hello pup friends. my name is louie & i’m a rescue schnoodle. follow to see my daily adventures in texas! 🐾 #dab @handpickedbyhadlie LOUIE10

mom said that it is now fall, so we felt that it was time to bust out the plaid!! *********** get this bandana from @handpickedbyhadlie & use code LOUIE10 !!!
right after this mom realized you couldn’t see my eyes & now i’m pouting bc i had a bath & brushing🙄😩
mom & dad took me to the drive in movie. also, you can see a glimpse of one of my new bandanas from @handpickedbyhadlie fall collection!! code LOUIE10 for discount!
mom got me the fall collection from @handpickedbyhadlie & i can’t wait to get it in!! here’s one of my fav reversible ones 👅
all smiles bc it didn’t feel like 1000 degrees out today. tongue is still flapping though 👅
smiling bc 2 park trips in one day
happy bc i’m all floofed up after the groomers.
enjoying my floof and making sure everything is nice and muddy before the groomer tomorrow. here’s a close up 🐾
#tot with @handpickedbyhadlie make sure to use LOUIE10 at checkout to get a discount!!
moms birthday calls for pupcakes and real cakes. cheers to the best duo there ever was.
almost friday feels
finally fully moved in to the new house. we’re digging it!! 💙🐾
watching saved by the bell & wearing my 90s bandana. this is the life 💙 get this bandana or some other awesome ones from @handpickedbyhadlie & use code LOUIE10 !!
vet time for the shots 🙄
well, we officially said goodbye to our old house! It was a good one, but we’re ready for some change. so long 5016. you were good to us!
this is how i feel about moving. sorry we’ve been so MIA. we’re currently moving into a new house that has a backyard & is close to an awesome park! we promise that we will be more active soon!!
showin off the collar and bandana that mamas got me from hawaii 🌺🌼
mamas on her way back to me 💙💙
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