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Understanding how to use different types of equipment is so important. During our workshops everyone learns basic concepts of DJing which can be applied to turntables, CDJs, controllers, and even cell phone apps!
🙏🏽 thanks @scratchdjacademy
Last weeks workshop was so incredible😭 Thanks to these amazing women who attended, we were able to raise funds and a car full of goods to donate to the @lalgbtcenter which directly supports the Los Angeles Women's Network! Shouts to serato, @bpmsupreme , and @scratchdjacademy for donating resources for the class too I love y'all ❤️ . . Follow @pwrxkittens for updates on upcoming workshops!
Our friends @bpmsupreme have been such a lovely support by helping get the word out AND donating free memberships for workshop attendees! Love y'all 🙏🏽 Event recap link in bio
Thanks @billboard ❤️
Yesterday was wildly beautiful❤️ These incredible women came together to learn something new and support other women in need. My heart is so warm and full right now! We raised an incredible amount of money, my car is full of necessities to donate to the LA Women's center...this is more satisfying than playing in front of the biggest festival or any other career landmark in my opinion. Thank you ladies so so much for being a part of this! Xoxo -KITTENS . . Stay tuned for recaps and future #pwrxkittens dates!
Thanks @massappeal for the love and support❤️ #pwrxkittens
So excited to announce the first PWR workshop! @iamkittens will be teaching the basics of DJing and other helpful tips for navigating the industry as a woman. Best part? We raising money for women's shelters! Link to apply in bio. Space is super limited but we'll be hosting more! And if you'd still like to donate you can just say so in the email. ❤️ #pwrxkittens