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. 😷SATURDAYSTUDY📖SESS TIPS TO PASS MATERNITY👩🏻‍⚕️/PEDS👶🏻(SUB & CLICK LINK IN BIO) . 👶🏼Today I answer your nursing questions and today this question comes from “GirveNurse” asking. . 👶🏽“Im in my final 2 semesters of Maternity/Peds & its some of the hardest content Ive had to study. What are some good study tips? I usually copy down notes from classic to a notebook supplemented with my text.” . . 👶🏾“Also does anyone ever feel dumb during clinical? Any help/advice i would appreciate and thanks in advance for your nursing channel.” . . 👶🏿So click on the link in my bio for my NEW Nursing Video as I share all my personal successful tips to prepare you for this particular semester into nursing school. . . 👶🏻By the way have you started preparing for your “Pediatrics and Maternity Semester” my CardiacStrong Nurses? What are your study tips? Or share how you currently study in the comment section below and TAG your 🤓friends! - 👶🏼To keep it 💯% you should be preparing for this particular semester for your first week into nursing school. One simple way to do this is to learn how to break down “Pediatric/Maternity style questions. I hope that you keep up with the daily videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your learnings with those that need to hear it. . . 😷🧠SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS/PRESENTATIONS 📥 EMAIL: Follow👉🏼@NURSEpiration Follow👉🏽@cardiacstrong 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 📽Youtube 🐤Twitter 👻Snap 📩DM me for serious inquiries GoSubscribe🎥Youtube👉🏽 #Nursemendoza Btw New Video in the link in my Bio👆🏽 #NURSEpiration #CardiacStrong #Nursing #RegisteredNurse #NursesUnite #nursingstudent #nurse #nicu #tele #cardiac #love #me #selfie #RN #TAGTHAT 🧠NURSE #Peds #Pediatrics #Maternity
🇲🇽Ya es Tiempo para la cardiacstrong vida❤️💪🏽...... M.E.N. (Men Entering Nursing) 🗣Shut up and Get it Done because we have two ears to listen and one mouth to talk, so more of a reason to pay attention. . Welcome to my personal life when I'm not sporting my Scrubs as a Registered Nurse. "Yes, si Tengo una vida cuando no estoy ayudando mis pacientes." Remember that we have to stay proactive On and Off the clock my fellow NurseBrothers & NurseSisters. . Finally cranked out my cardio last night and formulated a nice stress relieving plan that helps for my everyday nurse life. Lol😉 . People ask me what I do on my days off? Lol & I tell them that I'm always working and have no days off. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Lol I wish I did, but time management & being organized is so important. New goals and ideas are always running 🏃 through me cabezita todos los dias. Lol🤙🏽. . I don't have time to drink, I don't have time to party, I don't have time to waste because you only live once so I continue to push forward and conquer new challenges. . The time is now to stay active and formulate a plan to follow👉🏽@cardiacstrong ❤️💪🏽 y'all. So what are you doing to make your a difference with your body? Don't forget to PLAN Peace, Love, Advocate & NurseGrind GoFollow👉🏼@NURSEpiration #Nursemendoza #nursing #NURSEpiration #Cardio #Nike #Adidas #fitness #PLAN #love #cardiac #CardiacStrong #motivation #inspiration #registerednurse #nurselife #Fitness #Tele #Icu #cvicu #running #exercise #phil4 :13 #runnershigh #DrinkYourHorchata #halfmarathontraining #GettingSponsoredByLosBukis #MoveYourNalgas #5miles #HowsYourCardioRoutine #BeALeader
. “To be a great nurse, you must understand both these❤️hearts” so stay @CardiacStrong ❤️💪🏽 TAG THAT WOMAN THAT NEEDS TO “GO RED.” . ❤️The women I’m tagging are important women in my life, which are my Mother, Sister, Grandma, cousins and aunts. Hispanics have Big Hearts & Big familia. 🇲🇽Hispanics have Big Hearts & Big familia. . ❤️💪🏽Go Red For Women & all my Men too, but this month we are encouraging our women since we want to raise @CardiacStrong awareness of this issue of women and Heart Disease to continue to save more lives. . ❤️💪🏽The movement harnesses the energy, passion and power women have to band together and collectively wipe out Heart Disease. It challenges them to know their risk for heart disease and take action to reduce their personal risk. It also gives them the tools they need to lead a heart healthy life. . ❤️💪🏽In the past, heart disease and heart attacks have been predominantly associated with men unfortunately, but this month we are taking charge for all of our @NURSEpiration women. . ❤️💪🏽Trust me, we aren’t forgetting my @CardiacStrong men because we have