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✨ Preparing for the @sodashiskincare x @bodhijspa wellness event tonight with my favourite, glow giving, brightening mask to hide the fact that I’ve been running on caffeine and hurdling deadlines ✨
✨MONDAY✨ Today’s AM routine to start a fresh week! @alphahskincare Essential Cleansing Balm, I apply this when I get out of bed and leave it on as a mask while I have my coffee and wake up. @beilybeauty Toning Spritz* is a new addition to my skincare wardrobe, very refreshing, impressed so far! @medik8australia C-Tetra+ Intense* Vitamin C serum, I am LOVING the texture of this one, exactly what my skin needs in this hot, dry weather. @drunkelephant C-Tango eye cream, a no brainer: creamy, hydrating and makes me look like I had more sleep than I actually did. @gotoskincare Zincredible physical sunscreen, hydrating and protecting goodness. *gifted ✨
✨FACIAL OIL✨ This Emsi beauty was kindly gifted to me by @ibrowsbykelly to review. The Esmi 24K Gold Nourishing Oil contains a hydrating blend of coconut, jojoba, and avocado oils to lock in moisture, rose hip oil for its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, calming essential oils, and 24K gold leaf flakes. This is an interesting ingredient, as the gold acts as an antioxidant and anti inflammatory it can protect against free radicals leading to wrinkles and sun damage, reduce skin redness and calm acne inflammation, it also slows collagen depletion and stimulates skin elasticity. This oil has a silky consistency, and absorbs very quickly with a dry touch finish. It layers over serums and under moisturisers seamlessly. It is beautiful morning and night, and I have found that it leaves lasting hydration, plumpness and radiance in my skin. Esmi products are 100% Australian Made, cruelty free & vegan. Kelly at @ibrowsbykelly stocks the range of Esmi Skin Treats and this oil pairs perfectly with the Esmi Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum from www.ibrowsbykelly.com. *product gifted for review ✨
✨Vitamin C✨ @medik8australia kindly sent me their new Super C30 Potent Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum to test, I have been using it for about 4 months and can confidently share my experience using it. They state that this is their most powerful Vitamin C serum to date, and I think this professional formula lives up to the hype. This clear, lightweight, dry-touch serum absorbs very quickly, I found that I would experience a tingle if my skin wasn’t dry after cleansing, otherwise I experienced no irritation. I never had any interactions with my other skincare as this has no tacky finish, and sunscreen and makeup layer as if nothing is under it. The Super C30 serum contains a potent 30% of highly stable Ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid, which brightens skin, provides antioxidant protection, and stimulates collagen production to give a radiant glow. Turmeric root extract is also incorporated for its brightening and powerful antioxidant properties, along with grapefruit extract for extra natural antioxidants. Vitamin C serums are notoriously unstable however the ethylation process stabilises the molecule and prevents oxidation and breakdown, my serum is as clear as the day I opened it. This serum has noticeably brightened and kept my pigmentation down, and has improved the smooth tone and texture of my skin noticeably. I use Vitamin C serums in the morning to get the maximum antioxidant protection paired with a sunscreen, I’m currently loving this with my @medik8australia Physical Sunscreen SPF30. @medik8australia are my favourite brand for incorporating high-science, clinical formulation of powerful, natural anti-ageing products. *product gifted but authentically and honestly loved ✨
✨Moisturiser✨ This dreamy and creamy soothing moisturiser was kindly sent to me by @sodashiskincare and I have to say, this is an incredible cream. The texture and absorption of this cream is what sets it apart in my mind, it is fast penetrating, rich and full of nourishing oils, but never greasy and is deeply hydrating. I love to use it in the evening to lock in moisture overnight and I wake up to soothed and plump skin. Combining macadamia, apricot kernal, and sweet almond oils along with shea butter to nourish and feed the skin, camelia oil fights free radical damage and delivers nutrients to deep layers of the skin, while calendula and chamomile sooth irritation. Other noteworthy ingredients include centella asiatica, vitamin E, and grapefruit seed extract. The scent of the damask rose and rosewood oil is delicious and is blended with neroli and lavender to give a light botanical fragrance. A little goes a long way with this beautiful cream, and it’s one I can’t stop reaching for to soothe my skin’s transition from spring to the hot Australian summer weather! I love working with @sodashiskincare as they are an amazing, ethical, local brand with organic and extremely effective products. I had a fantastic experience with this moisturiser and would highly recommend it. *gifted by brand ✨
✨Peachy Keen✨ Working my way through my @gotoskincare order. Lips! has to be my all time HG lip product I didn’t know I needed now can’t be without!
