Today’s hair inspo lol @smallfootmovie
I had a really great day today and I hope everyone and their families enjoy Smallfoot as much as I enjoyed being apart of it! ❄️See you in theaters in 6 days!❄️
3/3 ok I’m done, sorry lol🖤
2/3 ‪(fun fact: I did my own h&mu tonight, hence the lipgloss still in hand) ‬
1/3 posts coming...just a warning, I’m feelin myself lmao
The Little Black Dress
Keeping this energy as I enter my 22nd year of life.
Life imitating art.
Get you a hype man like @darnellappling
Feeling a little home sick...btw thank you @brittaneyelise for helping me turn my house into one.💫
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