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💋Makeup Artist 🌴California based 🎩I like hats 🎦 YouTube - Glam N Anne Business Inquiries 💌 My NYX FACE AWARDS VID⏬ #glamnanne

Obsessed with my @mermaidbeads8 braid rings 😍 so fun for festivals or concerts or anything really!! 😍 I’m wearing @urbandecaycosmetics Born to run Palette on my eyes and @toofaced Melted Matte in Bend and Snap 🤗 #urbandecaycosmetics #toofaced #borntorun #braidrings #braids #sandiegopride
I have been totally obsessed with the new @dermalogica Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask! It dissolves blackheads and reduces breakout-causing bacteria! 😍 As you guys know, Dermalogica is one of my all time favorite skin care brands, in fact, they were the first skincare brand I ever used 😱 I also used their New Breakout Clearing Booster which gets rid of breakouts but doesn’t overly dry your skin which is super important to me!! • #Clearlyglowing #DermalogicaPartner #skincare #breakouts
Reposting because now that it’s summer I feel like a need to do this again😆 I have always wanted to do a foot peeling mask and when @graceandstella reached out it I was beyond excited!! This is the Dr. Pedicure Foot Peeling Mask! The mask comes in different scents, Cocnut, Rose, Lemon, and Peach! Basically how it works is you soak your feet in the booties for an hour and then over the course of the next two weeks your foot sheds all of its gross dead skin leaving your feet insanely smooth!! In order to get the full effect of the process I soaked my feet in warm water every day and also I want to mention that you SHOULD NOT peel your skin! This can be very damaging (although sometimes so hard to resist haha) the clip where you see my hand holding some of the skin (EW) was because I had just removed some of the skin that was just hanging there (HUGE EW) but I never pulled and peeled the skin back. Anyway, as you can see I had great results and I would def recommend anyone that has super rough dry feet to try it! You guys can get this foot mask at! WOULD YOU DO THIS?? #graceandstella • • #footpeel #footpeelingmask #peelingskin #gross #hudabeauty #satisfyingvideos #oddlysatisfying
Reposting cause this is such and easy hack! I promise to have new content for you guys in this upcoming week. I have had a really rough couple of days because We had to put my pup to sleep 😞 anyway bare with me and in the mean time this trick will help your bobby pins stay in place all day!! Just spray the bobby with some hair spray and apply as normal! So easy!! • • #viralvideos #bobbypin #hairhack #hairtrick #hairtutorial #hudabeauty #hairspray
Happy Monday everyone! 🤗 today is my last day of being 24 🙆🏼‍♀️ I have been completely and totally obsessed with the new @urbandecaycosmetics Born to Run Palette. It’s like everything I’ve ever wanted and more 😍 obvi that’s what this eye look is from. I liked it so much I didn’t even put on lashes 😱 on the rest of my face: @bareminerals original foundation • @toofaced Love Flush in Baby Love, Sweetheart Bronzer and Better than Sex waterproof mascara • @benefitcosmetics Gimme Brow and Precisely my Brow • Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sun Kissed • @jouercosmetics Highlight in Citrine • #toofaced #urbandecaycosmetics #bareminerals #benefitcosmetics #jouercosmetics
Perfect for that summer time glow!! Can you say OBSESSED 😍 I used my @lovingtanofficial Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark 🙆🏼 I cannot get over the difference 😱 I have never had such a deep dark tan from a self tanner before! If you guys are interested in trying for yourself you can use the code "glamnanne" to receive a free mitt with any mousse purchase 😍 #lovingtan #deluxebronzingmousse
Super easy way to spice up your ponytail game!! 😍 just leave the sides out, pull it back into a pony, braid it about 1/3 of the way, pull the braid apart, then take the side pieces and wrap them around! That’s it!! Takes longer to explain than to do hahaha #hairtipsandtricks #ponytailstyle #braidedponytail #hudabeauty
Super easy way to change up your bobby pin game!! You can do this with regular bobby pins or you can use something like these super fancy pretty bobby pins from @la.ta.da 😍 #bobbypins #bobbypinhack #hairhack #hudabeauty #easyhairstyle
People ask me all the time about my nose ring and it’s my favorite thing to tell them that ITS FAKE!!! I’ve never been one to really commit to piercings so this is the PERFECT solution for me! I can wear it whenever I want or not wear it at all! It’s really the best of both worlds 🤗 I just wanted to share with you guys in case you’ve ever wanted a hoop nose ring but didn’t want to actually put a hole in your face! ( obvi there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not for me 🤗) this hoop is from @mermaidbeads8 I found them on Etsy! Shipping was pretty fast and I’m pretty sure it was only about $10 😱😱😱 thanks for watching as always, love you guys ❤️ #nosering #hudabeauty #fakenosering #piercing #fakepiercing #lifehack
Super easy space bun tutorial comin at ya!! I feel like the hardest part is trying to make the buns looks somewhat the same! Pulling on them once you pin them a bit actually helps! This is super easy and fast! Perf for summer! #hairtips #hairtipsandtricks #spacebuns
Happy Monday!! 😊 This @patchology Flash Patch Hydrating Lip Gel made my lips feel soooo good!! If you are getting ready for a big event or special occasion these are perfect prep for your lips! Do you use lip masks?? #maskmonday #lipmask #patchology #hudabeauty
Had an amazing time at Tea the other day with @ipsy @ipsyos 🍵🍰 I have met some of my best friends through Ipsy and I couldn’t be more grateful for them! Looking forward to the future! My romper/jumpsuit is from @americaneagle and my hat is from a place called G Stage. I’m wearing the amazing @urbandecaycosmetics Born to Run Palette on my eyes and @bareminerals Powder Foundation ❤️ #ipsy #ipsyos #tea #brunch
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