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"Get the training and get the information you need to understand how to respond, when you're with one of your loved ones." Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso says our response to a threat has to make children the priority. #nra #nratv #firearms #pro2a
“When are we going to be completely honest and acknowledge the awkward, bullied, sexually frustrated, psychotropic drug-laced, suicidal, mass shooters in the room for what they are? Or are we just going to keep acting like we don't know what's going on in the name of not confronting the miserable reality that they are a creation of our so-called progressive culture and media?” –Colion Noir #nra #2a #progun #nratv #proamerica
#Repost @nracarryguard with @get_repost ・・・ Our training is about taking responsibility. For themselves. For their loved ones. Maybe even for YOU. Featuring: @JessieJaneDuff , @Anna_Taylor_Official , @TactigalNYC , @Dene_Adams_Official , @StyleMeTactical , @KayaJones , @Best_Of_Ess , @Krystal.Dunn , @VegasGunGirl Learn more about NRA Carry Guard training here: #2a #nra #firearms
Nothing Triggers Like Truth. #NRATV
Hillary Clinton just won’t go away. Now she's blaming 'relentlessly negative news' and 'charlatans' for her epic loss. Dan Bongino takes on Hillary's sad excuses in 'Debunking Silly Things Liberals Say' on tonight's #WeStand . Catch it at 4:30 CT/ 5:30 ET on #nra #nratv
Tonight at 5 CT/ 6 ET: Dana Loesch takes on government and media collusion. @dloesch will be #Relentless in her exposure of this ultimate insult to the American people. Watch it live, only on
Mark Robinson, the man who went viral for standing up for the #2A rights of the “majority” and law-abiding gun owners, joins @dloesch tonight at 5:00 CT/ 6:00 ET on #Relentless . Watch it LIVE only on #nra #nratv
NRATV has released the full interview with Colion Noir and Killer Mike. The full interview can be watched here: The interview was recorded on Sunday, March 18. The NOIR episode in which an excerpt of this interview was used released on Thursday, March 22. ​
Colion Noir issues a blistering response to an intentionally provocative video produced by the billionaire-funded, anti-gun "March For Our Lives," which opened with the intentionally provocative question, "what if our politicians weren't the bitch of the NRA?"​ @colionnoir #nra #nratv
A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. I'm Grant Stinchfield. I will defend that freedom. I will fight for every freedom. And I will Take Back The Truth. Because I'm not a member of the media. I'm a member of the NRA. Stand with me. Join our mission to Take Back The Truth.​
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