What do we gain and lose from dating someone of a different generation? Tap the link in our bio to read @karleyslutever 's thoughts on dating someone older. #regram @karleyslutever
From actors to activists and models to musicians, we profiled 34 global stars who are changing the world with their platforms. Tap the link in our bio to meet them. Photographed by @MikaelJansson , styled by #CamillaNickerson , Vogue, September 2018.
From her favorite concealer to how she adds a dose of drama, @jheneaiko reveals all her beauty secrets. Tap the link in our bio for the full video. Filmed at @nybarclayhotel
@tiffanyhaddish is the rare celebrity who says exactly what’s on her mind. Tap the link in our bio to get to know comedy’s new queen. Photographed by #AnnieLeibovitz , styled by @phyllis_posnick Vogue, September 2018.
Celebrating the life of Aretha Franklin with a moment from her birthday in 2016 at the Ritz Carlton. Directed by @alvarocdc
In memory of Aretha Franklin, 1942–2018. Photographed by Wayne Maser, Vogue, March 1988.
Happy Birthday, @Madonna ! To celebrate the icon’s 60th birthday, tap the link in our bio for some of her most memorable looks. Photographed by Steven Meisel, Vogue, October 1992.
@toryburch had always been intrigued by the style of legendary tastemakerand cultural philanthropist Rachel “Bunny” Mellon, and when she visited Mellon's former home in Antigua, she fell in love. Tap the link in our bio to take a peek inside Burch's lovingly restored getaway. Photographed by @FrancoisHalard , Vogue, September 2018
When @batshevadress began to style her resort lookbook, she sensed that something was missing. “I ended up taking scraps of fabric and wrapping them around the models’ heads,” the lawyer-turned-designer remembers—a more-is-more improvisation that led to a more permanent addition to her latest collection: headbands. Tap the link in our bio to learn more. Photographed by @AlexeiHay , Vogue, September 2018.
Forget old-fashioned milk and sugar accoutrements in your coffee. Tap the link in our bio for delicious and dairy-free latte recipes that will galvanize your morning—and help you wind down at night, too. Photographed by @ArthurElgort , Vogue, December 2000.
Even as the current natural hair movement reaches critical mass and the full spectrum of black hair—wavy, curly, kinky, coil-y—is being celebrated in every sphere, be it the boardroom, the red carpet, or the street, some of the old misconceptions linger. Tap the link in our bio to meet some of the black military servicewomen who are embracing the natural hair movement, signaling a seismic shift in attitudes towards Afro-textured hair. Photographed by @thisismayan.
"I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies. That’s why I stripped away the wigs and hair extensions and used little makeup for this shoot," said @beyonce about her September issue spread. Tap the link in our bio to read the full interview. Photographed by @tylersphotos , fashion editor @tonnegood , makeup @marcbeauty , Vogue, September 2018.
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