been the subjects of the research done to understand heart disease and stroke, which has been the basis for treatment guidelines and programs, BUT it’s time to focus on our women like our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmas, etc. . ❤️💪🏽Yall understand my point my fellow nurses. Anyhow, this led to an oversimplified, distorted view of heart disease and risk, which has worked to the detriment of women. So let’s give our women a shot out here and “GO RED” . . TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS. Go ahead and follow👉🏼@NURSEpiration Go ahead and follow👉🏽@cardiacstrong ❤️💪🏽 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 🎧☁️SoundCloud: 📽Youtube: 🐤Twitter: 👻Snapchat: 📸Instagram: GoSubscribe🎥Youtube👉🏽#Nursemendoza #Nursemendoza #Nursepiration #Nurses #cardio #Phil4 :13 #RN #running #fitness #CardiacStrong #Nurse #RegisteredNurse #nursing #medical #CardiacStrong #Fitness #NURSEpiration #scrubs #registerednurse #nurselife #Fitness #tele #icu @allheartscrubs @scrubsmag #Tele #exercise #phil4 :13 #nursing #womenempowerment #women #GoRed #HappyValentinesDay #Valentines
. 🚨How does accountability pertain to nursing?🚨 . 🧔🏻First let’s discuss the importance of accountability for registered nurses because we are accountable both legally and professionally for our practice, that is, for the decisions we make by utilizing our “Nursing Process” and the consequences of those decisions. . 🧔🏻Nursing is also being able to give our account of our nursing judgements, actions and even our omissions too by our individual critical thinking choices. . 🧔🏻During this process we maintain high standards of competency quality patient care with successful outcomes & high standards of our nursing profession through evidenced based practice. . 🧔🏻Nursing is not for the weak or for the faint of heart. Nursing for example is overall a dynamic field scope of practice that continues to evolve with higher standards of care and continuing education due to an increase of sophisticated and critically ill patients with intense co-morbidities. . 🧔🏻So what do we do? Well in order to offer the highest competent direct care as I mentioned before we have to follow the “Nursing Process”, which is being able to rationalize independently and observe sudden changes in condition. . 🧔🏻The nursing process ensures that we follow the acronym “ADPIE” Assess, Diagnose, Plan, Implement and then Evaluate. The Nursing process goes hand in hand with accountabilty to provide patient safety, comfort, disease prevention and restorative measures through medications, therapeutic agents to implement my patient’s treatment or disease prevention and or rehabilitative regimen ordered by the MD through their evidenced based practice. -NurseMendoza❤️💪🏽 . Written by @NurseMendoza 2/12/19 all rights reserved my fellow CardiacStrong Nurses. . . 😷🧠SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS/PRESENTATIONS 📥 EMAIL: Follow👉🏼@NURSEpiration Follow👉🏽@cardiacstrong 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 📽Youtube 🐤Twitter 👻Snap 📩DM me for serious inquiries GoSubscribe🎥Youtube👉🏽 #Nursemendoza Btw New Video in the link in my Bio👆🏽 #NURSEpiration #CardiacStrong #Nursing #RegisteredNurse #NursesUnite #nursingstudent #nurse #nicu #tele #cardiac #love #me #selfie #RN #TAGTHAT 🧠NURSE
. 😷🧠Turn your POST NOTIFICATIONS ON my Neuro @NURSEpiration & @CardiacStrong Nurses. . 😷🧠Here we have a human 🧠 brain which is explained by Suzanne Stensaas Ph.D professor of neurobiology and anatomy. . 😷🧠She mentions that the brain feels totally squishy and the consistency is much softer than the meat you see at the market. So if you were to pinch a part of the brain it could easily damage that part of the brain tremendously. . 😷🧠So wear your damn protection head gear my fellow NurseGang when you skateboard, bike ride, motorcycle riding or playing football my fellow Sport Players and go TAG that person who doesn't . 😷🧠So here's an update about our 5 important lobes of the 🧠 brain who are currently studying for their next exam. 1. Frontal lobe: Speech movement Reasoning Planing Emotions Problem solving 2. Parietal lobe: Orientation Recognition Movement Perception 3. Temporal lobe: Auditory perception Memory Speech 4. Occitipal lobe: Visual processing 5. Cerebellum: Balance Coordination of muscle control 😷🧠So my fellow NurseGang which part of the Brain is your favorite and why? . 😷🧠SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS/PRESENTATIONS 📥 EMAIL: Follow👉🏼@NURSEpiration Follow👉🏽@cardiacstrong ❤️💪🏽 💻 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 🎧☁️SoundCloud: 📽Youtube: 🐤Twitter: 👻Snapchat: 📸Pinterest 📩DM me for serious inquiries GoSubscribe🎥Youtube👉🏽 #Nursemendoza Btw New Video in the link in my Bio👆🏽 #NURSEpiration #CardiacStrong #Nursing #RegisteredNurse #NursesUnite #cardiacstrong ##nursingstudent #nurse #murse #nicu #tele #cardiac #love #me #selfie #RN #neuro #brain #lobes #TAGTHAT 🧠NURSE
