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New England in the fall. Scenes from around campus over the last 10 days. The sunny days, the rainy days. #Yale #NewEngland #NewHaven #NHV
Meet Ten! Ten is a 2 year old Dutch Shepherd. Apart from entering her first year in the Canine Cognition Center program this week, she is a service dog and a dock diving champion! Swipe to see her performing some impressive tricks, including an “I love you” command in picture 3. Congrats Ten! . The Canine Cognition Center at #Yale is a laboratory devoted to learning more about canine psychology. . (Photo: @Yaledoglab ) #psychology #dog #dogs #servicedog #canine #DutchShepherd
Who will blink first? Today the Yale Medical Historical Library presented a stare down between opposing flaps of an anatomical lift-the-flap illustration in the recently acquired domestic medicine manual, Livre d’or de la santé : méthode nouvelle, complète et pratique de la médecine naturelle et de l'hygiène priveé. (1900). . #Yale (Photo: Yalemedhistlib) @#anatomy #anatomicalart #anatomicalillustration #medhist #histmed #medical #specialcollections #librariesofinstagram #libraries #rarebooks #flapbook #moveablebook
Dinosaur extinction drove pulses of fish diversification. . A research team has found new evidence that fish rapidly evolved in two phases following the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K/Pg) mass extinction that occurred 66 million years ago. Read more on [ news.yale.edu ]. . Seen here, selected 50-million-year-old microfossil fish teeth and shark scales (center) from the study site. The scale bar is 500 microns. Teeth imaged by E. Sibert on the Hull Lab Imaging System at Yale University. . #Yale #YaleResearch #fish #evolution
Just a few days ago when it was warm and dry. Students studying in Grace Hopper College courtyard. #Yale #latergram #GraceHopperCollege
“Isn't science great!” — President Peter Salovey joined Vice President Scott Strobel, Dean Ann Kurth, Secretary and Vice President Goff-Crews, Kim Heard, and Chris Incarvito for a Yale Blue chemistry demonstration to celebrate Yale’s 317th birthday yesterday! The fun was part of the annual Founders Day gala on Cross Campus in the heart of New Haven. . This year, Founders Day coincided with the finale of celebrations marking the 10th anniversary of Yale’s West Campus, home to Yale School of Nursing and numerous Yale institutes focused on health, culture, energy, and the environment. Students, faculty, and many staff brought displays, giveaways and a “science selfie wall” to the festivities on Cross Campus in downtown New Haven. . #Yale @yalewestcampus @yalenursing #yalewestcampus #yalefoundersday #scienceisfun #chemistry #science #art #humanities @yaleipch (Video: Christopher D'Addio)
#YaleFoundersDay 2018 marked Yale’s 317th birthday with music, food, and tours. Thank you to everyone who made it a wonderful day! #Yale
Founders Day celebration is today, all are invited, on Cross Campus (11:30am – 1pm). Enjoy musical entertainment, festive food, and more. The day will also include open houses and tours. . Be sure to tag your photos with #YaleFoundersDay . . More info about the day’s festivities [ foundersday.yale.edu ] #Yale
The 2018 Association of Native Americans at #Yale (ANAAY) powwow — which featured dancing, singing, and socializing — took place on Oct. 7 at Coxe Cage, located on the traditional homeland of the Quinnipiac people. . The event coincided with both ANAAY’s 25th anniversary and Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebrations across the continent. . 1. Head Woman Dancer Dinée Dorame ’15. Dorame is a member of the Navajo nation and associate director of College Horizons, a national pre-college program for Native high school students based in New Mexico. . 2. Dorame (left) with Katherine McCleary ’18, a member of the Little Shell Tribe in Great Falls, Montana. . 3. Yale President Peter Salovey meets the family of Jay Fife ’22 (second from right). Fife, a Mvskoke student from Beggs, Oklahoma, is a first-year liaison with the Native American Cultural Center. . 4. Kelly Fayard, Director of the Native American Cultural Center at Yale and Assistant Dean of Yale College, a member of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and Salovey. . 5. ANAAY President Alanna Pyke ’19, a member of the Akwesasne Mohawk nation (center) thanks participants. . 6. Pyke with ANAAY Treasurer Andrew Sparkman ’20 (right), a member of the Cherokee Nation. . 7. Salovey dances with Madeleine Freeman ’21, a member of the Choctaw/Chickasaw nation from Oklahoma City (center) and others. . #NativeAmerican #powwow #IndigenousPeoplesDay
Nobel Prize winner William Nordhaus was greeted with cheers from his “Intermediate Macroeconomics” students today. Nordhaus postponed his Nobel press conference because he didn't want to cancel class today. . Nordhaus ’63 B.A., ’72 M.A., Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University and the world’s leading economist on climate change, was awarded the 2018 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences for “integrating climate change into long-run macroeconomic analysis.” . #Yale #nobelprize #economics #climatechange #YaleAlumni @nobelprize_org
A few photos from the Yale Multicultural Block Party that took place on September 23. . Now in its sixth year, the party is an annual, family-friendly event for members of the Yale and New Haven communities to celebrate diversity. . Check out [ YaleLGBTQAffinityGroup ] on Facebook for dozens more photos. . #Yale (Photos: JoAnne Wilcox) #diversity #blockparty #music #art #dance
A marginalia packed page from a book brought out for class this week. Professor Richard Rose’s Art of the Printed Word covers the historical development of printing and explores connections between content and typographic form, and word/image relationships. This 1518 edition of Spiegel der Artzny (Mirror of Medicine) is by Lorenz Fries (ca.1490-1531) and the woodcuts in the text are attributed to Hans Wächtlin. . #Yale (Photo: @Yalemedhistlib ) #renaissance #woodcutwednesday #woodcut #manuscript #artofthebook #marginalia #medhist #histmed #typography #librariesofinstagram #rarebooks
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