Hilary Lane

Emmy winning reporter 🎦. Fan of good 📚, good company👯‍♀️👯‍♂️ , and the 🥇Amendment. Utica➡️Buffalo➡️Allentown➡️DC➡️ NYC🗽

Thanks for the love over the past few days! Lucky to have friends and fam to celebrate good times with. ❤️
Reported on @cbsthismorning for the first time today. The story was about the school nurse shortage. 40% of schools across the country don’t have a full time nurse. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/nurse-shortages-at-schools-could-be-putting-your-child-at-risk/
Photographer extraordinaire @kengram24 is on the mend after knee surgery. Sweetest dinner buds. ❤️@ingridbsixtwoeight
Pitched this story for obvious reasons... 😍
Love having a @newhousenyc mentee, @kayla_miller10. So fun and she’s killing it. #proudmentor
Living our best snow shoe life.
On location in Syracuse, sending a voice track back to NYC for editing.
Happy New Year! Had a blast in Times Square with @kengram24.
“My little brother...inside and out, he’s better than I am.” -TS🎵🎶. Happy Birthday Philip!
“Marilyn Monroe” in Israeli and International art collection
Heaven #bookstagram
Special last night of Hanukkah. 🕎
The homemade creations you find at @owensbeeeee ’s casa...
Love the creativity at NYC #hanukkah parties@uja
Photographer @kengram24 filming preschoolers brushing teddy bears’ teeth and putting them to bed to learn about healthy sleep hygiene.
Heartbreaking/surreal past few days. #prayersforpittsburgh
Pittsburgh victims. If you have an extra sec to think about them...🙏
The miracle of lights thanks to @kengram24.
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