Alex Sitzman

I love rock and roll and I play guitar and I like to skateboard 🎸🤘🏻

Higgins is going to be in Denver tomorrow for the game against the Denver Broncos go brown go
Happy birthday to the Queen of noise Cherie Currie
I am going to go see bohemian rhapsody tonight can’t wait i been a fan since middle school
I got to see the new Halloween movie tonight I been a big fan of all the other Halloween movies but I think the new one is my favorite
I had the best time ever at the concert last night i still can’t believe that I got it see Ozzy Osbourn I will always remember that night #ozzyosbourne . 10-2-18
Ready to rock and roll with Ozzy tonight
I have been waiting for 11 years to get tickets to see Ozzy Osbourn and tonight is the night I will get to see him live can’t wait for tonight
I have five more days until I get to go see Ozzy Osbourn can’t wait
My favorite quote that I follow every day because I don’t like to change just to be accepted by people I am just trying to figure out who I am and will be
Happy 60th birthday to Joan Jett the queen of rock and roll
Number 81 is my friend and his team finally won a game after 2 years of losing I can’t wait to see what his team will do this year go browns go
Happy 60th birthday to Lita ford
On my way to my friends wedding reception
My favorite quote from Joan Jett #joanjett
My ant was in Arizona and she knows that I am a big fan of Alice cooper so she is sending them to me can’t wait. Thanks Karen
I got some Ozzy Osbourn albums yesterday
Here is some more skateboarding by the way I add some of my gymnastics at the end of the video
I had a great time playing 2 games of golf at glow golf tonight
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