in the #midsouth on Sat., Dec. 1 at “Fit’s Inn”. Join us to earn a couple of patches while learning about healthy habits, including how to help our friends with #foodallergies Details and registration can be found on the event calendar: www.girlscoutshs.org Thank you to @foodallergy for allowing the use of the Be A PAL: Protect A Life curriculum in this council-own patch program. We’re excited to continue raising #foodallergy awareness in the Mid-South!
#faactstealghost has been spotted at our #memphis @walmart stores! @faactnews made sure we had plenty of #nonfoodfun options for our teal pumpkins this #Halloween ⁠ ⁠! #foodallergy #foodallergies #KnowTheFAACTs #tealpumpkinproject
We are excited for our 4th Annual Teal Pumpkin Trunk-or-Treat*! If you are part of our Mid-South food allergy community, visit our website for more info about this fun event: faamidsouth.org *This event is for FAAM members only. Join on our website if you are local to the Mid-South and manage a food allergy diagnosis.
Participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project is as easy as 1-2-3! Learn how to include ALL goblins this #halloween in our latest blog post. Let's turn the Mid-South teal! faamidsouth.org/blog #tealpumpkinproject #foodallergies #memphis #midsouth
‪We just received a question about “the best #TealPumpkinProject treat to give out to trick-or-treaters with #foodallergies this #Halloween2018 ”. Answer: To be included! Here are a few fun ideas...‬
October means 🎃 #Halloween 👻 and Halloween can mean the not-so-fun kind of scary for those managing #foodallergies Have no fear, the #tealpumpkinproject is here! The Mid-South has a good selection of teal pumpkins and non-food treats at many local stores. For information on how you can participate in the Teal Pumpkin Project and include ALL children this Halloween, visit: tealpumpkinproject.org
We want to thank the #teachers who include ALL #students in the classroom. Celebrating and congratulating with non-food "happies" are fun for everyone! Have a safe and happy 2018-2019 school year! #foodallergy #foodallergies #inclusion
Thank you to our incredible volunteers for working hard last week to raise #foodallergy awareness in the #midsouth We trained a district of school nurses, a school of 75 faculty and staff, & educated many community members at two events. Beary even helped train Super Girl! Thank you to these supporters for helping us serve our local community: @foodallergy @kidswithfoodallergies @faactnews @sunbutter & Vegenaise
Visit our booth this Sat., Aug. 4 at @latchonmemphis 2018 for info about #foodallergies and allergy-friendly samples and coupons!
We’re excited to participate in @memphismomsblog Hanging With Heroes event on Sat., Aug. 4! Visit our booth for a happy and helpful #foodallergy info! Find more info on their Facebook event.
Thank you to FAAM volunteer, Kelly, for sharing #foodallergy resources yesterday at Baptist Hospital’s Back to School Health Fair. Parents and kids practiced how to properly administer #epinephrine on “Beary” and learned how to be a pal to friends with #foodallergies We thank @foodallergy for our community outreach award which allows us to raise awareness and to FARE, @kidswithfoodallergies and @faactnews for providing resources that help us educate our community.
Visit our booth on Saturday for #foodallergy info & practice using an #epinephrine auto-injector!
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