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Sipping a green tea, having this - could I have a better morning? 👑 (well, maybe if it was a day off) . And actually, the sky behind the window has the same pink-yellow colors as my food.. 🌇 . Happy tuesday!
Raspberry & matcha cups 🍉 . * Bottom: yogurt with matcha powder * Pink layer: frozen raspberries + 2 blackberries - blended, mixed with chiapudding * Top: vanilla icecream 🤸 . My bf is going for the football game today so it's gonna be a girl's night 👑
Matcha kiwi tart 🥝 No bake! (recipe below) . We ate the whole one within one day - did I already mention I love matcha? And kiwi? . Base: -dates(1/2cup) -coconut oil (2spoons) -oats blended (1cup) -peanut butter (2spoons) -blend everything . Filling: - coconut milk canned - matcha powder (about 2teaspoons) - a bit of agar agar - a pinch of stevia - also blend And put into the fridge for at least 1 hour . Decoration: - chiaseeds - white chocolate - mini kiwi - raspberries
Super comforting rice cake toasts 🌸 . Tell me, which one choose first?? Even if the weather is still really beautiful, I'm slowly switching to the cozy evenings mode ✨ . 1) yogurt and raspberries 2) passion fruit 3) chocolate and a bit of pb 4) blue spirulina yogurt, mini macarons and pb 5) blue spirulina yogurt, macaron, blueberries 6) pink pitaya yogurt, physalis & black sesame
Just a breakfast bowl 💞 . Millet, passion fruit, pomegranate seeds, coconut yogurt, berries, mini plums (round red ones), physalis, peanut butter, cookie and chocolate balls with roasted peanuts. . I'm heading to the office, have a great day! 🤸 . . . . . . . . #breakfastgoals #breakfasttime #foodie #autumnvibes #fall #tropicalfruit #oatmeal #breakfast #foodlover #beautifulcuisines #gloobyfood #veganfood #fruits #berries #peanutbutter #śniadanie #smacznego #jesień
Pasta shells with blue coconut sauce 🐚 . Since saturdays are for adventures and all that stuff, sundays are definitely made for chilling and being lazy - that's just what my plan for today is. . Blue coconut sauce is just coconut cream, a bit of stevia and blue spirulina. Use it to stuff your boiled pasta shells ant it's ready!
Magical vibes for weekend breakfast ❤️✨ . Here I've got a colorful detoxing bowl of: - black yogurt (with activated charcoal) - pink pitaya sauce - fruit (kiwi, fig and berries) . I hope you'll enjoy your saturday wherever you are and whatever weather it is! 🌸 . . . . . . . . . . . #autumn #detox #yogurt  #smoothiebowls #healthy  #breakfast  #healthybreakfast #foodphotography  #foodie  #galaxy #figs #śniadanie #foodlover #healthyfood  #veganfood #foodstyling  #healthyeating  #berries  #morningslikethese  #heresmyfood  #lovelife  #instafood #beautifulcuisines  #sharethelove  #feedfeed  #gloobyfood
Left or right?? 🍉 I'm not sure what's happening but I'm still really enjoying the fall this year! Hope I'll stay with this mindset at least till Christmas ✨ . Banana oatmeal with: Left - yogurt and all the fruit Right- @unicornsuperfoods pitaya powder and some matcha yogurt for the green part . It's always a lot of fun making those posts with colorful powders and this time I have also a code for 15% discount for @unicornsuperfoods products! It's AGATA15 🦄
Team green or team pink?? . Rice cakes with kiwi, raspberries, red currants and pink candies 🎠 spread: coconut cream (thick part of canned milk) . I'm still at home, adding cinnamon to everything. See the RECIPE for CARAMELIZED APPLES on my stories! ✨✨ . . have a good day ❤️
Fruit & icecream, becouse why not 💜 . Tb to this bowl of goodies which I luckilly had in august! . Plans for today: staying at home (bed, actually) and drinking a lot of ginger cinnamon hot tea ✨🍂🍁 . Happy tuesday! Agata
Peach & fig jars 🌸 . With warm oatmeal inside and (definitely cold) icecream on top. I'm afraid I should stop making icecream becouse of fall.. haha, but how? . I made some small changes in my daily routine lately and it really put me in more positive mindset - do you also have an experience like this?? . Let me know, I'd love to hear! And happy weekend ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . #healthydessert #cleaneating #foodie #icecream #beautifulcuisines #peach #figs #oatmeal #breakfastideas #śniadanie #weekendvibes #sobota #autumn #foodphotography
Left or right?? Oatmeal, fruit creamy yogurt and superfoods 👑 . Left: Activated charcoal, pink pitaya and blue spirulina powders + white chocolate star, mini cookies and macarons. Right: Pink pitaya and blue spirulina powders + Frozen berries, white chocolate star and a piece of chocolate caramel bar. . Fingers crossed I won't sleep at work becouse I can't lie you, I feel like doing this. . Happy friday ❤️
Fake watermelon toasts 🎠 Made with matcha and raspberry powders 🍉 . Blue ones are made with blue spirulina and caramelized peanuts. . There's also some peanut butter, pomegranate and a lot of berries! I made them a while ago, so this is a lil tb💜
Kiwi & tamarillo toasts ☝️ . + Peanut butter, chocolate and mini pink strawberry candy balls. . The temperature dropped immediately and I'm already wearing my biggest scarf.. please tell me I'm not the only one 🙈
Blue yogurt icecream jars 🐚 . Saying goodbye to the summer, but in a good style👌 . - bottom: use favourite granola/ oat cookies/ puffed grains/ etc. - blue layer: mix yogurt with a bit of blue spirulina add some fruit (I used peaches) - top: any icecream/nicecream you have . . Also, yesterday I bought my first hokkaido pumpkin this year and wonderful what should I do 🤔 any tasty ideas? . Have a beautiful sunday, Agata
Sweet galaxy mini toasts ✨🌌 . Made withs yogurt and activated charcoal, blue spirulina and pink pitaya! . TIP Play with colorful superfoods, like you'd do with paints ☝️ . Let's make this weekend a bit more magical than it should be - smile to the stranger or hug someone who doesn't expect 💖 (even if I'd consider hugging strangers)
Matcha coconut tart 💚 (recipe below) . What would be your ideal tart flavour? I think this one is close to mine... . Base is the same as the last time: -dates, -coconut oil -oats -blend everything . Then for the filling I used: - coconut milk canned (the best white creamy thing to stay thick) - matcha and vanilla protein powder (I used @pureblendco ) - a bit of agar agar - a pinch of blue spirulina for the perfect color! -also blend 😁 And pit i to the fridge for at least 1 hour
What is your favourite time of the year?? . So many of you are really excited about upcoming fall season 🍂🍁 I'd never thought about all those bright sides of september, but thanks instagram for reminding me about the pleasure of wearing cozy sweaters, drinking hot lemon tea and feeling no regrets adding cinnamon to literally everything ❤️ . But for now, still having those summer vibes with those colorful toasts! Fruit, nuts and some cookies + colorful spreads made with coconut cream and superfood powders 🍭
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