It’s ⌚️time to increase our Childhood Cancer Awareness my Fellow 😷@CardiacStrong Nursing squad. . 🧔🏻Dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis can be one of the most devastating and frightening experiences for a family to face. . 🧔🏻Even though September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, I have to say that childhood cancer is an everyday reality for thousands of families around the world. . 🧔🏻So I have compiled 7 facts you need to know and can share about childhood cancer: 1. Childhood cancer is not one disease, but several. 2. Every day, there are almost 700 new cases of childhood cancer around the world. 3. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children in the United States. 4. Childhood cancer treatment is no longer just chemotherapy and radiation. 5. A cure is not enough. Surviving childhood cancer brings its own set of complications. 6. Data and collaboration with many institutions will help lead to cures. 7. Many families often have to travel for cancer treatment. . 🧔🏻I'm proud and excited to not only teach, educate, but also help for a good cause but representing @loveyourmelon Beenie Raising awareness for childhood cancer. They are dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer. . ❤️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS💪🏽 —— SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS/PRESENTATIONS 📥 EMAIL: Follow👉🏼@NURSEpiration Follow👉🏽@cardiacstrong ❤️💪🏽 💻 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 🎧☁️SoundCloud: 📽Youtube: 🐤Twitter: 👻Snapchat: 📸Pinterest 📩DM me for serious inquiries GoSubscribe🎥Youtube👉🏽 #Nursemendoza Btw New Video in the link in my Bio👆🏽 #NURSEpiration #CardiacStrong #Nursing #RegisteredNurse #NursesUnite #cardiacstrong #❤️💪 #surgery #OR #love #me #Trauma #Emergency #ER #Nurse #Loveyourmelon #medical #PLAN #peace #RN #ChildhoodCancer #Cancer #Pediatrics #Peds . . ❤️💪🏽”Ready to travel and vacation making $7,000-8,000 monthly on your next travel nursing assignment?🙌🏽. Email📥:
😷🇲🇽”Viva La Raza" I literally took the shirt off my back for my cousin who wanted my @cardiacstrong shirt, so I did without hesitation. . 😷🇲🇽Believe me that I wouldn't say no to my familia who've always believed in my CardiacStrong Movement and vision from day one. . 😷🇲🇽Growing up as a kid, we never traveled and went on vacations. I would see the commercials on Saturdays when I would watch TV with my family and ask when we would be going? We couldn’t afford to go then. . 😷🇲🇽I’ve heard the phrase “I didn’t come from much” but as my grandpa would say, "how much money you grow up with doesn’t determine your worth." I grew up with supportive parents and people who loved me. Money can’t buy you morals or character. . 😷🇲🇽I get the question of what keeps me driven often. The answer is not money. It's my passion to change those lives that matter like our patients that recovered from heart attacks, open heart surgeries, CABGS, TAVR, stented patients, telemetry patients etc. most importantly ourselves as nurses or anyone who loves to be @cardiacstrong and live a healthy life. . 😷🇲🇽It’s the ability to manifest something with substance that affects the lives of others around me in a positive way that keeps me driven. . 😷🇲🇽It’s being able to give back to those who supported me and those who continue to support me, like family, friends and everyone else. . 😷🇲🇽It’s the ability to have an opportunity to be great and leave the world having purpose. Each night I am reminded of where I came from and that there is still so much more to be accomplished: accomplishments that can only be achieved by hard work. Now it's time to represent mis latinos. "VIVA LA RAZA" Follow👉🏽@CardiacStrong Follow👉🏽@nursepiration #Nursemendoza #CardiacStrong #cardio #strong #Phil4 :13 #RN #running #fitness #Fit #PLAN #Nurselife #nike #fitness #mentalhealth #Live #VivaLaRaza #🇲🇽 . . ❤️💪🏽”Ready to travel and vacation making $7,000-8,000 monthly on your next travel nursing assignment?🙌🏽 Only serious inquires:” Email📥:
