july26🎈🌈 Uvalde📍 UHS Junior!! 17 👻Adrianamihelle

I miss my boys so much ! Joeanthony,Jr, Enrique💚💛💜 @chachanboys3
I had a pretty gooood weekend 😁#lowlowcarshow2018 #lowriderforlife
So today I donated blood and tbh I was kinda scared because of the needle but I'm glad I had sammy by my side the entire time @samantha.salas_ #bestfriendsforever
I cannot stand you,right hand to Jesus I might just cut all tongues out to your sneakers.😘 ~cardi B
Appreciation post to my sammy thank you for everything you do for me I know I don't tell you thank as much as I should but I am love you 💙 @samantha.salas_
"Life with out music would be a mistake"❤
If you remember me like I remember you they will remember us.
" Besitos"💋
"and every time you hurt me the less that I cry ,and every time you leave me the quicker these tears dry'
Both my mood's!
They mean the world to me I love you guys💜
Don't be much closer to Anybody because a small Change in their behavior Hurts a lot...
Happy birthday AJ I love you sfm ur not a baby no more I wish I was in town so we can do something for your birthday but imma make it up to you I promise you my ride or die bih I luhh you you bring out the crazy in me bruhh I can't wait to see you dude I miss you HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIH #15
Forgiven someone is easy forgetting is not 🌷
Oh how I miss you tio Ruben 😔 today marks 1year that you have been Gone there's​ not a day that goes by that I don't think about you everywhere I go something reminds me of you but ik your in a better place you and Grandma 💘 but alyways know that your Gorda loves and misses you tio 12~20~71 06~05~16 Jun 5 2017
Mi amor 💘
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