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Has God ever asked you to wait? You know, you’re out here, “living your best life”, making all these plans for your “best life” and before you can make your next move God puts everything on pause? Yes, well I’ve been there too. I’m actually there right now. One of the most beautiful lessons that we can learn during this time is that God is in the waiting. He’s with us in the wait. And He’s working in the wait. And so for your time in God’s waiting room, I’d like to suggest refocusing your mind on your Savior and propel your heart toward worship… This is what I’m learning to do as I wait.. Ask God, in His grace, to enable me to wait patiently. Instead of sitting around waiting.. I want to focus my time in silence before Him, putting all of my hope in Him(Psalm 62:5) I will also tell God that I will not fear or be dismayed as I wait on Him, and that I trust him completely, to strengthen and help me, and to hold me in His hands on my hardest days. (Isaiah 41:10) I hope that this helps someone today. ❤️
Did you know that as of May 2018 there are 6,904 homeless people in Washington, D.C.? This number always blows my mind considering how small The District actually is! It’s less than 62 sq miles of land.. that means that there are about 111-112 HOMELESS PEOPLE per sq mile! Insane! Now we all know that this is a busy city, but the next time you have an opportunity, slow down and just look.. pay attention to those who may need your help. The winter weather is just around the corner and the people in your community need your help! On December 22, 2018 Healing Soles, Inc. will be collecting NEW shoes to cover the feet of our homeless community. If you are unable to join us on the 22nd please consider making a financial donation on our website:: www.wearehealingsoles.org
Date Night and Christmas Lights🎄✨
Hey Gram Fam! I’m super excited to announce the 3rd annual @wearehealingsoles Holiday Huddle! We are inviting you, your friends, and your family to join us as we give back to our Washington, DC community. We are packaging blessing bags, signing holiday greeting cards and collecting NEW men’s and women’s shoes (boots or sneakers) to be donated on December 22, 2018. Please bring your NEW SHOE donations to The National Building Museum on December 22nd from 8am-11:30am. Also, please stay for our donation distribution at The Franklin Square Park in Washington, DC immediately following! We hope to see you there!
It’s never too early in the week for a glass of wine 🍷.. Perks of living in the DMV is the beautiful Virginia wineries and @bluemontvineyard is always a nice treat! ::: I’m also getting ready for Monday Wine Q&A with @drinkgoodwithmax .. she’s all things wine! Head over to her page to check it out! 🍷❤️
Working from home is my absolute favorite🤗 I love the ability to move at my own pace and knock everything out before noon! Maybe it’s the ability to slowly start my day that really helps me be more productive.. does anyone else feel this way? I hate a morning rush! And in DC I’m just rushing out the door to sit in traffic anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️.. #workfromhome days are always great day! 💕
After an amazing weekend I decided to start my week off with the new @sheamoisture Matcha Green Tea & Probiotics face trio! I experience a lot of redness on my face, especially on my cheeks so I’m hoping that this will help! Has anyone had the chance to pick these items up at their local store? Have you tried any of the @sheamoisture facial products?? If so, list you favorite products below! 💕 #sundialbrandspartner #sheabassador #sheamoisture
Screaming the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to my Numba 1 shootah! You are truly amazing and I’m so grateful for you! I’ve already told you this but I KNOW that God has amazing things for your life and this year will be one for the books! Thanks for laughing at ALL of my jokes, teaching me how to dance, and praying for me and with me on a daily. Oh, and for making me go to work today 🙄🙄 ... it’s your biiiiirthday 🎉🎁😘
Hey Loves! I’m BACK with another YouTube video! Annnndd this time I have some assistance from a special guest! I took out my braids and whew! I needed some help! Anyone else enlist the people in your life to help you take out your braids? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Trust me, it’s a team effort!! Run over to my YouTube channel to check it out! I hope you enjoy 🤗🤗
I had an amazing weekend with one of my favorites @unclefunkysdaughter ! And look at these juicy curls! Curly Magic is the truth! 🙌🏼✨
QUESTION! How long do you keep your hair in a #protectivestyle ? I can usually do 4 weeks MAX! At that point I’m ready to let my #naturalhair breathe.. this time I didn’t even make it that long! I’m taking them out just around the 3 week mark. Are you ready to see a video on how I take out my braids? Whew Chile, it’s a process!
This #protectivestyle has saved my life over the last few weeks! Between summer festivals and international travel, my #naturalhair would have been tiiiiirrrred of me chiiiiiiiiile! I usually don’t braid my hair for several reasons:: 1. I can’t braid 😱 2. I HATE how long it takes to get my hair braided 🙄 3. I don’t do well with pain and EVERY TIME I try to get my hair braided I swear that they are braiding my scalp 😂😂 BUT this time I found a lady that doesn’t braid tight and finished in 2 hours! Yes girl, I said 2! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 I’m looking for more protective styles to wear this fall and winter. What are your favorite styles?? Comment below ⬇️⬇️ 😘😘
A subtle reminder... ❤️:: face beat by @kaylahmaejae
cul·ture❤️ swipe left kəlCHər/::the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.. (please tag photos) #afropunk #afropunk2018
#afropunk2018 Thank you 💕
This weekend was absolutely amazing as I got to stand by my bestie as she married the love of her life! #FOREVERGRANTED was a DREAM! 😍 I love you both and I know that God has an amazing plan for the Grant family! Now off to make me some nieces and nephews 😍🤗😂
Checking in on the weekend like 👀..
Simple because I didn’t make it to #curlfest2018 😫😫.. I missed all of the fun! : Hair// Bantu Knots using @janecartersolution + a little bit of rain 🌧😂😂
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