. 😷🔪“ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR GUT” . 😷🔪Are you ready to learn my fellow @CardiacStrong Nurses? So as a Gastroenterology Nurse or also known an Endoscopy Nurse help diagnose & treat patients experiencing problems with their digestive system and their gastrointestinal tract. . . 😷🔪The gastrology nurses also assist their physicians during surgery & did I mention they make between 65-85k a year? The possibilities of nursing are endless my fellow NurseBrothers & NurseSisters. . . 😷🔪So what you see here is an Exploratory Laparotomy or Abdominal Exploration surgery. This is done while the patient is under anesthesia to look at the organs and structures in your belly to help further diagnose the specific area. . . 😷🔪Tag a friend to help us spread this great nursing @NURSEpiration medical Nurses! 😷 . 😷🔪TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS💪🏽 —— 😷SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS/PRESENTATIONS 📥 EMAIL: for 😷🎤 . Go ahead & follow👉🏼@NURSEpiration Go ahead & follow👉🏽@cardiacstrong ❤️💪🏽 💻 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 🎧☁️SoundCloud: 📽Youtube: 🐤Twitter: 👻Snapchat: 📸Pinterest 📩DM me for serious inquiries GoSubscribe🎥Youtube👉🏽 #Nursemendoza Btw New Video in the link in my Bio👆🏽 #NURSEpiration #CardiacStrong #Nursing #NursesUnite #cardiacstrong #❤️💪 #surgery #OR #love #me #Trauma #Emergency #ER #Gut #Stomach #medical #TagThatNurse #PLAN #peace #GiTract #intestines . . . “Guess what? “You’re lucky if you’re reading this because I’m taking the next 10 people who are ready to travel and vacation making $7,000-8,000 monthly on your next travel nursing assignment?🙌🏽 Only serious inquires:” Email📥:
❤️💪🏽BUENOS DIAS MIS PROUD🇲🇽HISPANIC ENFERMEROS. . Being Hispanic is something to embrace, cherish & love. Most of us that grew up w/ this gift can relate to these signs. Which number can you relate to? Also what may be another Hispanic trait that occurs at your house? . 1. 🇲🇽When your mom talks on the phone, and you can hear her from another planet. 2.🇲🇽When Superstitions are literally your life. 3.🇲🇽 When you learned to check the oven for pots and pans. 4.🇲🇽When the sight of a chancleta sends you running. 5.🇲🇽 When the smell of Fabuloso means there are guests coming over. 6.🇲🇽 When you never celebrate Xmas in the morning because you celebrate it on December 24 at midnight. 7. 🇲🇽 When you know that Vick’s Vapor Rub is the cure for absolutely everything. . Growing up 🇲🇽Hispanic in the United States is one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. So far it has been a journey of excitement, learning, frustration, acceptance and one full happy GI Tract filled with amazing food. The beautiful part of being full blooded 🇲🇽Mexican, is how much of a kick I get out of trying to convince people that Fonzi from el cancion “Despacito” is my third cousin while indulging in my paisa vida being Hispanic there is a 100% chance I will tell you about the awesome experience that is eating Sopes, tostadas, y mi favorito Tacos de Rez everyday. . In my school district, there were few Latinos, which resulted in my peers taking a little longer to get to know me & my culture. In elementary, I was often ridiculed for not being able to speak English correctly, but I didn’t care because I knew I had an outgoing personality w/ a powerful sports competitive attitude playing⚽& always stayed 100% true to myself. . Ive been proud of my ethnicity & don’t ever forget to be proud of your nationality. #VivaLaRaza #Hispanic
. 😷“ILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.” -@NurseMendoza . 😷Marinate on this note again...Yes, I've been asked how long I've been a Male Minority Nurse & I reply with "I've been a male since I was born and a nurse for 8 yrs.” . 😷I remember one said to me, “Being a Male Nurse is like being a female football coach." Then they laughed. But, suddenly when I get their family member extubated, D/C'd their Swan-ganz, Central lines, A-line, all IV Drips turned off & patient's stable, the family changes their attitude real quick and apologizes. . 😷Even though sexual discrimination or gender prejudice took place, that didn't stop me from taking care of them. . 😷Respect what I do!!! I'm proud to represent for all my Minority Male Registered Nurses and my Nurse Sisters too!!! So will all my Male Nurses Stand Up✋🏽and also all my fellow present & future nursing prospects. . 😷Don’t forget to (click the link in my Bio) Follow my Nursing YouTube channel for all of my 4.2 million @CardiacStrong Nurses. . 😷Tag a friend to help us spread this great nursing @NURSEpiration medical education my Nurses! 😷. . ❤️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS💪🏽 . FOLLOW👉🏼@NURSEpiration . FOLLOW👉🏽@CardiacStrong 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 📽Youtube: 🐤Twitter: 👻Snapchat: #NurseMendoza #CardiacStrong #NURSEpiration #RN #Studentnurse #NursesUnite #life #instagood #art #followme #love #me #nurseonduty #NewGrad #nurse #tele #lvn #Nurses #nurse #neuro #micu #icu #er #medsurg #icu #cvicu #cardiac #tele #nurselife #Phil4 :13 #Psalm18