✨ full bloom ✨
✨Getting ready essentials 🥂💄✨
✨SUNSCREEN✨ This @medik8australia Physical Sunscreen SPF30 was kindly sent for me to consider, and I have to say that it is the best physical sunscreen I have tried! This is Broard Spectrum with a mix of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for coverage against both UVA and UVB rays which is very important to protect your skin from both ageing and DNA damaging rays. Honestly everyone should be wearing a sunscreen every single day, not just in summer, and it’s important to use one with sufficient protection and an easy to use formula. This product ticks both of those boxes. I have very sun-sensitive skin and I have had such a good experience with this formulation, it is lovely on its own with no white cast on me, also over my skincare and under my makeup it has never pilled or balled up. It has the traditional zinc smell but I much prefer that to a product loaded full of artificial fragrance. The texture is lightweight, easy to spread, and fast absorbing. Absolutely recommend this one if you are wanting a quality, easy to use sunscreen that you can trust is protecting your skin✨ *gifted by brand
✨MASK LOVE✨ I have been MIA on Instagram for a little while as work and Uni demands ramped up nearing the end of the year. I have tried to schedule in some down time and self care in between meeting all of my responsibilities, and I love to indulge in a face mask when I am starting to see my skin reflect my feelings: tired, undercaffinated and overworked. The @sodashiskincare Brightening Marine Mineral mask is one I have mentioned before but one I continuously reach for when my skin needs a clean out, firm up, and glow boost. The ingredients are fantastic and the effect is has on instantly revitalising my face are consistent and reliable. One I am very happy to recommend, especially over a well earned glass of Pinot Noir🍷 *mask gifted but thoroughly and honestly loved
✨Facial Oil✨ This stunning @madhippieskinproducts Antioxidant Facial Oil was kindly sent to me to try, and I must say, it has to be my favourite formulation of an oil blend I have tried! In the sense that it is incredibly light and silky (not thick, heavy, oily) and the absorption is second to none. This one is a blend of: ✨Argan oil: hydration, triterpenoids (compounds produced by plants that act as a self defence mechanisms) work on reducing appearance of scars, more than 80% essential fatty acids, vitamin E ✨Sea Buckthorn Berry: Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K,P, carotenoids (antioxidant), flavonoids (antioxidant), phenols (antioxidants), folic and fatty acids, omegas 3,6,7,9. ✨Blueberry extract: antioxidants, vitamins A,C. ✨Pomegranate Oil: antioxidant, Vitamin C. ✨Camu Camu Berry: Vitamin C. ✨Broccoli extract: sulforaphane (reduces redness) ✨Raspberry Seed extract: Vitamin E, A ✨I’m going to run out of space: Strawberry Seed extract, Goji berry, Hemp Seed extract, Grape Seed extract, Sunflower Seed oil, It is basically FULL of hydrating, nourishing, antioxidant rich oils! The scent is on the citrus side from the sweet orange oil, it’s right at the bottom of the ingredient list and not in a quantity that is irritating as some essential oils can be. I would MUCH prefer a tiny bit of essential oil added at the end than an artificial fragrance near the top of the list like most other products. This absorbs like a dream, layers over and under everything I have in my skincare wardrobe. I’ve used it morning and night, it’s definitely one of the most moisturising oils I have used! @madhippieskinproducts products are free of parabens, synthetic fragrance, PEGs, SLS, etc They are cruelty free, vegan, GMO free, and take their “corporate responsibility seriously” supporting non-profit organisations with every saw from their website. I highly recommend this for facial oil lovers, someone who doesn’t like thick oils and wants to try something light and delightfully quick absorbing. I will be purchasing this in the future for myself and also my family members as gifts, this blend is such a winner. *gifted by brand ✨
✨My go to hand-on-the-chin-head-tilt-eye-squint usual pose and I’m not even mad about it. Playing with glowy skin, spring bronzer, nude lips, and peachy eyes✨
✨Recovery✨ Recently I ran into some skin issues due to a reaction from an acid exfoliator, and I can credit this for healing my skin barrier and restoring its function. The @mesoesteticaustralia Melan Recovery was kindly sent to me to try, and I am so thankful that I happened to have it when my skin broke out in dry flaking and red, hot, painful sensitivity. This product claims to be a soothing and restoring balm, it absolutely is but I feel like it is more of a lotion texture. This absorbed beautifully over my facial oil and helped seal everything in and provide a nourishing, moisturiser layer which healed and calmed my skin. Key ingredients include: Red algae to sooth inflammation, reduce sensitivity, redness and irritation. Prebiotics to rebalance the skin microbiome and support the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and strengthen skin immunity. Alfa-bisabolol (a derivative of chamomile extract) which calms and soothes sensitive skin. Shea butter rich in omega 6 fatty acids which acts as an emollient lipid barrier and reduces the feeling of tightness and skin discomfort. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) boosts skin elasticity and improves skin tone. I found this product gave me instant relief and noticeably improved the condition of my skin. The only downside to this product is the inclusion of parfum/ fragrance. It is listed as the last ingredient however the scent is potent and lingers for hours after application. I’m not sure why it was necessary to include fragrance (an ingredient that can be quite sensitising) in a product that is soothing, however I didn’t notice that it had an adverse effect on my skin and it is hypoallergenically tested. In saying this, I came to like the scent and continue to enthusiastically use this product as I can see how much it has helped my skin. I would prefer an unfragranced version but I will purchase this to keep for skin emergencies. Such a valuable product to have had when I needed it! @mesoesteticaustralia are a cosmeceutical brand that combine advanced biotechnology and skincare to create quality, efficacious products *gifted by brand
