hello pup friends. my name is louie & i’m a rescue schnoodle. follow to see my daily adventures in texas! 🐾 #dab @handpickedbyhadlie LOUIE10

hey buds, i’m chilling at my grandpawrents house until thanksgiving, so that mom can really focus on some exams! i’ll keep y’all updated with pics of me 👀 bandana is @handpickedbyhadlie use code LOUIE10
the upcoming holiday season apparently calls for a grooming 🍁🙄 get my bandana & so many more from @handpickedbyhadlie & use code LOUIE10
“One, two, three, four, get the kid back through the door!” -mike wazowski aka louie
just a pup & some pumpkins bigger than him. use code LOUIE10 @handpickedbyhadlie to get amazing bandanas like this!!
smiling my way to friday 🍁. use code LOUIE10 @handpickedbyhadlie
sunday fundays are the best ☀️
that look you give the hooman when she busts out the pumpkin cookies. use code LOUIE10 @handpickedbyhadlie !!
does this time of year make anyone else howl uncontrollably? we’re so excited for spooky season 🍁🕷
happy lou happy life
mom said that it is now fall, so we felt that it was time to bust out the plaid!! *********** get this bandana from @handpickedbyhadlie & use code LOUIE10 !!!
right after this mom realized you couldn’t see my eyes & now i’m pouting bc i had a bath & brushing🙄😩
mom & dad took me to the drive in movie. also, you can see a glimpse of one of my new bandanas from @handpickedbyhadlie fall collection!! code LOUIE10 for discount!
mom got me the fall collection from @handpickedbyhadlie & i can’t wait to get it in!! here’s one of my fav reversible ones 👅
all smiles bc it didn’t feel like 1000 degrees out today. tongue is still flapping though 👅
smiling bc 2 park trips in one day
happy bc i’m all floofed up after the groomers.
enjoying my floof and making sure everything is nice and muddy before the groomer tomorrow. here’s a close up 🐾
#tot with @handpickedbyhadlie make sure to use LOUIE10 at checkout to get a discount!!
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