•God First🙏🏾 •11/30🤪 •17✨•Be CAREFUL of how you think,they will eventually turn into your actions💓🤞🏾

Dat Glow...✨✨✨✨#HappySunday 🌈
...Got him in his feelings ❤️
Went VIRAL back in April this year with 7k.I wonder what this one gone bring since it’s my last year.Im coming HARDER than ever🤧
Last Rideee 😍May 2019 Famu I’m Coming For You To Achieve My Goals🤞🏾👑
Think like a Queen,A Queen isn’t afraid to fail☺️It’s just a steeping stone to GREATNESS❤️
Fye asf 🤩😍
I wish i could’ve had my hair done😪but it don’t get done till Thursday for my other senior portraits...Class 2019❗️Last Ride❤️
Off guard..Wasn’t ready❤️I wanna be a model 😂
Wowww😂😂😂😂😂😂😂i use to be so bored in Jacksonville,i really be bored tryna hurt myself 😂😂😂😂😂
Low key ugly but fun time w/my girl❤️My main lady ❤️
ABG,Anybody Can Get It✍🏾🇭🇹 w ap pèdi ti bebe 🤗
Fav off guard 💖
Made you look🤪🤪
I’m in loveee with ALL your features 👀🤫#SkinToneCheck 😻
He Fell In Love With A Real ☝🏾💍
Bite👅Down PH💍🕺🏾. #SecondDay
🔥 aint nun of these 👯‍♀️’s comparing to me 🤤🤪👑💅🏽 #Senior19 #LastFirstDay
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