✨LIPSTICK✨ I had been wanting to try these lipsticks for a while, and @vonblucosmetics kindly sent me their shade MILITÄR - MILITARY to try. MILITÄR caught my eye as a warm nude that wasn’t too peachy or too brown. This lipstick is incredibly creamy, comfortable on the lips, settles as a semi matte finish but is moisturising and not a drying matte. It feels like you are applying a lip balm honestly, but with amazing colour payoff. These lipsticks contain Vitamin E to nourish lips while you are wearing them. There is the faintest Vitamin E scent to the lipstick, and no unpleasant taste that end up in the back of your throat that I find happens with chemical laden lipsticks. I love that the lipstick sits in a barrel that clicks with a button to open, no lids accidentally coming off and painting my bag instead of my face. @vonblucosmetics have a background in the pharmaceutical industry, and created quality lipsticks without harsh chemical ingredients (important when you think about how much lipstick you end up ingesting while eating and drinking). They have a huge range of shades from nudes to pinks to reds to plums, and I have my eye on their shade ERÖVRA - CONQUER next which is a beautiful burgundy wine shade that looks stunning on every skin tone. *gifted by brand ✨vegan✨cruelty free ✨Australian made
✨Eyeshadow Palettes✨ I have loved playing around with this @toofaced Just Peachy Mattes palette that I picked up from @meccamaxima As a relatively inexperienced eyeshadow user I found the colours very easy to match, the shadows very pigmented and easy to blend out and into each other. They are soft and creamy and very comfortable to wear. I have been using my @tatcha The Silk Canvas as an eye primer and the colours last for hours without budging or being patchy. This is a lovely cruelty free palette for anyone who loves matte warm 🍑tones, and I am going to get A LOT of use out of these shades for day and night looks. It also smells like peaches in the pan, but I don’t smell it after I have applied the shadows ✨
✨Glow✨ When your highlight is popping in natural light 😍 This is the Satin Sheets highlighter and the Sunny Honey + Tropic Like It’s Hot bronzers from the @toofaced Natural Face Palette @meccamaxima Loving a bronzy glow as the weather is slowly warming up! ✨
✨Primer✨ This is a recent addition to my collection and is more of a skincare / makeup primer hybrid; @tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer I bought from @meccamaxima I have used this a handful of times and first impressions are that it does blur imperfections, makeup glides on easier and lasts longer during the day, evens skin tone, prevents my skin from getting dehydrated due to the protective barrier it forms. This primer is a creamy, balmy, wax that warms between the fingers and feels velvety and comfortable to wear. It smells lightly herbal / oriental and feels very luxurious and pampering. It contains silk extracts which are biologically similar to our skin, pearl to reflect light and balance skin tone, @tatcha ’s patented complex of fermented green tea, rice and algae to provide nutrition to the skin and slow signs of ageing. As a primer novice this is so easy to use, has noticeable benefits to makeup application and longevity, and I love that it has skincare ingredients that will also benefit my skin with continued use! This works on any skin type and with all makeup formulations, a little goes a long way so I feel like for the amount of use I will get out of this primer it has been a good investment. This primer is dermatologically tested to be non-comedogenic, non-irritating, non-sensitising, and is formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, urea, DEA, TEA. And of course @tatcha products are cruelty free ✨
✨Masks that make everything better✨ This creamy beauty is the @sodashiskincare Brightening Marine Mineral Mask which was kindly sent to me to review. This mask is designed to lighten and brighten dull and tired skin, oxygenate and remineralise depleted skin, and detoxify congested skin. However it is also incredibly soothing and calming, not just to my skin but to my overall mental and emotional state. It leaves my skin and my mind revitalised and glowing. There is something special about the formulation and ingredients used in this mask. It is the softest, creamiest, deep cleansing WHILE hydrating mask that I have tried to date. It contains Zeolight from volcanic mineral ore that draws impurities out of the skin, eliminates free radicals and toxins, and balances pH. Spirulina to provide phytonutrients to firm skin, also contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements the skin needs to fortify and nourish cells. Australian yellow mineral clay to brighten and even skin tone, strengthen connective tissues and stimulate blood circulation, hydrates and nourishes without overly stripping, and is so finely milled I can’t even feel it is there. Rosewood oil stimulates cell and tissue repair, soothing for all skin types, smells uplifting and balancing. The top note scent I get from this mask is lavender which is gently calming while not overpowering. This mask melts right into my skin, and the shea butter, jojoba and macadamia oils plump and hydrate. This is a luxurious experience that feels like a spa facial. My skin always feels relieved after I use this mask, I think it is a beautiful treat and act of self care to myself. @sodashiskincare also suggest using this mask before your date night to get a romantic, glowing complexion. This mask is free of parabens, petrochemicals, GMOs, sulfates, synthetic preservatives or colourants, phalanges, and artificial fragrances. @sodashiskincare products are small batch hand crafted in Fremantle, WA and are cruelty free. *gifted by brand ✨
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