🧠 773 BAD BRAINS 🧠

whole world wanna see me fall but i stand strong
Empathy. link in bio
In response to all the controversy... 🎵 Empathy @troyfromchicago @stefskills link in bio
10 years ago @callmemano used to sneak me in the club downtown when him & @virgilabloh were spinning. Things are different now but ain’t shit changed.
this is the culture that promoting violence against women in music creates. these are messages to the director of my CHARITY IN CHICAGO. these kids are taught that this mentality is ok by their abusive heroes and normalize this shit. I CALL BS!
Protect women. Domestic & sexual abuse are not excusable because you have talent or you are troubled. With that said I was not aware his mother would be in attendance & I offer her my deepest condolences.
great minds think alike 🤣
democracy in action
this should be an open and shut case. do not be fooled by complicated explanations for a simple situation. we all saw the footage. there can be no justification for emptying the clip for an unresponsive 17 year old kid lying in blood on the pavement. this was a lynching.
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