Kathy Keaton

8.4.18 💍

That moment I blessed my bffs gorgeous face 😍 #flawless #mua #softglam #tbt
There are so many things I can say about this pic, and so many feelings I had, but I think my over-cheesy smile tells all 🥰😍 #tbt #beautycon #twins
Bundle up peeps 🥶 #notreadyforsnow
Golden hour in my apartment is 🔑 • • • • • p.s. my baby hairs are super laid in this pic 🔪
Shoutout to the lighting in my house for upgrading my selfie/makeup game ✨☀️ #naturallighting #nofilter
Quick shoutout to my sis @becksterroni for doing an AMAZING job on my wedding hair 😍😍😍 I got so many compliments that day!! • Also, shoutout to my best friend @yessiewessiee for letting me borrow her gold crown straight from Greece at the last minute! I couldn’t find a hair brooch that I was happy with to save my life lol ✨✨ • 📸: @thepolishedportrait • • Shoutout to the best photographer in the game for making this shot look straight out of Pinterest ‼️‼️ • • #weddinghair #curls #keatonwedding2018
I pick my friends like I pick my apples - only the best💞🍎 #maskerorchards
Home ❤️
My favorite fall lippie 🔥💄 • • @iluvsarahii x @colourpopcosmetics “Mamacita” is legit the PERFECT dark lip for fall 😍😍 it stayed on throughout the entire day Saturday in philly, even through a cheesesteak 🤤👅 • • Btw: @doseofcolors @desiperkins @katy “FRIENDCATION” palette on the eyes 😍😍✨✨✨✨✨ #iluvsarahii #colourpopcosmetics #doseofcolors #friendcation #desiperkins #katy
“Fell in love through a photograph I don't even know your name” • • 📸 @__iterell Fit: @fashionnova #phillynights #kodtour
Philly weekends w| my boys 😎🖤 #kodtour #coleworld #phillybound @realcoleworld
Surprised my baby with tickets to his favorite artist 🖤 I didn’t realize I would have this much fun 🤷🏽‍♀️ #kodtour #coleworld @realcoleworld
“Would you believe me if I said I’m in love?” •• I completely LOST my mind AND my voice when my song came on 😩🔥🔥🔥 “Power Trip”🖤🖤🖤 J.Cole is such a real, pure artist 🐐 #kodtour @realcoleworld Now if Miguel came out I would’ve fainted lol
My almost Friday face☺️ so excited for this weekend! Btw, I did my makeup exceptionally well this morning #Imjustsaying
Only because I know y’all tired of seeing my wedding pics lol 💕
Just when you think you’ve went to the best convention, the next one tops it 😭 we’re so FULL from the spiritual food we received this weekend.. There are more with us than against us!!💪🏽 #becourageous2018
Pure J O Y 💕 • The happiest day of my life. Hands down. ☺️ #keatonwedding2018 📸: @thepolishedportrait
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