Michelle Heather

❤️Pastor - Victory Church ❤️ wife of an amazing farmer, Mum to three incredible boys #thankGodforeyesight

Download this new song available 28-09-18
Two mornings in a row! Someone’s showing off! #thankgodforeyesight
“Ask the Lord for rain in the springtime; it is the Lord who sends the thunderstorms. He gives showers of rain to all people, and plants of the field to everyone.” ‭‭Zechariah‬ ‭10:1‬ #thankgodforeyesight
Cute but SOOOOOO annoying. Getting the washing off the line is no longer easy! #thankgodforeyesight
Sometimes we can feel like we are looking through a fog of hurt and past experiences - but there is always beauty to be found in every situation. #thankgodforeyesight
Home ❤️ #thankgodforeyesight
Spring ❤️#thankgodforeyesight
They say that nobody is perfect, but in my eyes you are 😍. Happy Fathers Day “Perfect Pete”. (I’ll be forever sharing this video because it’s you at your finest 😂).
So much beauty in one photo. #thankgodforeyesight
Let it rain! #thankgodforeyesight
“An opinion is something you argue about; a conviction is something you die for”. #thankgodforeyesight
Chilly morning! #thankgodforeyesight
Rejected by one, loved by another. #thankgodforeyesight #farmerlyf
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