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Who's in the πŸŽ„ mood? . I'm having a lot to do lately, but never skip the good old, colorful breakfast! (Which by the way - in my opinion - could be eaten any time of the day) . I made the colorful yogurt base with @unicornsuperfoods powders - love mixing different superfoods to get the galaxy effect πŸŒͺοΈπŸ’– . . Happy wednesday to you! (and to me πŸ™Œ)
When the weather is so not cool, that you need to #eattherainbow for breakfast πŸ’ž . Where would you like to travel at the moment? . I'm looking for some inspo to book some flights. My condition: must be warm and sunny πŸ˜„
Saturday at home - who's with me?? 🀸 . And to make it even better, I've got some ricecakes with a lot of kiwi, passion fruit, avocado, peanut butter, matcha homemade chocolate, and all the berries πŸ’ž . I hope you'll have a fun/cozy weekend 😁
Christmas season ricecakes πŸŽ… . Which one would be your first pick? 🀸 . Strawberries, peanut butter, persimmon, chocolate and hazelnuts as toppings. And Agata, what's the creamy white thing as a base? - sweet soy milk pudding! . Have the best Santa's day!
Christmas overloaded oatmeal ❄️ . Besides of classic toppings (πŸ˜„) I used a spoon of homemade peanut butter and a spicy-cherry jam! . The jam is a part of italian cuisine and it was one of gifts I've got from @excellentdelights. (It tastes like the best thing ever, sweet and spicy, especially if usually I'm not a big jam-person..) . Why I've got it? @excellentdelights makes a big packages with original italian products to make you know their cuisine more - and let's be honest - who doesn't love italian food? 🍝 And since I'm collaborating with them, you'll get a 10% discount with "deli10" πŸ’ž
Pastel toasts with coconut cream and peanut butterπŸ’ž (also some fruit, white and dark chocolate) Which one is your favourite? . I don't know how about you, but lately when the weekend comes I have so much to do that I end up on sunday evening being as tired as friday morning 🀷 maybe this week? 🀞 . Have a good saturday!
Yogurt oatmeal bowls with white chocolate snowflakes ❄️❄️ . Which one will you choose? This time I'm going for pink! (+stealing kiwi from the blue one ofc) . Yogurt (I use soy one becouse I don't eat dairy) coloured with @unicornsuperfoods powders β€οΈπŸ’œ . Have a good thursday, xo
Blue ombre tapioca puddings ❄️ with the easiest recipe! . Use about 1/4 cup of tapioca pearls for every 2 cups od milk (I use soy or coconut). Boil everything till soft (about 25-30minutes) . You can buy tapioca in asian stores or suoermarkets, probably next to the coconut milk and rice paper 😁 . Have a good tuesday! πŸ’ž
Warm blueberry pudding! With: muffin, vanilla yogurt, some berries, chocolate, cookies and date nutella 🍯 . It was last season when I made this bowl and I'm thinking: it's already time to make it again?? Simple question, simple caption, becouse - weekend is here πŸ’ƒ . . And just if you'd like to know, my today breakfast consist on blended boiled veggies with hummus, since my eight tooth remembered that there's still a milimetr left for him to come out and decided to do that painfully 🀷
Using candy canes to decorate my breakfast tells me that Christmas is coming within a month! . And so does my collection of cozy sweaters, which is growing pretty fast πŸ’ž . . Have a nice thursday 🀸
Purple tart πŸ’œ Which I'm not sure is going to make me feel even a bit less cold than right now! And this again, makes me feel like completely looser becouse it's still november 🐧 . Anyway, I hope you'll have a perfect tuesday! . Coconut milk tart with raspberry syrup and a little of blue spirulina (🎨) Decoration: Strawberries, persimmon, physalis and frozen blackberries
Winter oatmeal! . It's already this time of the year.. you're waking up and there's -2Β° 😬 But at least I canuse the Christmas theme without feeling guilty! . So here it od, oatmeal with blue spirulina yogurt, co, frozen berries, candy cane and some cookies + chocolate πŸ’ž . Have a good weekend!
Let's forget about the fall weather and have some more rainbow toasts! πŸ’ž . 1) chocolate and cranberry 2) raspberries 3) persimmon and some cookies 4) passion fruit and more cookies 5) blackberries 6) kiwi aka the best fruit! I wish you all a good thursday πŸŽ‰
Matcha tart! 🐸 . Made with coconut milk and decorated with some frozen berries, mini macarons and passion fruit. . I think I need to make this one another time as I still remember that the matcha flavour was one of my favourite! I already posted a recipe for this one few weeks ago, but I'll write it in my stories again today - just in case ❀️
Name a better fruit combo than kiwi & berries πŸ’– Those are my favourite! . So having this kind of toasts can really put me in a good mood. (Even if I'm still struggling with this bad cold..) . Have a fun tuesday!
My perfect saturday always starts with a good breakfast πŸ’« Toasts with yogurt, avocado, fruit and peanut butter. Fig, all kinds of berries, persimmob balls, a bit of chocolate, mini macarons and one small donut ❀️ . And now I need your help!! I lost my voice completely today (laryngitis probably) - I'd love to hear everything about your natural remedies for curing the throat πŸ™πŸ™
How many scoops would you take? ✨ . Left: tapioca pudding with strawberries right: yogurt with persimmon . I've had a lot of fun makig this gif, would you like to see them more often? ❀️ . PS. yay to friday!
Mini toasts, donut and fruit πŸ‘‘ . Don't you think that donut shaped thinghs taste a bit better? Or is it just me being little weird? 🀸 . Anyways, hope you're having a good start of thursday ❀️ . Pink cream : coconut yogurt with pitaya powder, Peanut butter, a bit of chocolate, frozen berries, kiwi, mini kiwi, passion fruit, physalis, peach and fig.
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