They call me unpredictable no 2 day on my timeline is ever the same

I’m going to look back at this time..... Someone is going to save this post and remind me of where I was in this moment........ And where I will be a few years from now.......... God I love you for what you’re doing...... I repeat Lord I love you..... And trust you with my life..... Amen...!! #VoltronEnterprisesChairman #VoltronStudiosHollywood
My God!!!!!!!!
FATHER GOD IM SCREAMING YOUR NAME I SURRENDER TO YOUR WILL AND TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE!!!! I TRUST YOU I TRUST YOU!!!!! If you agree say AMEN!! @BishopJakes and @RealTalkKim just moved my soul!!!
Challenging year but I’m going to claim in the name of JESUS THAT I STILL LOVE YOU AND HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND WHAT YOUR’re ABOUT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!
One of those nights....... Here to study the greats..... I repeat the greats... Christian Bale, Amy Adams..... world premiere grateful for the invite..... Oh here we GO!!!!!!! Nominated for 5 Golden Globe awards!!!! My hot date for the night @joannehorowitz management!!!
Of course I had to pull up on my dude @duskopoppington just opened his own studio in Burbank!! Good vibes and UBER talented director/actor NATE PARKER aka @nateparkerfdn hosted a live charity event highlighting the future Kings and Queens of the arts of writing, producing and film making..... Just wanted to post cause great selfless things are happening!! All love always..... Dame your spot is fly!!
Would y'all do me a favor and head over to thestellarawards.com and help me VOTE for my Brother @Marcus90028 who is in the running for PRODUCER OF THE YEAR!! Category #9 This guy has been my right hand man for 10 plus years as my Co-Musical Director. His first MAJOR Placement was on our TGT Album and he landed 2 records on my Black Rose album!! Super Proud of this guy let's help him take this award home. CONGRATS CHAMP!! ( link in my bio )
Thoughts on this
I’m gonna jump out there and speak on the the new QUEEN of R&B!
#TalkYoShitBlackTy ... Last time speaking on this... If R&B relied on me to keep it on.... The game would of died a long time ago..... Cause I love it TOO MUCH to drop 2 albums a year or even every other year........ Unlike most of this watered down shit on the radio... I sing from a REAL PLACE... If I ain’t going through shit, I ain’t got nothing to sing about.... I could care less about the young fellas out here singing and getting it done.... I LOVE that this game called R&B is welcoming that new batch, that new generation.... I don’t sing for TEENS... I’m #GROWN ... I seen your post @torylanez lol I wanna make sure I’m VERY clear about the backlash @jacquees got.... And trust that energy ain’t about young vs the OG’s it’s about RESPECT!!!!! I drop when I want to...... his words “I’m the KING of this generation” is a reach my nigha... He’s not IN my generation but you’re not the king of YOUR generation that’s the problem.... Chris? Trey? Eric Bellinger? No? The game changed the last time I touched it..... With #TGT ’s #ThreeKingsAlbum and #BLACKROSE My single #SHAME was #1 for 16 WEEKS!!! FACTS!!!!! if STREAMING was full throttle I know I would of sold double platinum at least...I respect the culture and the shoulders I stand on that was here long before I got here...... and even with those last stats from 2015 I would never say I’m KING..... So yeah I get it... You’ve gotten more attention from trolling than any song or album you’ve ever dropped but you gotta show some respect..... ..( ps... that idea of the R&B click dropping a single on the same day got a vibe on it )....
Who has the next BIG ideas.? They often say that if you ever wanna INVENT something pay close attention to WHAT people complain about!! You agree.? Let’s talk about it!!
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