I make cosmetics. Since 2010. I love special needs cats. Always cruelty free. Not seeking promoters. I do not send out free products to be reviewed

Rhubarb and Custard Pie lipstick is pink frosty madness. NEW!! Coming Wednesday! Food of the 1970’s Part 2: Stay for Dessert. Modeled by the lovely @agshells 💄💋💕☃️
2 new matte polishes coming on Wednesday too...Coffin Critters and Rabid Weasel! Modeled by creepy plastic fingers 🖤💅⚰️
Caffeine Blush skin swatch...thanks @agshells ! 🔥😸☕️
Caffeine blush. A bronzy sparkler perfect for roller skating dates. Releasing Wednesday with my new Food of the 1970’s Part 2 collection!
Were you just thinking that you REALLY wanted a neon pink hand sanitizer that smells like those old (your grandma had a box somewhere) Andes mints? Did you want it to have an awful picture of some nightmare-ish fruit/savory jello salad called Tomato Aspic? You’re in luck! You can get this item of your dreams next Wednesday when my sale starts! 🍅🥫🤢🧫
More Black Friday. This is the limited edition gift with purchase shadow “Hot Tuna and Egg Buns”. Included for free in all orders during the sale. Modeled by that amazing eyeball of @toribiohazard 🔥🔥🔥
Black Friday sneak peek! New collection: Food of the 1970’s Part 2: Stay for Dessert. For the colors I chose for this set, I went with the mindset of “Frosty as Fuck” I was inspired by actual 70’s makeup, or what I remember it looking like as a kid. It’s soooo Frosty. Shown here is the nail polish for the collection, “Baked Corn Pudding”. Modeled by the lovely @agshells. I’m only running a 3 day sale this year and it starts Next Wednesday 🤗🤗🤗
EDIT: 11 full size and 7 samples are all that’s left! Back up for sale right meow. Get some before it’s gone for real. For real. Hannibal Halloween LE eyeshadow in “its 7:16 pm in Baltimore Maryland...and my name is Will Graham”. In the new shit section on my in profile xoxo
Hey I just listed the last 25 of these Disreputable polishes I made to raise money for my friends at the Cultural Gutter. And tomorrow at 9 am pacific, Hannibal Halloween will be back until the end of the day or sold out!
Did you miss out on “It’s 7:16 pm in Baltimore Maryland...and my name is Will Graham”?!? This Friday 11/9 @ 9am pacific I’ll be listing my second batch of this years Hannibal Halloween LE’s the color shown here and sold out in a few hours last week. I’m making a second run for those that missed out. They will be available until sold out or the end of the day. If any remain, I’ll auction them off for @snap_cats in April. Thank you! 🤗 #Hannibal #fannibal #murderhusbands
Good morning💀. Essential “how is it almost Black Friday?!” Mug by @krystansaintcat 🖤
@balletofskaro in Epistaxis 💉❤️😻
Hello November color of the month...This is Milk of Mercury. Modeled by @toribiohazard and the creepy plastic finger. Hope your Halloween was magical! 🌝
EDIT: sold out! I did NOT anticipate this kind of enthusiasm 🙀. This is my first time in all these years doing a limited amount run, and I’ve learned a few things like limiting the amount people buy. I’m so sorry if you missed out and wanted it! I’m going to make another one time batch of this. Maybe in a week or so. You guys are great and thank you 😽Happy Halloween! My Hannibal LE eyeshadow is available today or until it sells out. Link for purchase on the front page of my site. Hope you love it! 👻🖤💀🧟‍♀️
I’ve got One More Ghost til the end of the month, so make sure you get some! 👻👻👻
This Pee Wee pin came today from @creepcake_photog 🙏
Some swatch photos of my Hannibal Halloween LE eyeshadow! This is all the same taken in natural light. It’s called “It’s 7:16 pm in Baltimore Maryland, and my name is Will Graham” It will be available for purchase on my site at 5 am pacific on 10/31. Only available on Halloween day or until they’ve sold out. Don’t miss it.💀🎃💀#Hannibal #fannibal #murderhusbands
Good morning from Dr. Pickles and Dennis! Do you guys have Halloween stuff going on this weekend? Tag me in your looks! I’ll be at home watching the Friday the 13th marathon on AMC. 🧟‍♀️🖤👻
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