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The banks of the Virgin River are lovely places to relax, especially since the water is too cold to get in without protecting yourself. #optoutside #zion #beprepared
The East Temple rises above the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway as seen from the switchbacks that lead up to the tunnel. #notthatkindoftemple
It's always raining at Weeping Rock! #shuttlestop7 #easyhikes #fallinzion
Natural treasures are hidden in Hidden Canyon. #fallinzion #strenuoushike
The water in the Emerald Pools is spring fed. We haven't had rain in over a month and there is still a little water flowing from the middle pools to the lower pools, creating this waterfall. Over the winter, melting snow will supplement this flow and help recharge the springs. To really see this waterfall gushing, you have to be here when it is raining! #easyhikes #zion
Last week, the National Park Service announced a proposal to start charging peak season entrance fees in 2018. Zion and sixteen other highly visited parks will increase their entrance fees to $70 during the five-month peak season. The newly generated revenue will be used to improve the aging infrastructure of our national parks. Read the full news release at go.nps.gov/feechange Public comments on the proposal can be submitted through Thanksgiving online: go.nps.gov/comment or by mail: 1849 C Street, NW, Mail Stop: 2346 Washington, DC, 20240
Observation Point living up to its namesake, as viewed from the Hidden Canyon Trail. #zion #canyonviews #navajosandstone #strenuoushike #longdropoffs
The trail to Weeping Rock is short but steep. The velvet ash and bigtooth maple color the way this time of year. #zion #fallcolors #easytrails
Happy Halloween! 🕷 Don't be alarmed, this #tarantula doesn't want to scare you. These desert dwellers are pretty docile and want nothing to do with us. They will leave you alone if you leave them alone, always a good policy when dealing with wildlife. #keepyourdistance #keepwildlifewild #donttouch #spiderlove #wildzion #boo
It can be a little #spooky to hike after sunset, but as long as you are prepared it can be a rewarding experience. Bring a light (your phone doesn't count), extra layers, and enough food and water for your trip. The #nightsky and #soundscape are a whole different side of the park. #halftheparkisafterdark #zion #beprepared
In the season of pumpkin spice, even our leaves are getting into the spirit! #seasonsofzion #fallisintheair
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