JUST water

Ethically sourced spring water in a paper bottle, cutting carbon emissions by 74% compared to standard plastic bottles. #drinkJUST

We’re in @publix now, who is here for this!? 💧 Our Southeastern U.S. friends have been asking, and now you can find JUST at select #Publix markets. We have Spring Water, Lemon Infused…and who can guess the second Infused flavor we’re selling? Comment with a 🍎 or 🍊 down below and we’ll reveal the flavor tomorrow! 💧 Tag #JUSTxPublix when you pick up your bottle. We’ll be sharing your posts during the month of October ⚡️
School’s out. Who’s thirsty? 💧
This👏is👏how👏you👏do👏it ♻️♻️♻️ @utopia.us made a no-waste chest rig out of scrap materials and recycled JUST bottles Crafty JUST drinkers....what else you got?
REPOST @justuk Icons living at the #StanSmith book signing in London💧👟 #originalslondon @stansmithonline 📸 @just_plain_elyannah
Reduce, reuse, ♻️ _ @_malkaveli
Aim high and hydrate 💧 _ 📸 @capturebycam
Drop a 💧 below if your cart looks something like this when you go to @wholefoods. Get your Spring Water 5 for $5 Infused for 4 for $5! _ 📸 @myselfcare_blog
Who else’s favorite Infused flavor is organic Lemon and do you match it to your outfit every chance you get? 💛
One of our favorite ways to ♻️ _ 📸 @coupleofcockers_
@cesarsway keeping it pawsome as always 💧🐶
Aisle be there 🙏💧💧💧 Get your JUST at @wholefoods at a special price of 5 for $5. Lemon and Tangerine Infused are 4 for $5!
The clouds parted, and the sun is shining through on our sale at @wholefoods !! 💧🍋🍊 _ How is your local #WholeFoods celebrating the official launch of our Lemon and Orange Infused? Get 4 Infused bottles for $5, and 5 Spring Waters for 5! #JUSTInfused
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