. 😷NOW THIS IS A HARD💊PILL TO SWALLOW. . 😷💊This is an interesting & temporary 6 month Stomach Balloon procedure for those who may want other options rather than a surgical gastric bypass procedure. Hmmm I’m curious how this will play out. . 😷💊Now this is my opinion regarding this procedure, but wouldn’t you think that the balloon is just to make you get full sooner disregarding all certain amount of food your body will need like our vitamins, electrolytes, nutrients & so forth that may cause an unhealthy lifestyle. . 😷💊But before we dive into this let’s first discuss that losing weight is not easy, y’all have never been overweight or obese. It’s way more than just not eating this or doing more of that exercise. There’s is a huge mental component that something like this can help a person to gain control and then develop good eating habits and exercise habits. . 😷💊Now that said here are some possible questions that I had regarding this new “Stomach Balloon” * so what happens if you puke. Or if it pops and you have to 💩it out? * 
Or they could try a healthy diet and willpower. 🤷‍♂️? * 
How about just taking care of yourself independently? * 
Looks dangerous, what happens if you need to pass It?? * 
What happens if it expands in your esophagus? Choke and die? * 
This may be a crutch and does it actually address the eating problems? * 
So after 6 months they gotta pop it inside? 😷💊What are your thoughts regarding this “Stomach Balloon?” Share with your colleagues.👇🏽 . . 😷Tag a friend to help us spread this great nursing @NURSEpiration medical education my Nurses! 😷. . ❤️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS💪🏽 FOLLOW👉🏼@NURSEpiration FOLLOW👉🏽@CardiacStrong 📱Facebook: 🎤PodCast: 📽Youtube: 🐤Twitter: 👻Snapchat: #NurseMendoza #CardiacStrong #NURSEpiration #RN #Studentnurse #NursesUnite #life #instagood #art #followme #love #me #nurseonduty #ER #nurse #tele #Igfamous #patho #Or #NonInvasive . . #TagThatFriend
❤️LET THE BEAT DROP - ADENOSINE . ❤️Greetings my fellow CardiacStrong Nurses, here we have a diseased heart removed before a transplant and remaining active even outside the body, beating peacefully alone. Very interesting right? . ❤️Ok so you ever wonder about our “cardiac cells” and how they function? Well here we can see the driving system providing the heart with its automatic rhythmic beat. Here’s the classic presentation of cardiac automaticity, which is the property of what we mentioned earlier about the specialized “cardiac cells” that we call pacemakers, to generate spontaneous electrical impulse. . ❤️So let’s discuss the pathophysiology of these “Cardiac Cells” which are normally able to generate a pulse & maintain a heart rate compatible with the body's need which are the pacemaker cells in the sinus node & the AV node, among others, which fire at regular intervals & lead to the CardiacStrong beat. . ❤️Now let’s discuss the sinus node which is located at the intersection of the superior vena cava & the right atrium laterally. While the sinus node cells have their own intrinsic automaticity, they are influenced by the sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous system. Y’all remember this in nursing school? Lol so your heart rate increases during exertion or when the sympathetic tone is elevated too. . ❤️So, as you can imagine, the cardiac action potential and regulatory mechanisms are within the heart itself & depend on these intrinsic nodes, not the central nervous system. When the diseased heart is removed during a transplant & the heart loses CNS innervation, the heart still beats but the contraction rate is uncoordinated due to the automatic electrical impulses of the pacemaker cells. So make sure you are up to par on your cardio skills my fellow CardiacStrong Nurses. . ❤️Tag a friend to help us spread this great nursing @NURSEpiration medical education my Nurses! 😷. . ❤️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS💪🏽 FOLLOW👉🏼@NURSEpiration FOLLOW👉🏽@CardiacStrong . #NurseMendoza #CardiacStrong #NURSEpiration #RN #Studentnurse #NursesUnite #life #instagood #love #me #nurse #medsurg #Igfamous #RN #Nursing #lvn #cardiac #tele . . #TAG THAT PERSON WHO LOVES❤️CARDIAC👇🏽
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