Created by Andy Rubin. We believe simple is always better and that technology should work for you. See the world through our lens. #EssentialPhone

Drink it up ⛲ this incredibly cool and creative #TinyPlanet was captured by #EssentialPhone community member @atx_360.
Can you name this famous Canadian lake? The iconic blue-green lake, which gets its distinctive color from the refraction of light off rock particles deposited in the water, was once featured as one of the main preview images for Google Android. This gorgeous view was captured by #EssentialPhone community member @iv.natalya_.
For the ones who find balance in form and function. #ThisisEssential
For the ones who see different as the new normal. #ThisisEssential
For the generation who finds the rhythm that unifies our world. #ThisisEssential
For the faces of change, the fresh eyes, and the minds learning beyond the classroom. #ThisisEssential
“I imagined as if Essential Phone crashed into some metal object from outer space and dented this thing it landed in. A scene that would cohesively tie into the sci-fi theme I worked with.” - @lukesmk #EssentialPhone
“A small pop of color on the blue breaks up the tones and gives depth and context as to what space and dimension this photo was living in.” - @lukesmk #EssentialPhone
“What I enjoy most about Essential Phone is its simplicity and sleekness. It exudes a depth of tranquility that’s manifested in this blue lagoon scene with the white Essential Phone reflecting off vinyl.” - @lukesmk #EssentialPhone
“My first thought of looking at the 360 camera was that it looked like HAL 9000 from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’ In the movie there were close-up shots of HAL, and the lighting that you would catch on the glass was beautiful. For this shot I added bounces and gels to certain lights to get small red reflections on the lens.” - @lukesmk #EssentialPhone
“When shooting Essential Phone I started by thinking of how to make something you see everyday—a phone—look like something you’ve never seen before. This shot is one of my favorites. It has a strange depth that looks like planetary terrain.” — @lukesmk #EssentialPhone
“A curtain is theatrical, a portal to an escape.” —@lukesmk / You are about to witness a story unfold, with Essential Phone front and center. Introducing photographer Luke Sirimongkhon, who captured Essential Phone through the lens of his wildest imagination. Over the next week, we’ll post Luke’s photo series with quotes about his inspiration for each shot. Tap the link in our bio to read an interview with Luke and learn more about his approach to this project. #EssentialPhone
Weekend views await. #EssentialPhone
Congrats to the winners of our #TinyPlanet contest! We appreciate everyone who participated – you made it difficult to pick winners from so many incredible entries. Stay tuned for future contests. In the meantime, tag your photos with #EssentialPhone for a chance to be featured.
Groove into the weekend with our new @TIDAL playlist, Timeless Classics by Essential, and discover new layers of sound in these old-school favorites. Tap the link in our bio to listen in Master Quality on your #EssentialPhone now.
We’re proud to bring Android 9 Pie to Essential Phone the same day it’s released! Check your phone now for the update. 🥧 #EssentialPhone
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Where in the world are your summer adventures taking you? Whether it's to ballparks, beaches or anywhere in between, share your best #TinyPlanet photos or videos tagged with @ThisisEssential + #TinyPlanet by Aug. 6 to enter to win Amazon gift cards. Tap the link in our bio for full rules. 📸: @DJSkee
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