John Travolta

Husband. Father. Actor. Aviator. 👫: @therealkellypreston

Today is the anniversary of the first manned supersonic flight! On October 14th 1947, Chuck Yeager piloted this Bell X-1, flying faster than the speed of sound. #aviationfact
Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife! @therealkellypreston
Incredible artwork in the Netherlands by @insane51art
#SaturdayNightFever premiere 1977 🕺🏻
On October 4, 1958, this BOAC Comet was the first jet airplane to carry passengers across the Atlantic Ocean. This journey paved the way for today’s transatlantic flights. #aviationfact
This is my favorite car in the world! The 1955 Ford Thunderbird
Happy Birthday @therealonj !
Home @archdigest 2004 #tbt
At the Telmex Foundation Siglo XXI event last week - I had a great time speaking to over 10,000 of their scholarship recipients! @fundaciontelmextelcel
Rehearsing with Deney Terrio for Saturday Night Fever. 1977
My own version of Monet’s ‘Woman with a Parasol’ #TheForger #throwback
I've been having a great time working for Boeing-the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners. I was especially excited to hear everybody’s reaction to the photos of the model BBJ/Boeing Business Jet I posted from a recent event. I truly appreciate all your wonderful comments and support for something I have so much passion for!
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