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Part 2 of Jeff O’Connell’s podcast is out and I’m thinking we should start this Wednesday off the right way. Instead of reading petty gossip or looking for things to criticize others for, I want everyone to go out and give at least one compliment to someone you talk to today. Let’s all try to focus on the positive things surrounding us. If we can put those good vibes out into the world, I promise it will come back ten fold! There’s nothing cooler than being able to be the catalyst to brighten up someone else’s day! Be sure to check out this positive, informational podcast by clicking the link in my bio. #LiveLifeBetter
Congrats to my pops and my big sister for their incredible performance in The Mule. Can’t wait for the world to check it out this week!
Can’t wait for this..... it’s a wild ride. At 88 still killing it. Think It’s one of his best yet. Hope you all like it. #themule
Been an incredible week of spear fishing ,diving, surfing, o and swimming with killer whales 🐳. Wow. Speared some wahoo for dinner. We will eat good tonight. @culvernation and @parkstrailtale and the captains of all captains. @kbo_ha_nn_on flinging arrows at fish, Gotta get you out here @cameronrhanes. But you would probably just master spear fishing and then dominate that too. #killwhatyoueat #eatwhatyoukill
Stopped at some random beach along the coast of baja to get a beer, and while eating lunch saw a group of Orcas out in the bay. We grabbed the paddle boards yelling at each other to paddle faster thinking we lost them until @parkstrailtale started making orca noises and slapping the water with his paddle. They turned around and came in to check us out!! Dory was right. We do speak 🐳.
Driving down thru the heart of Baja. nature is ruthless. You have to fend for yourself. No AAA down here. Your in your own. I love this tho. It forces you to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. It also has some of the most amazing untouched places on the planet. On a little spearfishing/surfing trip for a while. Will keep posting when I can. Telephone es muy malo.
Baja........ mans best friend.
Did you know every 5 seconds someone develops diabetes?!Jeff O’Connell is a two-time New York Times Bestselling Author. This week on Live Life Better we talk about his book Sugar Nation and overcoming diabetes. I had the chance to read this book about 6 months ago and loved It! Hope you guys enjoy. Link is in my bio! #LiveLifeBetter
I had an amazing experience with everyone who was a part of @awalkonwater. It was awesome teaching the kids how to surf and sharing my love for the water. If you’re looking to donate this Giving Tuesday, @awalkonwater is a great nonprofit.
Thankful for these ladies. My Sisters. where you at Franny? we missed you. #thanksgiving .
Laying down to thanksgiving dinner like........
#Repost Thanks for finding this @ludacris. I almost cried ・・・ #nowthatsludicrous
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