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Special last night of Hanukkah. 🕎
The homemade creations you find at @owensbeeeee ’s casa...
Love the creativity at NYC #hanukkah parties@uja
Photographer @kengram24 filming preschoolers brushing teddy bears’ teeth and putting them to bed to learn about healthy sleep hygiene.
Heartbreaking/surreal past few days. #prayersforpittsburgh
Pittsburgh victims. If you have an extra sec to think about them...🙏
The miracle of lights thanks to @kengram24.
When a 🍝 strainer doubles as a mic/lipstick holder. @kengram24 wants you to know he has named it KKEz450correspondentremotebasket and yes, he has a patent pending.
Brb crying because I am obsessed with @nytimes
Coat thanks to news angel @nikki11nik who literally took her jacket off and gave it to me after I made the rookie mistake of wearing a light jacket for a morning of live shots. 🙏❤️
Testing our shot. 📸 @kengram24
Now that the storm has passed and we are home, I want to give a shout-out to the best team a girl could ask for. Hurricane coverage takes a village, and these two went above and beyond in every single way. On day 1, I asked our fearless producer Dave if we were going to be ok. He looked me in the eye and said "my job is to get you home safe." He delivered. He scouted places for us to stay that would withstand the storm, made sure we had food and water, helped editorially and was a constant support. Gary carried pounds of equipment around Florida, spending hours shooting and setting up and taking down live shots. His camerawork in the conditions was extraordinary. Over meals of tuna and Special K, I got to hear special stories about his family and time on the road. We all spent 15+ hours working together a day, and their calm, kind, helpful natures made the days fly by. They both left their families to do this and treated me like a daughter. On a trip like this, the team you work with is everything...and I couldn't have been luckier. At the airport, I got emotional saying bye to these two (even though we all work in the same building ha.) It was the realization that it was the end of an emotional/eventful/impactful chapter with the most wonderful people I could have ever hoped for. @ddhawthorne
While we are eating our meals of PB and tuna, have no power or running water, using water bottles to shower , and pre-filled trash cans of water to flush toilets... I was just thinking about how lucky we are. We are safe, our NYC homes are still standing. We’ll be able to go home. We’ll be able to take a real shower, cook a nutritious meal. That’s not the reality for hundreds of thousands of people in Florida. They’ll be living like this for weeks or months. So if you have an extra sec, think about them and send some good vibes down the coast. And a great reminder for me to not take anything for granted. 🙏🙏 #hurricanemichael
After the storm.
Mother Nature is a powerful force. This used to be a family-owned grocery store. #hurricanemichael
150mph winds + 30 live shots and now time for a hurricane dinner break. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. #hurricanemichael 📸 caught by our fearless producer Dave
No filter needed tonight. Such beauty a few hours before a hurricane. #sunsets #hurricanemichael
The calm before the storm. #hurricanemichael #cbsnews #cbsnewspath
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