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So glad I left the house today! 😻#blessed 🙏
@glitterbombedcolor with an Epistaxis wing ❤️💉
Hey! You can subscribe to get new product notifications, coupon codes, etc. from me now! Sign up is at the top of my home page. 🙀😻🙀😇
@pixi.mua in Old Bruise, Scurvy, Epistaxis, New Brisket, and Demons are my Bitches 🔥🔥🔥
“What’s on my lab coat?”! Tuesday edition! This week it’s from @littlewounds Also today is the last day to get January’s It’s Whatever box. You have until midnight (pacific). They’re all shipping on Thursday! 👩‍🔬⚗️🧪🦠🧫🐀🍊#whatsonmylabcoat #littlewounds
Hey I just booked this! Let me know if there’s other things in Northern California that I should be vending at. I’d like to do more stuff now that I have time!
EDIT: swatch in my stories!! I got bored yesterday and made a small tester batch of Armadillo Debutante lipstick. It’s up on the website, but no pictures yet. If you want one and already have an order in, put your old order number in your new order notes and I’ll combine them and refund shipping 🤗
Packing up some It’s Whatever blind boxes (bags, whatevs). I’m still selling this months box til Tuesday the 15th and they’ll all ship on Thursday! Sorry this one can’t go internationally :(
Hey I just updated my blush sample set with my most popular colors from last year. You can always choose different ones in your order notes if these aren’t your style 😊
@ohmywenz in Armadillo Debutante 💙
Rammed in the Neck 👊Dr. Pickles swatch sticker by @swatchperfectuk
Sneak peek at a new eyeshadow I made for @glamourghoulbox ‘s January Black Phillip box!
My Best Sellers set has been updated! It includes Caffeine Blush and 3 eyeshadows in Stab You Forever, Epistaxis and Armadillo Debutante. 🤗
Winner!!!! 1st place in my 1970’s recipe contest is fan fav Bologna Biscuits with Vegetables by @melbatoasties 🤢 2nd place is Rich Apple Fool by @marthacollectsmakeup 🤢and 3rd place is Cauliflower and Spinich Noodles by @kmouse76 🤢. Thanks everyone for entering and voting!! Xoxo
Last of the 2018 colors of the month stock updated. Don’t miss out on your fav 🔥
Ok! Time to vote for your favorite nightmare! Welcome to the end results of my Food of the 1970’s contest! You guys went all out, and I’m totally impressed! Please vote for your favorite! 1. Rich Apple Fool 2. Split pea patties. 3. Cauliflower and spinach noodles. 4. Bologna biscuits and vegetables. Voting ends at midnight (pacific) on 1/5 🤢🔥🤢
Do you love surprises?! This is my new blind box called “It’s Whatever” every month will have a different theme and whatever limited edition items I feel like making. It is $16 for about $21 worth of stuff. I’m so excited about this and I hope you guys love it too! Find it in the New Shit section on my site!
Happy New Year! Let’s get it off to a bright start with the new LE color of the month for January! This is Rammed in the Neck! Inspired by @krystansaintcat B&BW posts over the last few weeks. Modeled by the always coming through for me when I slack super hard, @toribiohazard 😽❤️😽
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