Shout out to all the beauties that were hyping me up behind the cameras...that made me feel good
I'm almost ready...I swear
Yes for my white shirt being the perfect light bounce.
So...when's enrollment day?
So I went through my storage and found a bunch of my grandfathers old shirts...long story short expect to see a lot of cinched button up shirt dresses from me.
She would have been 90 today...happy birthday to the great Dr. Maya Angelou
Taking photos of yourself with the back camera can be difficult...but worth it.
Please, do not forget #BlackLivesMatter #StephonClark
Ok, last post of the day...Happy birthday to the coolest of the cool aka my mommy. There's nothing I could type that would define how absolutely incredible I think you are or how much I admire you. Just know you are the queen of my life and I love you beyond infinity💫
Picked a few of my favorite things from @boohoo spring collection and made an edit #ZendayaEditsBoohoo 🌻 (I think they're restocking this yellow set so don't be mad at me lmao)
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